Is This The End Of Skylanders?

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Let me start by saying this is the hardest article I've ever had to write for Skylanders Character List.

SCL and the community around it has been a big part of my life for the past 4 years and a big change could be coming sooner than anticipated.

Please keep in mind that at this time there is no official word or hard evidence that proves any decisions have been made. This should still be considered a rumor for the time being.

Now before we go too much further, I'm sure there are a lot of you who are wondering what I'm talking about, why people are worried, and why there is any sort of controversy at all.

I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to watch the following video.

The Video in Question

If you've watched this video, you may have a lot of doubts, questions, and/or fears. I completely understand this and I can assure you you're not alone.

From the beginning I figured that Skylanders wouldn't last forever, but if this is the end, it's sooner than I would have guessed.

My Thoughts on Some Questions You Might Have

Is This Official?


This should definitely just be considered a rumor for the time being.

However, it is a bit disconcerting that this video has been out for a week and Activision has not said anything to dispute it.

Is Skylanders Done?

Like I said before, this should just be considered a rumor. We don't have any official information at this time.

If you want to be pessimistic (or possibly just pragmatic) you could take a closer look at the past year and notice things like:

You could potentially use any or all of these items in an argument that the end of Skylanders was on its way.

When Will We Know More?

I highly doubt that we will get any official word from Activision for the remainder of 2016.

Aside from launch week, this run up to Christmas tends to be their biggest sales period. Announcing that the franchise is dead now would definitely have a negative impact on those sales.

So I definitely wouldn't expect to hear anything until 2017, potentially nothing until their next quarterly financial report in February.

Will We Get the Rest of Skylanders Imaginators?

This all hinges on what decisions have actually been made.

IF we got bad information and nothing has been cancelled, then yes we will see the rest of Skylanders Imaginators.

IF Skylanders 2017 has been cancelled, they may still decide to finish releasing the rest of the Skylanders Imaginators figures before calling it quits.

IF Skylanders 2017 and the franchise as a whole is being cancelled, there is a good chance that we may not see everything released. At this point there is a good chance that not everything has been produced yet. So if they halt production now we may only see what has been produced so far.

There are just too many variables in the equation right now. We don't know what's going to happen just yet.

Will There Be More Skylanders?

Right now the rumor is that Skylanders 2017 game has been cancelled.

This says nothing about the Skylanders franchise as a whole.

They could decide to cancel 2017, but try it again in 2018. (Unlikely in my opinion, but possible.)

What About Skylanders Academy?

Just because they cancel the game it doesn't mean that they have to cancel the TV show as well.

In fact, Eric Rogers, (the writer, producer, show runner) seems positively optimistic about the future of the show.

In a recent interview he talks about the production of Season 2 and even dreams he has for Season 3.

What Does This Mean?

Right now it means nothing. We have nothing official.

We just got a new Wave of Skylanders released this week. Enjoy it.

My Final Thoughts

Sales of Skylanders have been in decline ever since SWAP Force nearly three years ago. From what I've observed, the series took a huge hit during Skylanders SuperChargers last year.

Skylanders Imaginators is an amazing game and overall I think it is the best Skylanders game they have ever put out.

I know that SuperChargers was the straw that broke the camel's back for a lot of fans. It's an absolute shame that Imaginators came afterwards. It feels wrong that the series would end after releasing the best game in the series.

There are a lot of things you could fault Activision with over the years such as:

But I think you (anyone who's taken the time to read this far into the article) would have to admit that Activision and the Skylanders franchise as a whole has given you some amount of joy over the past six years. Even with the “bad” games, I had a good time.

I personally do not want to see Skylanders come to an end for multiple reasons, but if it does I can certainly see how it got to this point and why (from a business standpoint) they would choose to end it now.

So while I don't know if what we've heard is the truth, complete and utter nonsense, or somewhere in between, I will continue to do what I've always done. I will bring you the news as soon as there is something to report on.

Until that time I hope you will continue to enjoy the marvelous game that Activision and Toys For Bob have given us this year.

