SCL News – December 19, 2016

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As we get closer to Christmas and the end of the year, the news slows down for a bit.

Mystical Bad Juju

The GameStop Exclusive Mystical Bad Juju is now available in the US. It was released during this past Skylanders Weekend.

We also learned that Mystical Tae Kwon Crow is in the GameStop system and currently has a release date of January 14th listed. We'll keep an eye on this as the date gets closer.

Wave 3 Still Spreading

This week I saw Wave 3 at Best Buy and Walmart.

We already saw it at TRU and Target.

Now we're just waiting on GameStop and Amazon.

In any case, most of you should be able to find the Wave 3 figures you're looking for now.

Final News Video of 2016

I will be heading out of town for a few weeks so I won't be able to record and upload my typical videos. So this will be the last official SCL News video update of 2016.

I plan on continuing in the new year, but I'm going to take a few weeks off.

If an big news happens between now and then though, I will still be here to report on it.

News always goes up first on Twitter.

Then if it's big enough I'll write an article about it for the site and follow up by posting about it on Facebook.

If you follow me on any or all of these mediums you'll be sure to hear about any news that pops up even if it's not in video format.

Merry Christmas!

  • Dan Moyer

    One of my local Gamestops did actually have 2 Elven Enchanted Forest Adventure Packs this past weekend. If you’re calling Gamestops, ask the Adventure Pack by the name “Treehouse Adventure Pack” that’s how it’s in their system.

  • Stayforeverskylanders

    Happy Holidays Matt.

  • Jacky

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Froyop 12

    Happy holidays!!

  • Patrick

    Does anyone know if the Orange Chain Reaction is really worth $100-$150? I found one and was just going to keep it but after noticing on Ebay what they were going for, I may have to reconsider. Is there a good way to tell what something like this is worth?

    • CHRiS

      I’ll take it off ya handz for a guud price if ya interested.. lol

    • Tage S. Rasmussen

      100-150 seems to a a reasonable average.

      You might get lucky to get 325 $ :), but some has also sold for less than 100 $

      • Patrick

        Wow $325! Prob wouldnt get that lucky.

    • Erich

      You could sell it to a die hard collector for the reasonable sum of $25. It’ll go to a good home!

    • JimyMahr

      Generally speaking, chase variants always seem to be listed at that price. There are a few special ones such as clear Wham Shell/Stealth Elf that brought more (this doesn’t count Toy Fairs, E3 or Employee variants, they fetch even higher). Since Chain Reaction is new, I’d price him a little higher for those not interested in trying to chase him in the long run.

      • Imani Richards

        Yeah. I found a clear Spyros Adventure Stealth Elf at TRU on clearance for $5. I sold it on ebay and the highest bidding price was $178.

    • Geode1010

      I’d sell it. I got a hold of a clear tuff luck and I sold it for a solid state drive (WORTH IT!)

  • VideoGamer1212

    Happy holidays, Matt!

  • Geode1010

    Merry Christmas to everyone reading this

    • Imani Richards

      Thanks!!! You too.

  • Imani Richards

    Is Mystical Bad Juju considered a wave 3 or 4 figure? How about Mystical Tae Kwon Crow? Is he apart of wave 3 or 4?

    • The variants don’t belong to any particular Wave. They ship independently.

      We won’t see anything from Wave 4 until 2017.

      • Imani Richards

        Thanks Matt!

  • Imani Richards

    @SCL_Matt I noticed in your video that you said your GameStop store had Skylanders Day Ads. When I went to my store they had none and when I tried to find the ad on the GameStop website, I couldn’t find it like I used to be able to in the past. So my question is, how did you find the Skylanders Day ad to be able to post it on your blog?