Pain-Yatta Arrives in the US

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It's the one we've all been waiting for…

Pain-Yatta is finally coming to the US!

Pain-Yatta Combo Pack

Amazon has slowly been updating the listing and it's now at the point where you can actually place your order.

I know (as of this writing) the listing states that it's “Temporarily Out Of Stock”, but the truth is that it never was in stock. We're still waiting for that magical moment.

Painyatta Appears on Amazon

In any case, like I said, you can put your order in now. It's essentially the same thing as pre-ordering. They won't charge you until it ships, but you can get your name on the list now.

You know I've already got my order placed. How about you?

If this status changes, I will update this article as needed.

  • Froyop 12

    Amazon is also stocking some wave 3 figures

  • Jacky

    Finally, thanks for the great info. Enjoy the Holidays!!!

  • Imani Richards

    Is Pain-Yatta considered a wave 3 or 4 figure?

    • This Combo Pack is Wave 3. Assuming Pain-Yatta still gets a Single Pack down the road, that would be Wave 4 or 5.

      • Imani Richards

        Thanks Matt! By the way are you single or married?

        • Happily married.

          • Imani Richards

            Aww, that’s sweet.

  • dgl14

    Good to know because I was looking and I was trying to select my chosen magic creation crystala and that looks like a magic pyramid, but I want for creation crystals are these, The Fire Reactor, which I already have, along with the Earth Armor, the Air Lantern, and the Water Rocket, while the ones I chose are the Magic Clawed, the Undead Fanged, the Life Acorn, the Tech Pyramid, the Light Angel, and the Dark Rune

  • VideoGamer1212

    Do you think we will be seeing a Pain-Yatta single pack at somepoint?

    • I think they have a Single Pack planned, but as you know items in Wave 4 and 5 can be quite scarce. So ultimately this may be your best bet.

      • dgl14

        I know its off topic but is there a chance you looked at the latest message of that skylanders ending rumor

  • Erich

    Just because I am paranoid (and just moved so I can’t see my collection at the moment) that is a magic trap we already have, right?

    • Yes. It’s the Magic Pyramid which was available in Wave 1.

  • BendingUnit99

    Thanks for the info Matt. Just pre-ordered him. Shows why its good to check your site everyday.

  • Jacky

    If any of you still interested on buying Dark Edition-Skylanders Imaginators…price went down 🙂 $64.99

  • Suzanne Maxwell

    Thanks Matt for all your hard work getting us all the information you do. Have a great Christmas and let’s hope you find a few chase variants you deserve them.

  • Geode1010

    Merry Christmas to everyone reading this

    • Froyop 12

      You too

  • Poopysteve

    It hasnt come to the US. The post is deceiving. Amazon has a place holder and has been now for awhile. No end in sight. So obviously he is NOT available in the US. Activision sucks and pulls this crap all the time. Gets old and old fast.