  • Kelli Anderson

    I would be pretty disappointed to see this be the end of Skylanders but I wouldn’t be entirely shocked. My first thought with Imaginators was, where can they even go after this?? But I’m sure they could come up with something if they do keep it going. ^_^ As far as the Netflix series is concerned, I’m definitely not surprised it didn’t perform as well as expected. I dislike the show from both a fan and parental standpoint. As a fan of the franchise, I was irritated because it doesn’t come anywhere near following the lore of the characters. And the direction they took it is so cliche and watered down. :/ Not exciting. Now if they had found a way to play off the background stories built into the game, that could have been awesome! As a parent, the last thing I want my kid zoned out on is yet another b.s. plot-line built on slacking off, school sucks, the cool kid is disrespectful until some catastrophe happens THEN figures out he should actually be kind and work hard. :/ No thanks, that seems like every main character in every ‘I-don’t-want-my-kid-watching-that’ cartoon out there. It could have been so much more. And again, if they had built off of what the game laid out for them, the story lines could have been inspirational and adventurous and gotten my full grown-up approval for the kid.

    • Garrett DeZeeuw

      Wow Kelli, I haven’t been as big a fan of the show as I had hoped to be. You really nailed it- a perfect summary of why it seems so much less compelling than it could have been. I sure hope this isn’t the end of the franchise- my kids and I just got into the game over the course of 2016 and we’ve amassed a collection that spans a good chunk of all the games. Imaginators will be under the tree for Christmas.

      I hope this game doesn’t go the way of Disney Infinity, which was canceled right as we really got into 3.0. We don’t seem to have the best luck with TTL games!

  • the dark one

    Skylanders has been something I loved since the very beginning, I have well over 300 figures with a complete collection of the first game, Missing two from Giants, missing one from SwapForce, full collection of trap team, and missing quite a bit of Super Chargers because that was my least favorite and a steadily growing Imaginators collection. It makes you really take a step back and look at the figures you have and realize all the creative characters and each with their own memories. I have however noticed only two families getting Skylanders Imaginators as opposed to the lines to get into Toys’R’Us for Thumpback and Eye Brawl and found it slightly sad. With the senseis it does make you think that these are the most elite Skylanders who trained others to be Skylanders, and them reusing villans makes me think they are running out of ideas. If they did cancel it I think this is a fine break point, I just wish they brought back hoard mode so I can play as every single Skylander again but at least we have a seemingly endless arena mode.

  • Jacob Lawrence

    I think that who ever posted that video is wrong. As for his so called source? They’re wrong too. Skylanders is not dead. Why would they cancel it when they tried so hard to be top of the market. They finally beat Infinity so why would they throw that away. Activision are probably fed up of the nonsense and that is why they haven’t shut the theory down. They just need to organise releases a bit better in 2017.

  • Imani Richards

    Does anybody know if there will be a single pack Golden Queen and King Pen?

    • Jacky

      I purchase them on ebay for $6 each, free shipping. I saw a couple of sellers with very good prices. I think that many people bought two starter packs to get everything from the beginning that they end up with doubles of Golden Queen and King Pen.

  • Jacky

    I don’t know if it is the end or not, but I do know (from a TRU employee) that Activision/Toys for Bob did not paid as much money as other years for store display. I remember that last year, for Superchargers, they had a wonderful display just in the first aisle, super big displays, you could see it as soon as you got in the store. This year they remove everything from that aisle and put it in a small corner in the back of the store. Disney Infinity has better location than Skylanders Imaginators. Plus, no portal of power located near the game, that is a shame because kids can’t get to see some gameplay to be in love with the game before buying. I remember that my son started with this Skylanders fascination last year and he learned a lot about them on the portal of power at TRU, this year no portal of power.

    • Erich

      Um. I was responsible for the skylander placement at a major toys r us. It got a big feature up front. You’re right there wasn’t a huge sign this year but that was because the company created a big area for movie merchandise.

      In its assigned aisle, Skylanders had as much space as infinity and dimensions combined. Complete with a new display. Your store may have dropped the ball.

      • JimyMahr

        Both of the TRU’s in my area are complete remodels, completed late Oct./early Nov and their Skylander sections are bigger than every other store’s Skylander sections.

