Easter Time for Wave 4 Skylanders

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So here's some news you've all been waiting for. We have at least 3 figures that appear to be part of Wave 4.

Easter Skylanders

Fryno, Punk Shock, and Springtime Trigger Happy are currently available for pre-order at Best Buy is currently listing a release date of April 6, 2014. As you can see from the packaging, they are very much Easter-themed. Since Easter falls on April 20th this year, April 6th seems like a logical release date.

At this time I do not know if there will be more figures included in Wave 4 (although I would expect a few more). I also do not know if these figures (with the special packaging) will be available from other retailers. Only time will tell.

  • Christopher Dillard

    Those are pretty sweet and I’m happy to see these custom packages.

    • Mark Gardner

      The problem with that packaging is there isn’t a representation on what the character looks like in game like the regular packaging.

  • Adrian Lenz

    Awesome – Look forward to getting them – but can you tell me when and or if i missed Trap Shadow , Freeze Blade + Doom Stone – those are the last 3 swappables I need. PS: I ♥ Skylanders

  • Mark Gardner

    I’m still trying to get sheep wreck island locally… I want that springtime trigger happy.

    • Just bought mine off Amazon

  • Neal Farris

    I went to pre-order those on Best Buy and they say they are no longer available.

    • It’s true. Not sure if they actually sold out or what, but they pages are not available right now.

  • Abraham Stopani

    Any idea if Glow in the Dark Rattleshake is going to be sold in retail outlets at any point?

    • No news on this yet.

    • Josh Youngblut

      If Frito and Activision go along with other giveaways then probably not. The only ones we have seen in retail stores are the sidekicks.

  • Yep. You’ll just have to admire the pictures for now.

  • Trap Shadow

    that trigger happy… O.o AWESOME!!! Hopefully i can get my hand on them when they come out.

  • MadRabbi666

    I’m looking towards these three regardless of the packaging

  • Yes, it is unfortunate that some people feel the need to buy out an entire store’s stock, but that is exactly why I maintain the SCL Facebook page:

    and the SCL mailing list:

    If you subscribe to one or both of these resources, I will do my best to get you all the latest Skylanders release information. This way you can make it to the store before they’re all sold out.

  • Mike

    My wife just picked these 3 up for our boys at a Wal-Mart in Phoenix AZ