Activision’s Plans for Skylanders in 2017

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There have been many questions in recent months about the future of the Skylanders franchise.

Today in the Activision Blizzard Fourth Quarter (2016) Results Conference Call we learn a little bit more.

Skylanders Academy

Once again they addressed the success of Skylanders Academy.

Season 1 was “well received”. Season 2 will be launching later this year. Netflix has already order Season 3.

Console Games

The biggest question this year was will there be a new Skylanders game?

Well, I can confirm that there will NOT be a new Skylanders console game in 2017, but that does not mean that it is the end of the Skylanders console games.

“In 2017, rather than releasing a new console title, we will be supporting the award-winning Skylanders Imaginators with multiple Adventure Packs, new characters, and new in-game content.” ~ Thomas Tippl, Activision Blizzard COO

“In addition, as Thomas mentioned, the Skylanders franchise will not have a full game console release this year, but we will continue to engage the community and drive player investment through new toys and digital content.” ~ Dennis Durkin, Activision Blizzard CFO

As you can see from the quotes above, we will not be getting a full new game. However, it sounds like we will be getting more figures, levels, and other digital content. (This is most likely in addition to Waves 4 & 5 that we already know about.)

I interpret this as more Adventure Packs, perhaps a few more Single Packs, and more (digital) parts for your Imaginators. I think it's safe to say that the Ro-Bow Adventure Pack listing is an actual product.

In the short term this definitely seems like a good plan. It will be interesting to see where they decide to go with the franchise in 2018 and beyond.

Mobile Games

They announced that a new mobile game is in development, but no details of this project were given.

Activision Blizzard Plans for 2017

  • Bob Waldron

    thanks for the good info as always! a little disappointed in no new title but maybe a really big one come next cycle?

  • Courtney Maria Kauling

    I like the idea of expanding content for Imaginators. Many have already agreed that it’s the best game so far, so why not continue to increase its popularity and extend its life per se. I’m in!

    • Shockwave

      My only worry is that they might get too greedy with the digital content. We all knew where real-life-money transactions led in other Blizzard games, there is a reason we don’t have an Auction House in Diablo 3 anymore. As long as the new content are Adventure packs with toys like the current Elven Forest I am game. If they add new characters… even better.

    • Casen Woody

      To be completely honest I think that Imaginators is the worst game.

      • Kara

        Completely agree with you. I hated the make your own Skylander’s idea. It was a quick game. We are still waiting for the ” Mines” to come out. I am not planning on investing much more into it. I love the game but for the amount of money I am spending on the figures it’s not worth it.

      • Orisiti

        Maybe not the worst, but far from the best, the series definitely peaked around swapforce. This will either be a sign that the franchise is dead, or it is a chance for them to stop focusing on the money and bring back some of the charm. (And make core characters relevant again please)

  • Erich


    • JimyMahr

      There, there Erich. 🤗 Deep down you know this is for the best for everyone involved. Just think, this means that Ro-bow should actually get a full release instead of a whole adventure pack being banished, uh… elsewhere.

      • Erich

        This is the end, Jim. The beginning of the end. There is a slim chance they are taking a page from LEGO. But I’m not optimistic.

        What ever shall I waste all my extra money on?! Groceries?! Bills?! SAVINGS?! No. No. I refuse to grow up and be responsible. I refuse.

        • JimyMahr

          If this wasn’t Activision I’d fully repute this.

          My take though is this: (anyone may dispute me, just going on my gut here). With Vicarious Visions out of the picture, Toys for Bob has full control of their baby again. Skylanders has always been an every year franchise, they just had two companies on it. I’d rather see Toys for Bob put out a great game every two years than have a VV Swap Force or SuperChargers again (Sorry, my two least favorite installments).

          Once again, Activision, and all game companies are looking at overhead. NCSoft destroyed City of Heroes for no real reason other than to focus all power on Guild Wars 2. So, yes, they could be pulling the band-aid off nice and slowly but to be honest, I’d rather that if Skylanders is going away, I’ll take a few Xpacs and forgotten then brutally murdered in broad daylight like Infinity got.

