SCL News – April 10, 2017

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Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack

The Cursed Tiki Temple has officially been released in the US and should now be available worldwide.

To aid you in your search here are a few numbers:

UPC (Universal): 047875880689
“R”Web# (TRU): 279141
DPCI (Target): 207-03-0284
GameStop Item #: 146107

If you're not having any luck finding it in stores, you can still order from Amazon.

Other than the release, it's been a relatively slow week in the Skylands.

So take some time, enjoy the new characters, new content, and new Imaginator parts. There's a lot to explore.

  • Stayforeverskylanders

    Now that it is near the end of this cycle I wanted to ask everyone, including you Matt, what your favorite Skylander or Skylander item is out of the entire series (it can be one you created in Imaginators just make sure to give a name and general description)? For me it is Dive Bomber, the submarine from Superchargers.

    • Courtney Maria Kauling

      Honestly probably LC Flashwing or Drobot. I love the dragon Skylanders and they were my first ones 🙂

    • My favorite elements are tech and undead, so picking one from each:
      Windup – he packs way more punch than I expected him to; a total one-bot wrecking crew
      Hex – the OG Mistress of Undead Destruction

      I also have to give a couple shout-outs:
      Trigger Happy – nothing beats the fun and absolute chaos of filling an area with bouncing coins of death; was my fave until Wind Up came along, and still holds a special place in my heart.
      Ghost Roaster – the biggest loss of the Forgotten Five, imho; your Eon’s Elite was too little, too late….but at least it looks awesome on my shelf.

      • JimyMahr

        “Ghost Roaster” <———- this. 👍😍

    • Louis

      My favorite by game: SSA – Ghostroaster, SG – Granite Crusher, SSF – Spyrise & Windup, STT – Enigma, SSC – High Volt, SI – Dec-Ember, and my tech Sentinel Imaginator

    • JimyMahr

      SSA – Sonic Boom / Stealth Elf
      Giants – Flashwing
      Swap Force – yuck. I’d have to say Bumble Blast just cause of his pure OP-ness
      Trap Team – Lob Star
      SuperChargers – Lava Lance Eruptor (Still the most awesome looking Skylander ever)
      Imaginators – Flare Wolf Gang
      Best NPC – Sharpfin
      Best Villain – Pre Swap Force – Kaos, post Swap Force Broccoli Guy
      Best character overall – Legendary Stealth Elf

    • Zym

      SSA – Spyro (me) / Stealth Elf (kid) / Hex (wife)
      Giants – Granite Crusher (me) / Ninjini (kid) / Eye Brawl (wife)
      Giants – non giant – Flashwing (kid)
      Swap Force – Magna Charge (me) / Spy Rise (kid)
      Swap Force non swap – Smolderdash (me) / Roller Brawl (kid)
      Trap Team – Knight Light (me) / Gearshift (kid)
      Trap Team – mini – Spry (me) / Whisper Elf (kid) / Hijinx (wife – started playing again for Hijinx)
      Trap Team – non trap – Fling Kong (me) / Deja Vu (kid) / Deja Vu (kid)
      SuperChargers – Spitfire (me) / Bone Bash Roller Brawl (kid) – with matching vehicles
      Imaginators – Crash (love/hate energy meter) (me) / Ember (kid)
      Overall – Spyro (me) / Stealth Elf (kid)

      • Imani Richards

        I just had Deja Vu when you mentioned it twice. Lol!!!

    • Sammysam

      Mine is Spy Rise.
      Favorite Skylander by far… I don’t play with him often enough though…. OCD don’t let me play with maxed out skylanders much and since I’m a new collector, I’ve got a long way to go before the collection is pretty much maxed out, that I can return to “old” favorites 🙂

    • Stayforeverskylanders

      SSA-Drobot, Giants-Hot Dog, Swap Force-Pop Thorn, Trap Team-Gear Shift, Superchargers-Rollarbrawl, Imagintors-Painyatta, Vehicle-Dive Bomber, Item-Anvil (nothing compares to watching enemies get destroyed by falling anvils!), Extra Level Item-Sheepwreck Island, Trap Key-Air Blade

    • Enigma

      SSA-Chop Chop
      SG-Eye Brawl/ Hot Dog
      SSF-Freeze Blade/Smolderdash
      SSC-SS Terrafin/Hot Streak
      SI-Wild Storm

    • Joshua G.

      Yup, Imaginators is nearing its end… or is it???

      Remember Activision stated it’s gonna release new characters and content throughout 2017? Until the next console game comes, we might see some more Senseis along the road that were never announced before! If that’s the case, I’n hoping for a Magic-elemental Mesmeralda figurine.

      • Stayforeverskylanders

        Mesmeralda would be great. She could do something with string puppets and perhaps have a level that takes us backstage in the theater that you fight her in previously.

        • Joshua G.

          Cool! Maybe her attacks could involve throwing puppets that latch onto enemies and deal continuous damage, and pulling enemies closer with puppet strings (dealing a bit of damage), and blinding strobe spotlights!

          • Stayforeverskylanders

            Sounds awesome 😀🎉

    • Kingofskylanders11

      I can’t really pick. In my opinion, imaginators has had the best characters and I can’t decide so I will just list from the other games:
      SSA: Camo/Chop Chop
      SG: Pop Fizz/Jet-Vac/Hot Dog
      SSF: Slobber Tooth/Night Shift/Magna Charge
      STT: Knight Mare/Krypt King/Funny Bone
      SS: Hammer Slam Bowser/Turbo Charge Donkey Kong/High Volt
      Imaginators: All of them, but I really like Pain-Yatta.

