SCL News – December 5, 2016

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Another exciting week with a few more things to buy.

Full Release of Wave 3

It looks like the remainder of Wave 3 has finally arrived.

For the time being most of it is only available from Toys R Us, but it is available.

Wave 3 Sensei Figures

There are five new Sensei to watch out for in this Wave.

These are currently available at TRU and on the TRU website.

Enchanted Elven Forest Adventure Pack

The Wave 3 Adventure Pack was already available from TRU last week, but it seems the exclusivity will be wearing off soon.

The pack has been spotted at Target today.

A second source told me that it was register locked for December 9th. I would definitely keep that date in mind.

Other Releases

Additionally there are a few other packs and variants that we have been tracking.

Thumpin' Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack

This pack was first spotted at GameStop, but throughout the week it has been spotted regularly at most major retailers.

I don't expect you should have too much trouble finding this pack now.

Jingle Bell Chompy Mage

Jingle Bell Chompy Mage also appeared at GameStop first, but it has started spreading as well. It should be at most TRU locations now and I would expect it to keep spreading throughout the week.

Creation Crystal Triple Packs

The two new Triple Packs are still only available from Amazon. I don't know if these will ever make it to retail as the first two Triple Packs were extremely scarce I wouldn't risk it if you're interested.

In Triple Pack #3, you'll get:

The Fire Acorn is new in this Wave, but it is also available in a Single Pack.

In Triple Pack #4, you'll get:

This is the first Dark Creation Crystal available outside of the Dark Edition Starter Pack (here in the US). The Dark Pyramid was also available in the 8-Pack, but that has not made it to the US yet.

The Dark Pyramid is not in a Single Pack in this Wave. I have no idea if it will ever be in a Single Pack, but I'm not counting on it.

Painyatta Combo Pack

No sign of the Painyatta Combo pack in the US yet.

It is scheduled to release in most European countries this week.

It is also scheduled for Australia on December 8th as a Target (Australia) Exclusive.

Painyatta Combo - Target Australia Exclusive

The rest of Wave 3 should also be making its way to Australia for release on December 8th as well.

Wave 3 at Big W - Australia

  • Jacky

    Great news!!! Do you know why Australia, England and other countries get stuff before US?

    • JimyMahr

      Perhaps they are still getting good profits from AU and EU. We’ll never know though since Activision doesn’t share too much information. 🤔

      • Jacky


    • Erich

      I was thinking it was a way to get an approximate interest for the US. Perhaps when they sell X amount of units overseas it equals X in America.

  • Imani Richards

    Will Golden Queen and King Pin come out as single packs? If so, when?

    • JimyMahr

      I’m wagering not. When Cynder/Jet Vac were released for Giants, Cynder was as earlier as wave 3. With Hot Streak/Spitfire, we had rumors floating around from early, and remember Stealth Elf was still never released solo, even with a Portal Owner’s pack.

      Toss on the uncertainty of “no more Skylanders” rumors, I would not be holding my breath. That’s why I hit up Target on Black Friday for the Crash Pack for 40 bucks. Didn’t need the game or portal, but 10 bucks a pop for 4 figures? That’s a win.

    • Jacky

      I did the same as JimyMahr, I purchased the Crash Edition for $40 on Black Friday and I got 4 figures and a crystal for $40. I also think that through ebay you can get those figures for around $6. There is a lot of people with duplicates of those. Hope you can get them.

      • Imani Richards

        Thanks Jacky! Maybe next Black Friday, I can get a regular starter pack on Xbox 360.

    • I highly doubt it. They are available in every Starter Pack.

      • VideoGamer1212

        Every Starter Pack except the Portal Owner’s, that is.

      • Imani Richards

        Ok Thanks!

  • Imani Richards

    @SCL_Matt Also did you check out my Water Fanged Creation Crystal I found at TRU in California?

  • JimyMahr

    By the looks of the ads above the Comments, it looks like the scalpers have already wiped out the selection of regularly priced Dark crystal 3-packs….