          As for extra money, the JimyMahr fund for new games is running exceptionly low as is the ” I need a Playstation VR” donation jar, nudge nudge, wink wink. 😏🤑 But honestly, I have been playing Skylanders alone for so long, when I got a PS4, I picked up Tomb Raider cheap and that is a great game. Tons of great games to throw money at and if you like toys, buy the Gamestop preorders, they are prone to giving away worthless little trinkets 😝

          • Jimy may I ask, why didn’t you like Superchargers and Swap Force? Those were my two favorite games in the series, but that was because of the gimmicks added. Whats your reason of them being last? Or are they all good, and the other ones are just better?

          • JimyMahr

            Oh, they are all good. Basically it’s like this: Giants 10, Imaginators 9.5, SSA 9, Trap Team 8.5, SuperChargers 8, Swap Force 7.5.

            Superchargers was only really bad because of the CONSTANT double swapping coupled with the annoying “Super Charged!” animation. The land based parts of the story were really well done, but the racing itself never really had the Mario Kart fun feel to it.

            I hated Swap Force’s story so much. Kaos is after a mystical beastie. Yay we stopped him, now, he’s after another beastie. Yay we stopped him. If it wasn’t for his mother, who was awesome and just the TON of things to do it would have been even worse. Plus (Minus) double swapping the first time, which was made even worse in that I didn’t really care fore any Swappers aside from maybe Spy Rise, Night Shift and Grilla Drilla. Oh, and if you put a star in your game for not getting hit by the last boss, you’re missing the point of a last boss. Mesmerelda was a tougher fight.

          • I just started playing Giants and I’m not as impressed as I am with superchargers and imaginators.

          • JimyMahr

            Well, that goes without saying. Playing them out of order doesn’t give one the full evolution of the series. Basically, SSA was the most amazing thing ever. You took an action figure and played it in a game! Giants came alomg and did everything SSA did but better, plus added these awesome Giant characters, even better level design and glowing lightcore figures?! Well, hot buttered toast!

            Lack of a jump button, plus no backwards compatability with new figures means that it will always be limited compared to the newer games. Take Final Fantasy VI for instance. If you were/are old enough to have played that on the SNES, you know that it is easily one of the best games ever made. However, if your first taste of Final Fantasy was VII, you no doubt think it worlds better than VI, because honestly, FFVI doesn’t have the fancy 3d movement or awesome cut scenes that give VII a nice bright sheen over VI.

            My biggest gripe with Imaginators, and the only thing keeping it from being as fantastic as Giants is the incredibly short levels. Swap Force and SuperChargers (ironically, as I said my two least favorites) have levels that go for miles. However, if Activision’s plan was always to stretch out Imaginators with more level pieces and bonus add-ons, then I might have to do some revisionist history and give them the acknowledgement of many many smaller levels is equal to a handful of very large levels.

          • Sammysam

            I like you analogy with Final Fantasy games : )
            It’s exactly that… but I find myself enjoying GIants nonetheless (because I’m guilty of playing them out of order, starting with Superchargers) and it’s most likely because I’m “old” and it brings back memories of my younger gamer days 🙂
            It’s fun to see that this is a “divided” topic… it seems most people will like the Toys for Bob titles better or the Vicarious Visions ones (that’s until Imaginator came along, where everyone seems to agree it’s the best game in the serie). I’m on the VV side myself, I kind of hated Trap Team when I first started playing it (after Superchargers & Swap Force), but it has grown on me and I like it very much now. My favorite is still Swap Force. Haven’t played Imaginator yet or SSA, so this will most likely change in the future 🙂

          • JimyMahr

            I was in love with Trap Team the moment the game and gimmick were announced. However, it did take a sour turn about 5 seconds in when that insufferable Buzz showed up. The second big boo-boo was not being able to skip Kaos’s ramblings during Doom Challenges.

