SCL News – April 17, 2017

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A weird mix of new and old news today.

Wave 5 Figures

This week we got box shots of the two new Single Packs we're expecting in Wave 5.

This includes:

Blaster-Tron Box - Skylanders Imaginators Wave 5

Tidepool Box - Skylanders Imaginators Wave 5

We do not yet have an image for the Lost Imaginite Mines Level Pack (featuring Ro-Bow) which we are also expecting in Wave 5.

These images came from Amazon (Italy) who listed these packs with a release date of May 25th. While this release date may hold true for Italy, we still do not have an exact release date for other countries.

Thrillipede Release?

You read that right. It seems that we may actually be getting a small release of Thrillipede in stores here in the US.

I can't explain it, but a number of Best Buy locations have received one single Thrillipede figure this week.

There have been at least three separate sightings across the US (Texas, Virginia, and North Carolina). All were at Best Buy and each store only received one figure.

Like I said before, I can't explain it, but this certainly intrigues me. So if you find a Thrillipede at your Best Buy (even if you don't buy it) please:

I am very curious to see how much we get from this release.

  • Joshua G.

    I actually managed to spot Thrillipede at Target in Woodland Hills, CA last December.

  • Gremlin

    Dude – the reminder email that was sent out had nothing but broken links in it. Just might wanna look at that.

  • Jenn Long

    got mine last year used at gamestop at$10.79.. went there cause my tablet had problems and looked.

  • Miles Priester

    Found a Thrillipede today at my Best Buy in Carbondale, Illinois.

  • DeeBee

    Are Yawn traps getting released in Wave 6 this year then? 😉

    • JimyMahr

      Apparantly nothing is beyond the realm of possibility at this point. I was surprised by the amount of Buzz Wings that started showing up in TRU just prior to Imaginators wave 3. There weren’t even that many released during the actual release.

      • Froyop 12

        I found one at my bestbuy in Massachusetts

    • Froyop 12

      Ha lol

    • Jacky


  • Commander BB Shockwave

    Huh. Why, wasn’t Thrillipede released in the USA? I saw him aplenty here in Europe in a lot of the countries I traveled to, other than my own. I am more surprised by that Birthday Bash Pop Fizz, never saw that one before.
    I like the two new toys, odd that Blaster-Tron has more silver/metallic color than on the poster but it’s a welcome change.

  • Zym

    I’m leaning towards Matt’s yawn trap page. Activision just made too much of the early stock that the stores didn’t pick of more of the new stock. So maybe best buy picked up some superchargers stock and it just happened to come with Thrillipede. Thanks for the update Matt, I’m really waiting for Tidepool, she just looks awesome.

  • Ivano Venturi

    Hello ! What’s about Creation Crystals (CC) ?!? Nobody talks about them and, with Wave 5, all the Sensei will be released but there is not any information about the five CC molds still missing !?!

    P.S. for Matt: your article on “CREATION CRYSTAL CLARIFICATION”, posted on November 1st, 2016, needs some updates: it still refers to Wave 3 ! :-S

    • Zym

      Historically things like traps and CCs have been a mystery. My guess/hope is that the remaining 5 will be released with Tidepool and Blaster-Tron. They seem to be releasing CCs when they release single packs. Pain-Yatta and Grave Clobber got the remaining dark CCs so maybe the rest of the CCs will be released too. However, since there is no planned 2107 game, the remaining CCs may just trickle in.

      • Ivano Venturi

        The problem is that, with Wave 4 release, the new dark CCs were in the GameStop Italy preorders together with Pain-Yatta and Grave Clobber: actually GameStop Italy has not any CCs preorder with Blaster-Tron, Tidepool and Lost Imaginite Mines Level Pack !!! :-S
        I am really worried about the end of the last CCs molds (that are proportionally a lot, referred to zero figures) ! No remaining figures to release, no more CCs … 🙁

    • The article has been updated.

      Also, no one is talking about the remaining Creation Crystals simply because we do not have any information about them at this time. As soon as I have info, I will be talking about them. We haven’t forgotten.

      • Ivano Venturi

        Thank you very much Matt … even if it is still missing the third adventure pack (“Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack”) listing ! 😉

      • Zym

        Matt, can you add a link to this CC article on the Imaginators main page?

        • Good suggestion Zym! Link has been added just above the Creation Crystal pics on the main Imaginators page.

  • the dark one

    My brother went out and skimmed over the shelves at both our local Toys’R’Us and Target and found no thrillipede figures, We didn’t think we would complete our Superchargers collection but since we are only missing like 5 I think we should try to complete the collection.

  • sizzard1729

    I found Thrillipede at the Best Buy by the mall in Appleton, WI. It made me so happy. 🙂

  • Laura Jean

    Grabbed Thrillipede at Best Buy in Merrillville, Indiana. So excited!!

    • Zym

      And so not eggcited at the same time. (had to be said)

  • Billy Foreshee

    Found a Thriilipede at the Edwardsville, IL Best Buy. Wrong spot but they did only have one(a empolyee even confirmed they only received the one)

    • Laura Jean

      Mine only had one too. I was happy for me, but sad for everyone else.

  • AkkoChan

    stil waiting for them to reaveal relse date for wave 5

  • AkkoChan

    dont live in the states but manged find a very cheap thrillipede on my countrys most popular online shoping site for games and movies alredy had the easter version but finaly found the regular one

  • ToyZebra

    Nice to finally eventually someday get Tidepool.

    • J William Harrison

      Yes, very excited for tidepool

    • Stayforeverskylanders

      Tidepool looks cool.