    • Erich

      The pack jumped to $50 last night. I got sad because I hadn’t ordered mine. This morning it dropped again. Just keep an eye on it. They may get more.

    • Kelli Anderson

      I was so bummed, I had it in my cart, didn’t get it, saw that it was gone but would be in stock again the 7th, saw it come back in at $25 in stock from amazon, put it back in my cart, had to work, missed it again! I’ve been refreshing there all day since with no luck. 🙁

      • JimyMahr

        Amazon is a mess right now. Three sellers, all $50+. The one jerk face on there not only was hording them from day 1 of their release but is using a user name to make it look like it could be Amazon’s own listing. My hope is that after Xmas (and, if indeed Skylanders is ending) he is left with 100 packs of triple packs he can’t unload.

        • To be fair, the Triple Pack has been available since November 26th and I have been promoting it ever since that date.

          It didn’t sell out until this week. So it’s not something like the NES Classic that sold out in minutes and many people were forced to pay ridiculous prices if they wanted it right away.

          This pack was available at retail price for almost two weeks.

          • JimyMahr

            1. You are right, Mr. SCL_Matt about your part, and that irks me since I obviously missed it, since, since until this post, I had been scouring ALL stores for that triple pack. 😶

            2. The mercenary attitude of collecting doesn’t really deserve a fair shake. I went into TRU last Christmas and found 7 Spotlights and 7 Blackouts. I bought one of each. Left the rest for, what I was hoping would be parents or kids to get as gifts. Now that is just me, but having worked in TRU and seeing the madness of Tickle Me Elmo and Holiday Barbies, things CAN get a bit harried.

            Also, mind you, I only called out the one and that is because of the obvious duplicity of his user name making it seem like an actual Amazon filled listing. Since I am not a frequent Amazon shopper, it took me a bit of prowling to realize their devious intent. The other two with listings (actually even more expensive), power to them since there is no doubt they are either second hand sellers or just private companies.

          • Just remember this: If it’s above retail price (MSRP), then it’s definitely not being sold by Amazon.

            Amazon never marks anything up past MSRP.

          • Erich

            Wait. Who did you call out? I missed that.

            I’m seriously debating picking up the last few of certain items as they become scarce and finding a way to sell them at cost plus shipping. Maybe we can undercut the scalpers

          • JimyMahr

            Well, calling out isn’t quite the right term. Just plain name calling, but with a bit of warning for others. Ifyou go to Amazon, look up that three pack and see the sellers, you’ll immediatly know which one I’m talking about. If he can baffle me for a bit, then poor grandma who never touches the internet is doomed. It really is unscrupulous and Amazon shouldn’t allow people to do such things because it can confuse those of us not entirely familiar with Amazon’s way of selling.

        • Erich

          I see it. Jerk face. I like it. 👍

        • Kelli Anderson

          When you see something like that, definitely report it! I recently started working for Amazon and they’re pretty big on working to keep things clear for the customer. If anything is misleading, we need to be told about it so we can get that to the right team and get it fixed! ^_^ No jerk faces aloud! lol

          • JimyMahr

            Well, maybe someone did or he has sold out of product since his listings are no longer available for purchase. I’m more of a brick and mortar purchaser since I can examine paint jobs, but these things I have learned are good to know, just in case.

  • Froyop 12

    When is pain yatta comeing out the us

  • Kelli Anderson

    Hey, just a heads up if anyone still needs some of these, TRU website is doing a couple sales; 2 for $22 senseis as well as buy one get two free on a few different price points. One of which being 35.99 – the race packs from superchargers, but three of them are clearanced to 15.99 and still count. So I just got the land, sea, and sky packs for $16 and change altogether <3 (The only one actually priced at $35 is legendary sky)

    • Kelli Anderson

      LOL next time I should not comment until I have time to watch the video XD

  • Tage S. Rasmussen

    I have just purchased the Crystal 3-pack with the dark crystal at so it is not an Amazon exclusive.

