SCL News – December 12, 2016

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I thought it was going to be a slow week, but I was wrong.

Wave 3 Is Spreading

All of Wave 3 can be found at TRU.

Additionally, Wave 3 Crystals have been seen at Walmart stores.

Now this week we'll add the Enchanted Elven Forest and the Wave 3 Sensei have been spotted at Target stores.

With the exception of TRU, the stock numbers have not been huge yet, but many people have been able to get their hands on the figures they've been looking for.

As a reminder, here are the new figures in Wave 3.

Wave 3 Sensei Figures

There are five new Sensei to watch out for in this Wave.

Painyatta Combo Pack

Still no sign of the Painyatta Combo pack in the US.

However it has released in most of Europe and Australia.

To make things even more exciting, a new Chase Variant of Painyatta has been found.

Rock Candy Painyatta - Chase Variant

I think we're going to call it Rock Candy Painyatta.

2016 Employee Edition

As we've seen in past years, it looks like the employees of Activision will be receiving their exclusive holiday-themed variant figure. This figure will not be sold in stores.

Meet Dec-Ember…

Master Dec-Ember

Only a handful of these have been spotted on eBay so far and they've all sold very quickly.

Import Opportunity

Later this week, I may have an opportunity for some of you to get your hands on Triple Pack #3, Triple Pack #4, and the Painyatta Combo Pack at a reasonable price.

It will definitely be above retail as they are being shipped from the UK, but not as ridiculous as some of the prices you're seeing on eBay and Amazon right now.

For those who may be wondering, this is the same seller that helped many of your get your hands on a Thrillipede figure earlier this year.

More details soon. Stay tuned…

  • Jane turley

    Not sure how you are managing to get them from the uk as they have not been released yet here.
    Hopefully soon

  • JimyMahr

    Your contact in the UK was fantastic Mr. SCL_Matt. In fact, I was so pleased with my Thrillipede purchase from him, I’d gladly order more stuff from him even with a bit of extra shipping.

  • Jacky

    Let me know as soon as you get the info, I want to buy Pain Yatta.

  • Dan Davis

    As I was Skylander hunting this weekend I spoke to the manager of GameStop, He has been holding items for me as they came in and has helped me out in locating some of the hard to get items. Anyway, he showed me that he does have “Bad JuJu” on hand but has been told that the release date is the 17th. I have looked at the other usual places and could find it so he is keeping one for me to pick up later this week

    • Jacky

      Is that the release date for Mystical Bad Juju?

  • redring14

    I’d love to get a painyatta combo. That character has been my son’s favorite in all of skylanders since he first showed up.

  • MadRabbi666

    Usually other countries get some items, like figure/Crystal combo packs or the multi-Crystal packs, before the US. I’m debating whether, or not, to order the Pain-Yatta pack or wait for the single figure.
    Wondering if anyone knows if regular Chompy Mage will be hitting the stores.

    • Erich

      We are quite confident that the only US release of standard chompy mage comes from the 5-pack on amazon. It even says in the description that it’s the only way to get him.

      Just order the pack and return the 4 you don’t need to Walmart for store credit.

  • BendingUnit99

    I have all of wave 3. Only three senseis and three villains to go for the rest. Minus all the crystals of course.