Coming Soon! Thrillipede and Buzz Wing Listings Surface

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We've already seen a few international listings for the final two figures in Skylanders SuperChargers, but this time it's all about the US.

Toys R Us has put up listings for both Thrillipede and Buzz Wing. Both listings have an “Estimated Ship Date” of May 24th. Obviously, this could change, but it sounds like a pretty solid date for now.

Buzz Wing Box
Thrillipede Box

If you're interested in pre-ordering, the links are below.

As for other regions, EB Games (Australia) currently has a release date of April 28th and (Italy) has a release date of May 13th.

As soon as I find out more, I'll be sure to let you know.

  • Louis

    Awesome news, I just ordered mine. Thanks! Keep it up and enjoy Pax East!!

  • J. R. Jones

    On a side note, I saw several used Bowsers and Clown Cars at a local Game Stop this week. Any hunters might want to check in their areas.

  • Steve Sweitzer

    Toys R Us removed the pre-orders of both

  • Chew37

    Hi Matt. What the latest on Thrillipede? As far as I know our local TRU only had a few Buzz Wings (now gone) and I don’t recall seeing any Thrillipedes (except for Eggcited). And after all this time we haven’t seen anything online or in any other stores (Best Buy, Game Stop, Target, Wal-Mart and no Amazon), other than too high priced EBay.

  • Jackson Cohn

    I am going a little bit CRAZY?!because thrillipede is not in the u.s