            A big fault with Imaginators leads back to Trap Team in that Sensei Shrines should unlock a mini Villain Redemption quest for each Sensei instead of a very boring and VERY non interactive cut scene.

            Actually, I will admit that Swap Force had the pressures of the greatness of SSA and Giants riding on it, so it really couldn’t do anything but be a let down (another analogy, How to Train Your Dragon 2, no matter how good, could never actually be as good as 1), while on the other hand, SuperChargers, in my mind, was the end of Skylanders with their stupid cars and exclusion of Fryno, who was already on a vehicle! So to start, that one was sitting at a 1 / 10. I didn’t even pick it up day one 😱. Needless to say, the positive reviews won, I grabbed it and was pleasantly surprised.

          • Sammysam

            I can’t let that analogy on How to Train your Dragon pass by and not let you know that I can totally relate to that 🙂
            I couldn’t agree more about your gripes with Trap Team… Why give Buzz such an important role if he’s not going to be funny – Give me more Flynn ! 🙂 I mean, Flynn just speaks directly to my soul …

          • Zym

            I actually had to go look to see if we had Fryno (we do)…sadly I never really played him since I only get access to a small handful of the characters (kid’s game). Agreed, they should have brought characters who already had vehicles. Besides Fryno, Sprocket’s tank would have been a very welcome addition. At least Eruptor’s bike did remind me of Hot Head’s soul gem move.

          • JimyMahr

            Yub yub. Sprocket could have easily replaced High Volt, but they obviously didn’t want two returning characters per element and no way she was replacing Trigger Happy. Fortunately, Lava Lance Eruptor and Burn Cycle easily became my favorite figures in SuperChargers.

            Back to Sprocket though, a peeve of mine with Swap Force was some very brittle core figures. Pick up Series 1 Bash or Eruptor. They feel like they are made of bricks. Pop Fizz and Sprocket were so poorly constructed in Swap Force I was afraid I was going to break them just taking them out of the splinter pack. Plus, I felt like I bought a tank Skylander instead of Sprocket. They should have molded her sitting atop the tank.

          • Shockwave

            Superchargers has some nice levels and fun minigames. It’s just that yeah, for someone who hates racing games… the main gimmick isn’t something I’d like. Honestly, I just got one of each vehicle type, and most of the not-remade characters, and that’s that.

          • Zym

            I didn’t start playing FF until VII so this comment makes complete sense (I was always playing Zelda and Metroid). I’m now waiting for VII remaster and hoping it’s still released by the end of the year.
            I also have to agree about the short levels. It’s nice to have a short level so we can easily play a level and leave, but having a mix would have been better. They could have easily made the base levels all short and the Sensei levels longer and more challenging being made for Sensei and all.

          • Stayforeverskylanders

            The FF comparison makes perfect sense. FFIV is my all time favorite with FFVI a very close second. FFVII and the ones after never had the same appeal to me. Recently I got a DS just to play the remakes of FF IV, V, and IV. I wanted to play FF1 but the mini NES Classic “shortage” happened. In Giants the giant figures, the wooden doll level and the oracle level (as well as the intro of the fight arena) were very original and wonderful additions.

          • VideoGamer1212

            Wilikin Village is very similar to Darklight Crypt and Fizzland.

          • Zym

            Wilikin Village was just creepy.

          • JimyMahr

            They have FF1 and 2 remade as well. It’s called Dawn of Souls, but I can’t remember if it is DS or GBA. I have it, I’m, well, too lazy to look for it. Oh, I’m on a tablet with internet capabilities, give me a second….

            GBA. 18 bucks on ebay, plus, you can play it on the go, given that you have a system capable of it. I would recommend the early Dragon Quest anthologies over FF1 though seeing as it is just a total grind fest. DQ1 has that too, but a much better story and characters.