        However, right now, I’m back in MD and my old “A” category TRU does indeed have a Skylander section smaller than Infinity amd Dimensions, the stock isn’t filled and the “floating island” in the aisle only has Skylanders on one side and action figures on the other three, unlike the newly remodeled stores that have at least one island dedicated strictly to Skylanders….

      • Jacky

        TRU employee in my area said that the vendor choose that micro space. It is the worst place in the whole store. They used to have a big big aisle full of skylanders until this summer. I think that affects sales greatly. I remember that my son learned about Skylanders on the store display and then he started looking for videos and stuff, but the store display and portal of power interaction was the one responsible for us to be getting into the skylander’s maze. It took me a lot of reading and research to understand the game.

  • BendingUnit99

    Excellent job covering the video Matt. When I first watched it I was kind of expecting this when I learned about Vicarious Visions working on the Crash Bandicoot remasters. How can they remaster three Crash games and work on the 2017 Skylanders game at the same time? It is all rumors right now but there are a lot of facts behind those rumors.

  • Sammysam

    I sure hope this is not true – but as other have said, there a lot of facts that are backing up the rumors right now. It’s even harder to dismiss knowing that we know we won’t hear something back from company before the x-mas period is over.

    I just got into Skylanders with my 4 years old and I love it… love the creativity and originality behind all the characters, love the games I was able to get my hands on… and I actually started with Superchargers (with a brush with Giants) and I thought it was pretty good. Haven’t played Imaginators yet and I think I’ll delay as much as possible (but started buying stuff anyway since I’m a bit afraid it’s going to become rare and unbuyable on eBay).

    For those that are collecting… if this video is true, what are your thoughts on how this will impact the collecting aspect of it all. Will everything go up in price and be even more difficult to find (I’m looking at you Sunscraper Spire & Light Trap :)) ??? or everyone is just going to unload and move on to something else ???

    • Enigma

      Personally I think the New-In-Box items will see an increase in price while the loose figures and accessories will decrease in value. Only time will tell, unfortunately.

  • Dennis

    I don’t understand why Activision didn’t stick with Toys For Bob when they made Swap Force and Superchargers, which in my opinion were not as good as the other games.

    • Erich

      I think swap force was the best one until imaginators. I feel trap team was by far the worst one. That being said, I’ve had a lot of fun with every game.

      So being the worst of a great series isn’t so bad.

  • MikeBat68

    I’m hoping the story is false but the shrinking store displays have caught my attention. One thing that I considered a strike against the franchise was during Trap Team’s release. The near impossiblity of finding a Kaos trap. We have young nieces that were into the game and despite the best efforts of family members it was months before lucking into one. I bought it for them but prior to that I was trying to hunt one down as were many other people and you could read their frustration on message boards. They talked of abandoning the series and I could hardly blame them. This kind of item was very anticipated and should have been widely available, instead it felt like a ploy to boost the collector market. I thought that’s what variants should be used for instead of an item that allowed kids and fans tp enjoy this one part of the game.
    On a seperate note, I’ve been a fan since Swap Force and I hope the franchise isn’t done yet.