  • Chris Justice

    Has anyone found Tech Armor? I’ve found all of the other released crystals but can’t spot that one anywhere. Thanks!

    • Edward LaRue

      I did at TRU.

    • Erich

      I found mine at TRU as well. But they sold fast. My small local store is already out.

    • Imaginators geek

      Got mine at Walmart. They have lots of wave 3 crystals there!

    • I’ve seen at both TRU and Walmart.

    • Chris Justice

      Thanks guys-I FINALLY found it at a Walmart. Dunno why it was so rare around here.

  • 0xFADE

    I’m hoping to hear verification of them ending Skylanders or not. I guess it had a good run and ended on a high note.

  • Erich

    Do we know if there are any exclusive crystals also paired up with a sensei? Since these aren’t coming to the states, I need to know if I’ll have to Ebay one.

    • Enigma

      I’m quite certain that there aren’t.

      We know the first two combo packs had crystals from Waves 1 and 2. Pain-Yatta combo has the Magic crystal from Wave 1. I don’t recall a new Tech crystal in the Dr. Krankcase combo, I think it was the Tech Reactor (not 100% sure where I saw this, I think it was on this site, but I’m not sure which article).

  • RedBr971

    Do you know like when Skylanders imaginators are going to be launched in other places? Such like Brazil?

    • I do not have any information there.

  • Imani Richards

    I just now discovered something new today. I went to go return a Mysticat Skylander that I had bought from Walmart because I had gotten it cheaper during last weeks sale at TRU. So as I always do, I check which figure has the best paint job then take the extra one back to the store. We’ll come to find out during the return process at Walmart the clerk says the item is not on file when I clearly had the receipt. And surprisingly the item number on the receipt did not match the barcode number on the Mysticat packaging. Come to find out Mysticat Skylander Imaginator figures have a different barcode number than the Mysticat figures at TRU. I don’t know if that’s true for all the Skylander Imaginator figures between TRU and Walmart but I know that it’s true for the Mysticat figure. Hope this helps some people out there.

    • Jeff

      That has been the trend for the Imaginators Sensei figures because they adopted a new method of packaging for TRU this year. Where most stores still get an assortment box where it has a mix of the figures from that wave, TRU gets one style of a figure per box (in other words they receive a box that is all Mysticat, another that is all Chain Reaction, etc.). Because there 2 different ways of packaging them, there are 2 different codes for the figures (one for TRU and one for all others). It makes it more complicated for returning stock to different stores if you find a better deal at one store over another (like in your situation), but it also makes TRU the best bet to find the harder to find figures.

      • Imani Richards

        Thanks Jeff! I didn’t know if anybody else knew about the different barcoding system.

    • Penni

      I was at TRU today and tried to get them to price match Target’s flyer they refused because the barcodes did not match when they ran them through the computer to make sure I wasn’t lying (even though I had the flyer in my hand).

      • Imani Richards

        Thanks for sharing Penni. Yeah, the price match guarantee thing is not really. TRU wont even price match GameStop. It seems stores are doing everything they can to make sure they don’t have to honor the pricematch guarantee.

  • Stayforeverskylanders

    I can’t wait for Pain-Yatta. He was my favorite villain in Trap Team and they made him more colorful for Imaginators. I have been checking Toys R Us every week and hopefully he appears soon.

    • Froyop 12

      I am so getting him when he comes to the states

  • Dee

    Amazon UK states release for Buck shot, Chain Reaction, Pit Boss and Bad Juju are 16th of Dec
    However: Those 4 are confirmed to be available from Amazon DE (bought by friends) and Intertoys in Netherlands (confirmed by myself)

  • the dark one

    I was so mad earlier this week, I managed to find myself mystical Bad Juju at a Gamestop not too far away from my house and I was so happy, only to find that the computer cannot sell it until next week. My most wanted Skylander denied. Luckily I have her reserved but it makes me agitated to have it in front of me only to be brutally snatched away as I proceed to purchase it.