            Back to Skylanders, Wilikin village was fantastic and gave such a great deal of background to Kaos plus Chompy Mage at the end of it… Yeah, the perfect Skylanders level.

            Oh, and if you can, check out Final Fantasy Tactics, if you can do turn based strategy, probably the third best game of all time behind Super Metroid and FFVI.

          • Shockwave

            Odd. I liked that game, there was sooo much to do on every level! Honestly Imaginators feels empty in comparison. Each level had three Swap Zones, some elemental gates, minigames… Yeah, the story was its weakest point – especially how you beat Kaos at the end – but I think Mesmeralda and the Fire Viper, plus Kaossandra were some of the best bosses in these games. Plus is added some fun new characters, like Tessa – and I love how we meet whole villages of the races some of the Skylanders are from, like Yeti, Landsharks or Gillmen.

          • JimyMahr

            Don’t get me wrong I do like Swap Force. I almost 100%’d it (minus multiplayer arena), but for all the good, they also had a lot of the worst in the Skylander franchise, example: long, winding levels, but with almost no hidden paths. Great boss battles, but with the worst Kaos battle. Brand new Skylanders, but a gimmick that was more annoying than fun (esp, since Swap powers were only used in Swap Zones). Some great new core characters (Punk Shock, Roller Brawl, Slobber Tooth), but some duds (Grim Creeper, Rip Tide) and quite a few poorly constructed figures (Hollow, many skinny appendages, etc)

            And the story just drags it a down over all. If these ancient spirits are powerful enough to control magic in Skylands then try to fight back just a little, would you?!?! When Kaos got his butt whooped by the Doom Raiders, he went and sought out to help the Skylanders. Are you telling me the the ancients can’t do even as much as Kaos can?

            Basically, long story short, Swap Force is like a day old Krisy Kreme donut. It’s good, but it’s not as good as when you get one fresh out of the oven.

        • Stayforeverskylanders

          Master Erich, you have saved Skylands with your childlike fun more than once. With your powerful ability to telekinetically change the serious bad guys into playful happy good guys you have proven that you are always a kid at heart. 🤹🏻‍♂️🎉

  • Shockwave

    Hmm, does this mean they will add more characters to the game apart from existing Senseis? I’d be down for that (many villains from Trap Team and before are still missing toys, like Chef Pepper Jack, Mesmeralda, Dreamcatcher). Question is, how can they add their content (soul gems and all) to the existing game… unless it is done via expansion packs like the old ones from Spyro’s adventure and Giants?
    Frankly, in a way, I don’t mind this, given that I only started playing the games in earnest last year – and am still only at Swap Force (though I own all the later ones too) – gives me time to catch up. 🙂

    • I bet some of the popular characters from the TV show will end up as figures. Personally, I want a Flynn figure to own.

      • Adding new characters and levels is easy now with the internet. I play a lot of games where I purchase and download digital downloads of new locations, characters and new levels. I’d buy a Skylander Season pass to get everything they offer

        • Shockwave

          Yeah, but that’s stuff like Steam. Not sure if that’d work on my XBOX360. I have wireless net at home but I don’t have this XBOX online stuff as it is a subscription I think and costs money.

      • Zym

        As a fan, I’d like to have the Flynn, Cali, Eon, ect toys, but they just don’t make sense as Skylander characters. I can picture putting Flynn on and all he does is take over the controller and run from the bad guys. It would really break the story line if we could fight with these characters. The only way I can picture these characters would be as magic items to do some type of assist.

      • Shockwave

        Heh, too true. So far we only have a Megabloks toy and he has been in all 6 games so far! But frankly, I cannot see him as an action hero… Flynn talks a better fight than he does one. I hope the cartoon opens the way for some articulated Skylanders toys. I’d love to see them done like the Guardians of Harmony line from Hasbro – the ponies there are articulated but still keep their cartoony looks.