  • Steve Sweitzer

    My kids have played Skylanders since February 6, 2013. I remember that day as it was my last day in day to day operations for the company I work for. Since then I have enjoyed Skylanders Hunting even sometimes buying on the road. We can get impatient at times and buy overseas. The luckiest items my daughter is proud of is the 3 yawn traps. For the past week I was thinking there is no way they are going to cancel. Maybe a game is 2018. The 66,000 sales number in the video is way off, that number is close to what was sold in Europe but much more in the US. The total number is 157,000 and the next few weeks the sales are up week to week from that figure. Skylanders is not based only on starter packs but sales of characters. This is much better than last year’s game, not down 41%. But not close to the first three game sales of over 500k in first two weeks of sales. My only input was the cost to purchase Skylanders many were waiting for sale prices, this is how consumers shop today. I have asked a few employees while we were shopping for Wave 3, TRU employees told me that they never seen some many sold in a short period of time. The first week of Skylanders all big sale video games sales were down also. His source for the game sales figured is now banned on Twitter and the company she used does not track some retailers. It is hard to have a contact person inside of Activision because of many clauses in their employment terms. In the video around 1:48 he mentions the fact of sources, which is a violation of terms for Youtube. This could be in a way releasing financials of the company, even indirectly. Would you want your competitor knowing about how you are doing? Liam does have the same percentage of a weather man with his predictions. For Skylanders Academy, Xfinity now offers Netlfix. I am sure this was known when the show was contracted. This was the way my kids got to see the show. But in the last few days I have seen signs that this may be the last game. There was only one update to the game, supports in some way his claim no current games is in development. Especially strange as the one Light Crystal has a glitch. There are many sales, I know to drive sales but never like this. Wave 3 came out little early, might be a way to reduce inventory. High inventory amounts is one criteria Disney’s decison to cancel the Infinity. XB1 sales of the game are below Wii U. Activision’s last year in their financial statement mentioned casual users and next gen consoles was a concern. I am on the fence with the last few characters. In production contracts there is a price and number to be produced. If they halt production they still have to pay the original price. But do they just want to wash their hands with the game in this years financial statement? I do see the issue will be the last 6 crystals though. There is no true support, last week we called about the light crystal sent a replacement. Does the exact same thing, support was they were are not sending anymore out, no other choices. This is unlike the issue with Night Fall. I do not think a decision has been made yet, until they see the figures in black and white. My final thinking is there was never a plan for a game in 2017. Originally Infinity was to release a game in 2017, instead of competing taking some time to make the game more interesting to the casual user, especially time to start using next gen consoles.

  • Mike

    By the end of 2016 we will only have 5 Senseis to be released…[Blaster-Tron, Grave Clobber, Ro-Bow, Tidepool, Wild Storm] and if this is the end of Skylanders. i have a feeling the last 5 Senseis will be released by the end of January 2017 as Wave 4.

  • Dan Davis

    I wasn’t going to make a comment because in the past I just had to eat my words, but I will because I want to share my feelings about this issue. Matt had brought up a few issues why Skylander fans may be upset with this franchise and it isn’t too far off from the way I feel. I have been a fan of Spyro before Skylanders came out and when I saw Spyro Adventures my granddaughter was playing I thought this was an awesome game. She no longer plays it because of Minecraft but my grandson and I are big fans and collectors. The first time I was upset with the franchise is because of the “Apathy towards fans”. There was a glitch in the game (and this happens – no big deal) and the franchise didn’t care and was not going to fix it. The same thing happen when they gave us an option to put in our collection into the game to gain stars but it would not accept the last treasure chest so you couldn’t receive the stars.Then there was the situation of the yawn traps, I know this is a beaten story because most people had to deal with it but it is still a situation that upset a lot of people. I seen a lot of post that said that they were not going to buy anymore Skylanders because if it (I was one of them). This may be the fall of sales for Superchargers and not because of the game itself. I broke down and did buy this version because I liked the vehicles but I have not played it, or the Imaginators version yet, I have watch the game played and I am still collecting the figures but my enthusiasm for the game has dropped. I started playing the Lego Dimensions and that was fun for a short time but once you have a few character for that game they all start duplicating the power each have so now I am starting to get back into Skylanders. I hope Skylanders continue but I think Matt is right that they will have to improve on their communication and apathy towards fans and the way they distribute characters world wide to be fair for all fans.

  • dgl14

    Well I too am shock about this rumor, I say we all can try to come together and find Activision, form a rally, and save Skylanders, and try also to buy merchandise, and any skylanders we might have missed, for if we do not do something like I suggested, then there is that a chance that the rumor will be true, and we will be in deep remorse, so if the rumor might be true, are we going to let Activision get away with this, those who say no, and want to find a go to Activision, Who’s with Me?

    • Jeff

      Great enough out-cry from fans of the franchise is actually an excellent and effective way to save the franchise. Look at Lego Ninjago, for example. Lego cancelled Ninjago a few years ago and discontinued the sets, but the fans of Ninjago didn’t want it cancelled and Lego received enough complaints that they revived Ninjago and the sets are still selling today.

