Finally Found My Skylanders Giants Sidekicks!

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I know the promotion just officially started 4 days ago, but I was getting antsy. So I was very happy when I went to the store today and found a plethora of Frito Lay bags offering the Skylanders Giants Sidekicks. If you haven't found yours yet, keep looking, I'm sure they're still coming.

I'm super-excited that everything was online this year. I went to the Frito Lay Promotion site. There is a quick age and location verification.

Skylanders Giants Sidekicks Frito Lay Promotion

Then you have to enter the 13 digit code you found in the package of Frito Lay chips.

NOTE: On some of the earlier packages, the code was actually printed on the inside of the bag holding all the chips. However, the code location has now moved and for most people it can be found on the back side of the coupon card that is inserted in the bag.

Skylanders Giants Sidekicks Frito Lay Promo Code

Finally, you get to choose which of the four Skylanders Giants Sidekicks you would like to redeem this code for.

Skylanders Giants Sidekicks

After paying $2.50 (via PayPal) for shipping and handling, you just get to sit back and play the waiting game.

 There is a limit of one of each character per household, so once you have your four, that's it.

There is a limit of one of each character per household, so once you have your four, that's it. I know you probably know most of this already but I just wanted to show you how easy they made it to get your hands on these exclusive figures.

To top it all off they really make it worth your while by including a few Skylanders coupons in each bag. I'm guessing most of you don't need to buy a Giants Starter Pack, but the other coupons may come in handy.

Skylanders Coupons

Have you ordered your Skylanders Giants Sidekicks yet?

  • torchie4269

    A friend of mine tried to use the $1 off coupon at Gamestop and they wouldn’t take it. The computer supposedly couldn’t scan it. So go elsewhere if you want to use it I suggest.

    • Very good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Josh Youngblut

    I have not been able to find these in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Seems we are the last to get these. I didn’t find the first set of sidekicks until September or October last year.

  • Josh Youngblut

    I was able to find mine and got them ordered today!

    • Glad to hear it. Congrats!

  • torchie4269

    Something else kinda interesting about your pics. The bags I got only came with two coupons. One was the dollar off coupon, and the other was for either $5 off Giants or $10 off Swap Force. Wonder if they did multiple printings or if it’s a regional thing.

    • Well, I do know they changed things up somewhere along the line. The earliest reports I saw had the 13 digit code and coupons printed on the inside of the bag. All my coupons as well as the code were on that card.

      Like you said, I don’t know if it’s just a later printing or if it’s regional, but there are definitely variations.

      • torchie4269

        oh yeah, mine were all printed on the bag itself, not on a card.

  • JoBin Smith

    what method do they use for shipping? Fed ex. ups or us postal.

    • Mine came US Postal (USPS). Tiny boxes that easily fit in any mailbox.

  • Lisa Borgens-Adamski

    I got one bag that a card with coupons and code and just bought another bag today and the stuff was printed on the inside of the bag. I could barely see the code to find it. Also I’m not seeing these promotion bags as much. I can only find the classic mix and there isn’t very many left on shelves at Wal-mart,Target or the large grocery store I shop at. I feel I need to purchase my last two before they are gone >.< 60 bags of chips seems insane to have all at once!

    • Yeah, some of the early production printed them on the bag. I think they realized it was hard to read and that’s why the later packages had the cards.

      It is also true that the stock of specially marked bags is disappearing quickly and I do not expect them to be restocked. If you want to collect all four figures, I would suggest grabbing them now. I know it’s a lot of chips (we just cracked open our second bag) but this is definitely the cheapest and easiest way to get the Sidekicks.

  • I just entered my code and it was rejected by the web site. 🙁 Sounds like someone figured out how to generate fake codes.

    • If you have a code that doesn’t work, try calling 1-888-437-6264 between 8AM and 8PM ET.

      I’ve heard some good stories from others who had codes that didn’t work.

  • Beth Endicott

    Hi! Quick question….what was the expiration date on the coupons? Was it not listed?? That seems odd that they would issue coupons with no expiration?

    • Expiration is on the back. One picture I didn’t take.

      The coupons expire November 30, 2013.

  • Greg Scoville

    So I attempted to purchase the Thumpling character back around the end of august last year and I was told upon the completion of my order that I should be receiving the character in something like 10-12 (or something like that) weeks which as it turned out would be the end of November or beginning of December. However it is now almost February (approximately 22 weeks later) and I still have not received the character. Does this mean that my order is still being processed, or did Frito Lay just take my money and run?

    • Frito Lay has generally been very good about fulfilling these orders. I received mine about 8 weeks after submitting my order.

      Around the 12 week point I would have contacted Frito Lay. (Now I fear it may be a little late.) They have a pretty good support staff and can at least check if your order was processed.

      You can try calling 1-888-437-6264 between 8 am and 8 pm ET. This was the help line associated with this promotion.