        • JimyMahr

          Articulated figures would be amazing. Couple it with the ability to pop the figure off the base and 😛🤑😛

    • We don’t know exactly what they have planned. But I do think this opens up the door for some of the character we thought were “left out”.

  • JimyMahr

    I am…. Ahem… My wallet is glad.
    Actually, as previous posts showed, a lot of us assumed this and I’m not against it. A few reasons is 1. Plenty of time to create and enjoy our own Imaginators 2. Chompy Mage might actually get a single release 3. Hopefull more villains, such as Shockwave said below, because honestly, I’m still hoping for Pepper Jack myself 4. A nice steady stream of readily available characters.

    Personally, I have played Imaginators more than any other Skylander game since SSA and I still haven’t fully leveled about 10 of them. I might finally have the time needed to play with all these toys!


    • Imaginators geek

      Dreamcatcher and Pepper Jack would be awesome! At first I didn’t really like them, but after Skylanders Academy it would be awesome to have them as sensies. But my “must haves” are kaossandra aka Kaos mom and glumshanks!!!!

      • Zym

        Haha, maybe they can release Kaossandra as a card. The card can be a mirror and she can be trapped in it. Okay, it would be nice to see her as a toy. To me, I always wanted to see Flynn, Cali, Tessa, Glumshanks ect. as toys, but it just doesn’t make sense to have them as playable characters since they are not Skylanders.

        • Imaginators geek

          Well, they give you the parts you need to make Flynn and I guess if you want to, you could just call Tuff Luck an armored Cali that could work. However I do agree having them as figures would be Awesome!!! If they can make the villains sensies, I don’t see why they can’t make the StoryTellers sensies too!

      • Jeff

        The one I hope they bring to figures is Luminous. That was my only disappointment for Imaginators because he was my favorite villain.

      • Shockwave

        Yeah, and don’t forget Mesmeralda too! Her boss battle in Swap Force was easily the best. And yeah, Kaossandra I could see happening, though she would be a tad too powerful as a player character. I mean she is easily leagues above Kaos, even.

  • Yes, expanding Imaginators through digital content and adventure packs is a fantastic decision. I love when games open new adventures by means of digital downloads that unlock new levels and weapons. Great news today! No need to rush into a whole new game, when there is plenty of fun to be had with what is out right now.

  • Stayforeverskylanders

    Master Matt, you have saved Skylands the most times. With your great wisdom you have spread joy to both Earth and Skylands. Skylander Character List is a truly magical sight full of happiness and love. Thank you. 🌎😃☁️🏔🏔😃

    • You’re welcome.

    • Jacky

      That was great, you sound just like Master Eon….lol

  • Froyop 12

    Does this mean the end of this website. Noooo this website is my life I am sad that they are not making another game but I like the idea of adding content. But does this mean new figure or just new adventure packs.

    • Skylanders is in no trouble. They are working on furthering the Imaginators game with new content to buy. It’s one of the most popular gaming brands

      • Erich

        Exactly. The one company who is responsible for making a skylander game every two years is still around. So it only makes since that without vicarious vision, we would only get one game every two years. Then they can keep a team working on additional content like most other game makers.

    • No. The website isn’t going anywhere. It will always be here. It’s just a matter of how much or what we have to cover.

  • Imani Richards

    Not having a new Skylanders game this year will be a really good break for us longtime Skylanders collectors an players. I could really use the break for my wallet now that Disney Infinity is gone and now a break from Skylanders. Wow, I’m going to have alot of extra money this year.

    • Froyop 12


  • Green Armadillo

    It will be interesting to see if there is actually anything beyond the wave 5 rumors, which would, by my count, mean that all announced figures are out along with plural (2) adventure packs, new characters, and presumably digital content (e.g. additional random imaginator parts added to the random pool for everyone) in 2017.

    I could imagine that building additional levels is a fraction of the cost of building a new game and will probably help sales of Wild Storm and Ro-Bow, who would otherwise be potentially neglected late wave single figures.

