More SWAP Force Skylanders Leaked!

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Great news for all you Skylanders fans out there. We have some new characters to introduce and a few old ones to confirm. Thanks to darkSpyro forum member Aura24 for catching these listings (go here and scroll down for pictures). Check out the latest additions:

Series 2
Pop Fizz

Series 3
Chop Chop
Gill Grunt

SWAP Force
Boom Jet (Air)

Smolderdash (Fire)

New Skylanders
Bumble Blast (Life)
Scorp (Earth)
Slobber Tooth (Earth)
Zoo Lou (Life)

We also have confirmation that there will be Double Packs of SWAP Force Members.

There are not GREAT pictures out yet so I have not added them to the site. I have updated the names, but that's it for now. Pictures will be added as they are made available. The complete list of SWAP Force Skylanders can be found here.

  • bob

    where did you find the pics

    • As expected the pictures from the store listing have already been taken down. However, if you go here and scroll down, someone was nice enough to capture and post the images before they were removed.

  • Josh Youngblut

    Very nice!

  • torchie4269

    Glad to see Chill and Sprocket coming back. Those are two of my favorites from Giants.

  • Alex

    Seriously!!! Another Sprocket 🙁