      One thought I had was maybe Activision isn’t denouncing the rumor for sales purposes. Look at when they made the transition from SSA to SG, Activision announces the new game and essentially discontinues most of the original figures. As a result, the least popular figure at the time (Boomer) flies off the shelves because people wanted to make sure they had Boomer in their collections, and resulted in Boomer being one of the most coveted figures for the longest time. A possibility is that Activision is allowing this rumor to float out there for the time being and hoping that it increases their sales. When I was at TRU the other day picking up Chain Reaction, They had fresh stock of characters going back to Giants (I know it was fresh stock because they didn’t have any characters older than Super Chargers a couple weeks ago and even those were sparse), Including all Christmas variants and a ton of Eggcited Thrillipede. You’d think that they wouldn’t stock that much product from old games if they were thinking of hanging it up (unless they had that much old stock lying around, which I doubt). I’m choosing to be optimistic and hope at the most they just take a year break, then come out with a great 7th game that will impress us more than Imaginators.

  • Jiryn

    I’m hoping they are taking a break.
    No need for it to be annually, and with the popularity of the Netflix series rising.. Skylanders may be back in a big way.

    What I was always hoping was that they’d go more for the Dimensions route, where 1 game lasts 2yrs with the 2nd year being expansion chars for the previous game adding a whole new campaign.

  • alienoutcast

    A lot of thoughts and things that can be said about this. My greatest wish is that they would develop a game that some how really makes use of all the characters that have been released. I am a big fan of the challenges from the first few games. I think I might be happy with just a compilation of challenges, that work with every Skylander, or groups of Skylanders, like Giants, or swap force, etc. And a new adventure level for each of the adventure pack that have been released. Of course, I am also wishing that they would re release some of the most rare items. I think for the serious collectors that have 300+ figures and items, a collectors edition of all the games, possibly remastered for new consoles (with glitches fixed) and perhaps a collectible figure, would be awesome. It might even be the best way to go out to get the last few new people into it and sell off all remaining stock.

  • Syrus Orelio

    I think another big problem is there inability to stop the online sharks from snagging all the best characters and charging exorbitant prices online(usually at least double store prices) for figures for a game aimed at kids making it super hard to obtain those figures

    a problem that existed with the original game, if spyro hadn’t come in the starter pack I have no doubt he’d have been hard to obtain in the first game

  • Edward LaRue

    I don’t think Skylanders will discontinue the release of the characters for Skylanders Imaginators. But I figure that Sky7 will never happen until a long time or like I said never.

  • Stayforeverskylanders

    Please do not leave, Skylanders.

  • dynath

    The idea that they might cancel release of Imaginators is ignorant. At this point activision already has the models, assembly lines, shipping and warehousing prepared if not already done. We are just receiving wave 3 but it’s likely that they are manufacturing wave 4 and 5 right now before shipping them to warehousing. Canceling this line would be more costly than finishing it out.

    No, what is more likely here is that they have decided to “cancel” the unannounced 2017 skylander’s title. This is not surprising as many major publishers are starting to recognize “franchise fatigue” in their product lines. Its impossible to get people hyped if they just expect a new product constantly on a regular schedule. Activision isn’t as reactionary as as Disney. They aren’t just going to kill the entire franchise. Activision curates their francises, sometimes poorly, but usually spreading them out with wider gaps between installments. The constant churn of releases makes it hard to do quality control.

    Frankly Skylander’s constant releases is why they haven’t been able to plan for and future proof their portal design. Its also why bad ideas like battlecast has made it to market damaging the franchise. They have made a concerted push to do several bad marketing decisions; raising prices, increasing figure size (with the associated cost rise that comes with that), depreciating the value of old figures, increasing numbers of variants, including microtransactions. And of course taking an action button mash puzzle platformer and making it a race game. These are all signs that the developers aren’t able to keep up with the franchise pace. And truthfully can the fans continue spending a thousand dollars every year for the handful of badly planned, poorly announced releases they have had? A year off will help prevent the entire collapse of the franchise as a whole. Its unlikely to be a permanent death. Calling it “canceled” is stupid fear mongering, its more apt to call it on “hiatus” if anything.

