More Dark Creation Crystals Available

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Up until now the Dark Creation Crystal Single Packs have been found almost exclusively at Target and Walmart.

Well, tonight I have good news. That is beginning to change.

Best Buy

As of this writing, Dark Creation Crystal Single Packs are in stock (and even on sale) at Best Buy.

You may not be able to find them in store right now, but you can definitely order them online.

Dark Creation Crystals - Best Buy

The downside of ordering online is that you cannot guarantee which mold you're going to get, but at least you can get a Dark Creation Crystal which I know has been a problem for many of you.

Creation Crystals are on sale this week at Best Buy (2 for $15) so that's a nice little bonus as well.

Other Retailers

I can't say for sure, but I have to imagine that as we approach the April 7th release of the Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack we will see an increase in Dark Creation Crystals as well.

I know they are scheduled to arrived at GameStop with the new Level Pack so I would expect the same at TRU and other major retailers.

Happy Hunting!

  • Joshua G.

    I think when I get the chance, I’m going to purchase these crystals. Thanks for the info, Matt!

    • Zym

      Go check TRU as well, they had them both out and the usual buy one get one at 60%.

  • Rock bd

    Hey Matt,
    Just had a suggestion.
    Another good name for the Blue Chest would be the Cobalt Chest, going with the whole ‘metals theme’

    • MrMinderbinder

      I’m just wildly speculating here, but I’m betting that Lost Imaginite Mines will come with a shiny Green Chest (so you can tell it apart from Cursed Tiki Temple). Though it’s breaking the metals theme, I’m still for Sapphire and Emerald chests (Ruby if it’s red).

      However, if the LIM comes with another Blue chest, I’d probably just call them both Platinum. Sure, it’s not the same as the Platinum Chest you buy online, but it does come with 10 Ultimate Weapons (this is starting to feel like a discussion of Final Fantasy VII…), so keeping with the metals theme, it feels like Plat would be the natural extension.

      Just my opinion.

      • VideoGamer1212

        Lost Imaginite Mines comes with a blue chest.

        • Zym

          And a magic lantern….oh well. Since they are both blue, I’m now leaning towards just calling them “blue”….but cobalt is now sounding better than sapphire.

          • MrMinderbinder

            Fair enough – Cobalt, Plat, and Sapphire all seem fine to me.

            But really? Another Magic Lantern? Two of the 3-Packs had Magic Lanterns. Plus the Mysticat and Painyatta packs both had Magic Crystals (not Lanterns, but still…). I feel like they’re really hard to unload their Magic Crystal surplus on us (the Imaginators equivalent of Water Traps). And yet, in this avalanche of Magic Crystals… no Magic Claw? What’s up with that?

          • Imani Richards

            I totally agree with you. Activision never ceases to mess something up on every Skylanders game.

          • Zym

            What? Not every game, to me just one. The Lightning Rod challenge in the first game was broken, but fixed in Giants. The Giants platinum chest never got the special bit raised, but we got the toy. Even Thrillipede wasn’t too bad, they did release too many US variant versions, but actually made enough regular versions since we can still get them online, just paying a little more (maybe 1.5 times). To me, their only big mistake was making too many water traps and probably having to cut their losses and not put out the yawn traps. Of course, the collector who wants one of everything (me included) are annoyed, but I understand and let it go (okay, I still look) and still enjoy the Skylanders series with the kids. I don’t think they have really messed up on this game since it’s still active. My guess (hope) for all the double crystals is that they may be trying to manage the surplus crystals, due to darn marketing projections, so they can release them all. Probably a tough and stressful balancing act to try to figure out how to sell everything and keep everyone happy. I know I wouldn’t want that job. I know people’s fingers are still crossed for CM too. Personally, we just trade in the doubles for store credit. I would still like to see and play future games or levels.

          • JimyMahr

            I am curious about the Lightning Rod thing cause I never had a problem completing his heroic challenge.

          • Zym

            In the first game, at least on the ps3 version we had, you could finish the entire challenge but the end piece was missing. I think it even did a cut scene to show where the piece was supposed to show up, but nada. So you couldn’t get the exit item to complete the challenge. My Spyro was 31/32 until we got Giants and finished it there.

          • JimyMahr

            Ahh. O.k. Yeah, the Wii didn’t have that problem. I did, however, suffer the Wii U Swap Force bug that if you did something like scan figures in Gamepad mode it didn’t register under Portal Master achievements and would lock into place so you couldn’t register any more. Had to delete ALL user data from the Wii U…. at the last stage of the game AND after scanning all my figures. 😭

            I miss the heroic challenges. Wish they’d bring them back, but instead of making each character do them, just do them once and then have them act as a perma-buff for all your figures.

  • Stayforeverskylanders

    I tend to go for the pastel color theme but that dark crystal looks cool. I will definitely be buying one.

    • MrMinderbinder

      The Dark Crystals look pretty cool away from the portal, but on the portal, they glow with a sort of a dirty yellow color. In my opinion, the least attractive color of the ten.

  • AkkoChan

    great news alredy got me an extra dark crystal recently now all im waiting for is final wave with imgainte mines+ robow, then tidepool and blaser tron so my collection can be complete

  • Imani Richards

    For some reason I didn’t get the sale price of 2 for $15 when I ordered my dark creation crystals from the Best Buy website. Does anyone know why?

  • Zym

    Arg!! Darn egg claw game on Arcade level NIghtmare mode…..where is that turbo fire button again?

  • Zym

    Went to TRU today and there it was, Cursed Tiki Adventure Pack…in my hands, but not for long. It was a no go and no big deal since I was already prepared for the register lock, but at least I know they will have it. They also put out a boat load of dark creation crystals out.

  • Kaos Theory

    TRU website shows Cursed Tiki Temple available for ship to home and store pickup!!

  • Street (Street50)

    Starting to feel like crystals are where we will be screwed this year. We just may squeak by getting all the characters…. maybe…. of course with the exception of HeartBreaking Devil Oh I mean Krampus…. Oh wait…. Heart Breaker Buckshot….
    I’m trying to grab what I can now when it comes to the crystals but they are getting really hard to find and have become pretty sure that they won’t be putting all types out here in the US. Walmart, Bestbuy and Gamestop all have stopped selling skylander imaginator stuff in my area.
    Toysrus and target still do however but rarely get anything new.

  • Charles Fasano

    I finally now have all 3 Dark Creation Crystals. I found the last 2 at 2 different Targets.