    While I do appreciate and enjoy the nominal support for older figures, I wonder if the series wouldn’t be better off with a soft or hard reset rather than continuing to build games that have to implement 300+ legacy toys, including Swappers and now Imaginators that have many customization options. What other games lets you have 300 lives and pick the most imbalanced character from five years ago for any given situation? The next game might be a better product if it started with a clean slate.

    Also, there’s no way for new players to actually pay Activision for access to the old figures (most of which if it’s still out there is years-old-clearance). Or is there? What if the Switch virtual library is a cross-platform feature and allows DLC microtransactions to access figures that you don’t own? Doesn’t seem worse than the existing microtransactions in the last two games, allows Activision to profit from work they’ve already done, and provides new digital content for people who can’t find an old figure they want.

  • Imaginators geek

    Ok as you all should know by now there is a new toys to life series coming out called Lightseekers. I feel this could be the new generation of Skylanders and take the place of Skylanders 7. And for the reasons

    1. Cards to life
    2. Elements
    3. It’s similarly to SSA

    1.In the trailer it shows cards being scanned excaltly like Battlecast.
    2.The elements are pretty much the same as the Skylander elements, except there are only six and the have different, but extremely similar names and symbols.
    3. If you go on YouTube and search “Lightseekers Game Play” you will notice that it is very similar to SSA.

    • Imaginators geek
      • Enigma

        Wow, that ‘Astral’ symbol is exactly the set symbol for the English Pokémon Sun and Moon TCG expansion…

    • Zym

      Looks cool, but not for me since I just can’t do the card thing (300+ interactive cards and I don’t have a tablet). I’m only doing Skylanders 100% and only picked up the the last Infinity game for the Stars Wars toys and I already had the Jack Skellington toy without the game. The whole character being its own computer seems like a great idea. Furby + Skylanders + Pokemon + 3DS + Tablet all wrapped in one, yikes! Unfortunately, the cool looking toys will get dirty fast as grubby hands keep changing weapons and picking up the characters as they fall over. As for all KickStarters, I wish them the best of luck.

    • Erich

      Although this has the look of Skylanders (strikingly. I might add. Almost like they are copying Skylanders which isn’t cool) this is not for me either. I love my figures and the way the game works. I don’t need cards. Been there. Done that. Don’t want to do it again. The worst thing any toys to life franchise has EVER done is randomizing our purchases. I.E. Battlecast. Infinity discs. Imagine if buying a skylander was random. No thanks.

      • Imaginators geek

        Same, my friend is obsessed about this game, I will try it but there are some cons to the game too. It does use figures, however they are 7 inches tall! Second, the game is played on your mobile device. I think I would be more happy if it was a console game. I am in the middle about this game, but I just wanted to get the word out there.

      • JimyMahr

        Have you tried Fire Emblem Heroes? Talk about randomizing. Fortunately, I know next to nothing about FE so my summoned heroes didn’t bother me like they have bothered everyone else.

        • Erich

          I’m playing and I’m enjoying it. I don’t know much about FE either so it’s not that random. It’s only random when you know it’s random! Haha

    • Shockwave

      Invizimals games have been doing this for years – and sure, that game is more of a Pokemon ripoff, but it has the card-to-life plus real-world scanning (like Pokemon Go) things already. So it’s far from being exclusive to Skylanders.

  • Zym

    @SCL_Matt:disqus you don’t have to change anything on the character page, but Dr. Neo Cortex has been infiltrating the Skylanders Senseis for quiet some time now. He does have that villain history of trying to destroy both Crash and Spyro. That must be why he looks so smug.

  • 0xFADE

    So it sounds like they did move vv off of Skylanders production and on to other things. A few years back they ramped up to having multiple teams doing multiple year dev for Skylanders and since superchargers almost killed the series they are removing the offending party and having them do some remakes.

  • David Ashcraft (DarkSpyro)

    i need skylander replacements my spitfire snapped and The bottem was Thrown away and I can’t find Spitfire in Stores