  • BendingUnit99

    Hey everybody. I just came across this information on the web. Vicarious Visions is going to be working with Bungie on the game Destiny. Here is the link:
    Its not looking good for Skylanders 2017. If it is over I am having a blast with Imaginators so it will end on a high note.

  • Kelli Anderson

    Just came by to add, I went into Gamestop last week to pick up a few older characters with the buy 2 get 3 free deal, and was told when these sell out they’re done. They aren’t accepting trade-ins for Skylanders anymore since they just have so many. Has anyone else been told this? And what do you all make of that info?

  • Dan Moyer
  • dgl14

    I got an idea to save Skylanders, a Skylanders Racing Tournament, we could do a competitive way and we will save money, and when it is over and becomes a success, we can save Skylanders

  • Commander BB Shockwave

    Wow, I hope not. I have only played with the first game for years (as it was the only one on PC) but I collected the toys just because they looked awesome, and since last year when I could get an used XBOX360, I have finally started playing the other games and now have all of them plus a lot of figures, and enjoy the game and love the universe immensely.
    It’d be rather strange to cancel the game right after the best release – and it’s not me, a fan saying that… most gamer magazines gave Imaginators a very high score. Not to mention, if Activision knew (and they should have known since Superchargers) that the game was in decline, why would they have invested a LOT of many to have Blizzard animate a cartoon for the franchise?
    At this point I hope this isn’t true. But I could even live with no game this year if this means we get a new game in 2018.

  • Jackson Cohn

    Skylanders 7 is not cancelled everyone!!!!😎😄🌮😀❗️❓⁉️‼️

  • Sheaxx

    The sixth game was rubbish it broke the whole lore the best one was the first then they just got worse

  • Spyro the Gamer

    Rant Time!(just read the whole thing, please)Or just skip to the good part
    When I was ten years old, I had a classmate tell me about something called Skylanders. I did a bit of research and my mind was blown. It seemed like the coolest thing in the world. I wanted Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure sooo badly. But with my allowance of a dollar a week, a 60 dollar game was not going to happen. I forgot about it for a couple of months. My birthday party came up and I invited a neighbors son who wasn’t very popular in our neighborhood. I liked him though. The party was fun, then came the presents. As it turns out, the kids mom got me the starter pack of Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. I nearly died from my excitement. From that moment on, my entire year was about Skylanders. I drew Skylanders, I played the game, I talked my parents ears off about it. I LOVED it!
    Now on to the negative part of it. I am 14 now and still like the games. However the games have all been a slight disappointment. With game after game, it seems like it slowly got worse. It was all about collecting EVERY figure, and not having fun and playing it. Probably 500 dollars of my own money has gone into this franchise. I’m not rich at all, so this was quite the thing for me. I loved it, but with every game and dollar of mine down the drain, I started to dislike it. I played Disney Infinity, and mocked the Skylanders Franchise. When Disney Infinity shut down, I looked at all of my old Skylanders Figures. I decided to fire up the game and play it. I got hooked again. Because honestly, it IS fun to play. When you just play it and enjoy it, you have a good time. However the first game will forever and always be my favorite probably. So I think that the whole franchise needs to stop for a year or two. They need to adjust their priorities. It can’t ALL be about the money. They have to think of the consumers. All of the kids, teenagers, and adults who buy their games. Yeah, making cash is pretty good along the way, but they have been too greedy. It seems like the skimp on the game play and character designs. Heck, the whole series is based on the characters you buy. The characters you like the most and match your personality. If they want to stay in the business against things like Disney Infinity(yeah I know it’s shut down), Amiibo, and Lego Dimensions, then they HAVE to make a change. They absolutely HAVE too. It’s the only way they are going to stay alive. At this point, it’s like their boat is half sunk. All they need is to make another crappy game and the whole thing is dead. They need to think about the consumer and what they want. The consumer doesn’t want to blow 60 bucks every time a new game comes out. Or another 60 trying to buy all the characters. NO, THEY NEED TO MAKE IT FUN TO THE CONSUMER!!!!! I can’t stress this enough. Quit trying to make character after character, or new concepts like traptanium or characters that swap body parts. No new giant characters or super vechicles, or do-it-yourself Skylanders(honestly if we wanted that, we would go to Ikea). I want to make this franchise great, but the creators are making it hard. I really want to save this franchise. It was and still is a big part of my childhood. I just love it so much. I hope the creators of the games see this because they need to see it. Go ahead and forward it to them, cause I don’t know how. Anyways, ranting about this does no good. I can say I want it to change but that is worth nothing if I can’t back it up. So that’s why I have spent months creating something I call…(cue epic music)…. Skylanders Universe.