  • Kevin Baranowski

    I had walked into a Best Buy in Phoenix AZ early this week and had to take a shaken head double take at the lone Thrillipede on the peg hook. I grabbed it and looked around for the hidden cameras. When I asked the Best Buy Blue shirt Millennial Robot if they had more in the back room, He looked at me like I had lobsters coming out of my ears. Stating nonsense as they often do, saying “This was the reason Skylanders are dead”. Moron. After the purchase I compared it to the one purchased from the UK Last year. Same packaging and same figure. so now he sits next to his nearly impossible to find brother the Trap Team Blackout Figure. Now I am wondering if Chompy Mage is the next Legendary Chase figure.

    • Enigma

      Was Blackout really that hard to find? I ordered him and Spotlight from Amazon for retail price, possibly even less, about 2-3 weeks once they were released. Come to think of it, I never saw them in-store, but still…how rare were they?

      • Froyop 12

        Yes but after that first month thy became invisible

    • Commander BB Shockwave

      Blackout isn’t any more rare than Spotlight, but for some reason, he is more sought after. And yeah, not making that mistake again, I am gonna buy EVERY last Wave Imaginator right away before they turn rare too. I bet Ro-Bow will be as rare as the Midnight Museum set in time…

      • Enigma

        Blackout is the superior dragon. Spotlight didn’t stand a chance.

        • Froyop 12

          I agree blackout is better

      • Zym

        Yup, listen to the words of Matt, buy ’em when you see ’em or you may never get a second chance. This is why I picked up Chompy Mage when Matt said it may be an Amazon exclusive as well as the magic claw for a little less than 20 from a person who broke apart an eight pack. The magic claw may come out as a single pack, but I wasn’t going to take the chance. I definitely owe Matt a thanks for giving us advance notice as well as how the crystals are being released.

      • Froyop 12

        I got the two of them for $30

  • Jackson Cohn

    I am sad because I don’t have chompy mage:(

    • Zym

      Just out of curiousity for the people who own any type of Chompy Mage, do you like the playability of this character? I was really hoping he’d be a sorcerer since he is a mage. Plus, he needed to be like Pop Fizz, ability to change into a giant Chompy like in Giants. He is good to add a level to the crystals though.

      • Froyop 12

        I like the way he is but I have to admit the bazooka seems out of place

      • Enigma

        Chompy Mage was a bit…disappointing. The figure looks great, but gameplay wise, his attacks are just too weak. The second attack is really out of place (acorns? Really? ACORNS?) and the third attack is difficult to control and use effectively.

      • Stayforeverskylanders

        The Chompy Mage for Trap Team was way better.

  • VideoGamer1212

    Does anyone know what the SKU for Thrillipede is?

  • ToyZebra

    I don’t think my two closest Best Buys even restock Skylanders.

    • Billy Foreshee

      I was lucky, every Best Buy and Walmart around me it seems never restock Skylanders since the game launched .Im taking a guess by saying it was because of Superchargers.

    • Froyop 12


  • sterry0

    off topic
    got a clear thunderbolt and the tiki temple pack. bring to 8 and 6 year old grandsons.but alas the day has come. NOT more skylanders we want mario cart deluxe,minecraft stuff.
    will finish out buying the imagintors,lightcore chill and any chasers found cheaply : collection was up to 487 pieces,110 away from complete?
    Spyro’s – 57 need 18 chasers – stat cards complete 49
    Giant’s -76 need lightcore chill and 16 chasers – stat cards 65 of the 66 need lightcore chill
    Trap Team -155 of course missing 3 YAWN TRAPS – stat cards complete 89
    Swap Force – 85 need 13 chasers – stat card complete 83 ? need the UFO hat card redemption if that counts
    Superchargers – 43 least favorite need 33 characters and the 7 chasers
    Imaginators – 71 need the 5 chasers Pit Boss,Hardboiled Flarewolf,magic claw and dark reactor of released figures

    • Zym

      I definitely stayed away from chase since they are just too rare and expensive. You and I both know that the kids are just a good excuse for us to enjoy the hunt for the collection.

    • MrMinderbinder

      Like Zym, I steer clear of Chase Variants. For that matter, I’ve stayed clear of all variants until Imaginators (bought the in-game sensei variants, as they continue to raise Imaginator levels). Basically, until Imaginators, I got whichever characters were on the posters – lone exception being the traps, which I avoided because I knew I’d never get them all.

      My collection is as follows:
      SSA – all 32 standard characters, 13 magic items (no vars)
      SG – all 40 standard characters, 8 Lightcore, 2 magic items (no vars)
      SSF – all 48 standard characters, 8 Lightcore, 8 magic items (no vars; don’t count the UFO as an item – no toy)
      STT – all 57 standard characters, 8 magic items, 11 traps (one from each element) (no vars)
      SSC – all 18 standard characters, all 18 standard vehicles, 4 magic items (no vars)
      SI – 27 of 31 standard characters, 26 of 31 standard crystals, 13 of 14 in-game variant characters, 7 magic items

      Grand total of 211 standard characters, 13 variants, 18 vehicles, 11 traps, 26 crystals, & 42 magic items, or 321 toys.
      Also includes cards, codes and stickers for all applicable. Only character missing a sticker is SSC Stealth Elf; to my knowledge, it’s the only character with no sticker from the first five games.

      And, by my estimation, there are 216 toys which I don’t have and have no intention of pursuing (including 73 in-game variants, 71 chase variants, 3 variant magic items, 49 standard and variant traps, 13 variant vehicles, 3 variant crystals, and 4 Nintendo exclusive toys)

      I’m getting 537 existing items, whereas you have a count of 597. Not sure where, but we obviously have some differences in math.

  • Sally Sideswipe

    Both these figures are available now in the U.K. In smyths toy store

  • mobile mayhem