  • Commander BB Shockwave

    So, any insider info from your activision sources (you must have some) on whether they plan on releasing any new characters in the second half of the year and in 2018, or whether Ro-Bow, Blaster-Tron and Tidepool are the only releases left?

  • AkkoChan

    cant wait for thelast wave to come to finaly get complete set for this game

    • Zym

      Shhhhh…….don’t curse it….

      • Froyop 12

        Haha good pun

  • dgl14

    I spotted Pain yatta in Target, and I found and bought at toysrus a dark creation crystal, but I don’t know about the whereabouts of the others, but of course I also got the tiki island, when will be an update for Ro-Bow, Tidepool. and Blastertron

  • Zym

    Still waiting for Easter so we can play CTT, also finally get to load the dun dun dun ….. magic claw (it will be hidden as well).

  • Darkpsik

    I got a Chase variant of Painyatta last week, at Walmart! It looks AWESOME! I found another Chase from Wave 1 just a month ago at Gamestop; so I’m on a ROLL! ^_^

  • Darkpsik

    I got a Chase variant of Painyatta last week, at Walmart! It looks AWESOME! I found another Chase from Wave 1 just a month ago at Gamestop; so I’m on a ROLL I figure! ^_^

  • Imani Richards

    Ok I have a theory for the last wave of Skylanders Imaginators. I think there will be three more adventure packs with the first pack being a TidePool adventure pack with an Air Acorn crystal and bronze treasure chest. The second Adventure pack would include Blaster Tron with the Earth Rune crystal and gold treasure chest. And the last adventure pack featuring Rowbow with the fire angel crystal and silver treasure chest. The Light angel crystal, magic claw crystal, and tech pyramid might be offered as a 3-pack. My theory could be any combination of the like for the Adventure packs and creation crystal 3-packs. Give me your comments and let me know what you think Skylanders community.

    • Jacob Lawrence

      Nice attempt at prediction but Blastertron and Tidepool have already been confirmed single pack. The RO-BOW pack is the last adventure pack.

      • Imani Richards

        Oh ok, thanks for your comment.

  • Imani Richards

    I went to TRU yesterday and took advantage of the Buy One Get One 50% Off sale on top of the extra 10% Off every Thursday for TRU Mastercard holders. I also got to combine these discounts with the 20% Off one regular-priced item coupon I received in the mail affixed to the easter sale ad. I was pretty upset that even though I have enough TRU rewards points, the website did not allow me to create a $10 rewards certificate. I could have spent only $44.20 instead of $54.20. I definitely complained about this to TRU’s corporate offices. With that said I ended up with 2 Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Packs and 4 Dark creation crystals for $54.20.

    • Kaos Theory

      That has happened to me too. For some reason when you are in the TRU store it does not work. I think I went back outside to my car and downloaded my rewards certificate on my phone that way.

      • Imani Richards

        Oh, thats nice that you were able to create a rewards certificate for yourself in your car after leaving out of the store. Your issue was probably due to low bars on your phone, different from what I experienced.

        What happened to me was that the previous week before the BOGO sale on Skylanders, I had a $10 rewards certificate available to me. Then when I went in on Thursday to take advantage of the Skylanders sale and the extra 10% Off Thursdays, combined with the 20% Off coupon, my account was disabled preventing me from creating a $10 rewards certificate so that I could not use my rewards certificate with the in-store sales, discounts and coupons.

        It seems that TRU does not like it when customer get and combine too many discounts because they want to make as much money as possible.

        So remember to always create or better yet print your rewards certificate as soon as you see it available to you because corporate doctored the website to disable your account on Thursdays and on huge sale weeks so that you can’t use too many discounts at once.

        • Keri Marie Hartmann

          I always take a picture of the bar code for my rewards certs on my phone just in case of bad phone reception.

  • JadeWind

    Is the Light Angel Creation Crystal out in any way?

    • Zym

      Air Acorn: Not Yet Released
      Earth Rune: Not Yet Released
      Fire Angel: Not Yet Released
      Light Angel: Not Yet Released
      Tech Pyramid: Not Yet Released

      Hope that helps

      • JadeWind

        It answers the question perfectly. Thank you!

  • Apicklz

    Matt your awesome & everyone’s help.. Again thank you for all your info..Got all items of wave 4! I’m thoroughly obsessed with Skylanders and can’t wait for the new season of Skylanders on Netflix. If anyone knows of any adult Skylanders apparel out there too would be greatly appreciated..?

    • Stayforeverskylanders

      Matt is definitely awesome! 😎

  • Joshua G.

    Got my CTT last Monday. Ordered from the official TRU account on eBay. Wild Storm’s sword tip, I heard, was malleable, but I didn’t notice a thing! I’m predicting that the blue chest in Lost Imaginite Mines will unlock another 10 Ultimate weapons, one of each class. Three main senseis to go!

  • Zym

    It’s skylanders day tomorrow, will finally get to load CTT …. if the kiddo finds it. I better make sure we hide it in a super obvious place.

  • Enigma

    So, we opened up our first three mystery imaginite chests today, and boy were we lucky! We got one bronze, silver, and gold chest! Haha! Now my fear of duplicates is set aside, and I won’t need to buy any more chests…until the buy anything, get five mystery chests free sale, of course 😜

    • Commander BB Shockwave

      Btw, how do chests work? I heard them being valid once only? That worries me, ’cause just today my XBOX360 profile went poof without any reason, with it my saved games of course. With Skylanders, no big loss, as my characters stay the same and I wanted to replay Trap Team anyway, but what if this happens with Imaginators, do I lose all my Imaginite sets?