    Skylanders Universe is a game that I have made up, where the basic concepts of it is kind of free roaming. They have SKYLANDS, why don’t they use them!!!! In some of the characters backstories they have things like pirates and gangs. USE THEM! Anyways, you can explore caves, battle monsters, go diving and fishing, fly in the sky, siege castles, rescue Mabu, and BATTLE AGAINST THE FORCES OF EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about it! It would be soo cool! Think of it as a mix of Legend of Zelda and Skyrim. A GIGANTIC world of Skylanders. Where being a Skylander actually means something. On different islands are different activities. A big haunted castle, a giant sea, grassy fields with sheep, and monsters to battle. It would be sooo epic. Think of Skylanders with great graphics, I mean, get Blizard over here! And certain Skylanders could do certain things. Water Skylanders can battle underwater monsters and can swim around underwater caves, Skylanders with flight like Spyro and Sonic Boom can fly around the sky in a breathtaking views. Fire Skylanders can hang out in volcanos, and undead Skylanders are the only characters who can go to the underworld. The possibilities are endless! Hundreds of different plots of Kaos to stop in different islands. Or to get in a certain area you have to get items from one of the endless islands. Except you know how Kaos is the only bad guy throughout the whole franchise? He isn’t the only one in this game. There are evil sorceresses, witches, enchantresses, tyrants, and monster lords. However, we would take the Skylanders games animation and look, and throw it out. Get different graphics, ones that look cooler like Horizon Zero Dawn.
    Bored? Siege a evil kings castle! Lazy? Explore countless lands!Adventurous? Then do one of hundreds activities across the game! However, the game has to be huge. A giant open world game. One that acknowledges existing characters and their abilities. For this game, there will be no new concept like trapping villains in traps or super vechicles. Just keep the existing characters. For heavens sake, there are already so many Skylanders out already. It would be cool to see about 20 new release characters though. Like well thought out, cool Skylanders. Like how it was in Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. Just to add the final nail in the franchise. After Skylanders Universe, no more games. No more characters. No more lame extra level packs. I hate those. Add updates to Skylanders Universe once in a while if they really want to. Think of it as kind of like Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Or like Horizon Zero Dawn. And the Skylands are big! Like the size of a large neighborhood, because I don’t feel that the games did a good job at having islands. I expected them to be bigger. Plus with games becoming more violent, I think we should kind of do something like that. I mean flaming arrows would actual be painful instead of a little knockback. No blood though, but grunts and the monsters slow down and the monster attacks have less damage to them, the more they take damage. I still need to work on it some more, but I think this would save the entire franchise. Plus it would appeal to adults and teens more, so its not just kids playing it. I think it would be amazing if we could actually do this. It would take forever to make though(like years, if they do it right) but it would be the coolest thing ever.
    It would be amazing
    It would reboot the series
    It would be amazing
    It would appeal to older consumers
    It would be amazing
    It would save the series

    It would take a long time to make
    Getting sufficient funding
    Getting it into production

    Honestly, I don’t care if credit goes to me as long as the game gets made. I want this so badly. If you want to get this around, share it on forums, facebook, twitter, and anything else. Get it going. Talk to people about it. I can’t do this alone. Spread it around. If you believe in this idea at all then just try to help me and others with it. Make a facebook page. Make a #SkylandersUniverse. Put the phrase “Get the magic started.” everywhere. I NEED you guys. So share this message around if you believe in it. My name is Spyro the Gamer and if you don’t believe in this, or doubt that its possible or that we can’t do this, then I have two words for you… watch us. So EVERYONE, lets get the magic started!