SCL News – February 13, 2017

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This week's news all came from the Activision Q4 Earnings Call.

Skylanders Academy

The success of Skylanders Academy was reiterated once again.

Season one has been a success, season two is scheduled for later this year, and Netflix has officially ordered a third season for 2018.

This is good for the show, but does not indicate anything about the game. The show can continue on without the game.

Console Game

There will NOT be a new Skylanders console game in 2017.

They will continue to support Skylanders Imaginators in 2017, but I believe there is some room for interpretation in their statements.

I don't think this guarantees anything past Wave 4 and Wave 5.

Mobile Game

Finally, they announced that there is a mobile game in development. No details or dates have been given at this point.

  • Kevin Holladay

    Beating a dead horse but how about an actual Thrillipede release stateside with it unlocking a new adventure pack as an apology lol. A friend did inform me that Best Buy website has the figure as coming soon though not sure how long that’s been like that on there.

    • Zym

      Double price, but you can get Thrillipede from Amazon and free shipping if you have prime. I think I got mine from England a while ago since I didn’t want to end up in the yawn trap situation. At first you could get all three yawn traps for $60 from Australia and now they are $250+ each.

  • Froyop 12

    I’m sad that they are not making another game I have been a fan since Christmas 2011. This will make my wallet happy. Do you think I should sell my old figure to get money or save them and take a chance that their value will go down.

  • Timothy Malouff

    How about if they release the light and dark expansion packs for Trap Team again as those eBay prices are ridiculous.

    Also, how about issue store exclusive like the Volcanic Vault (didn’t know it would release like that)

    • Froyop 12

      I would love that

    • Courtney Maria Kauling

      My dream is for those packs <3 I regret not getting them immediately when I saw them at Target

      And I found a Vault at GameStop! That may be your best bet

    • Zym

      Keep checking used stores for the dark/light expansions. I saw the level pieces for about $10 each at our local used book store. I’ve never seen the Volcanic Vault for sale, I think I just got lucky and didn’t realize I got the Volcanic Vault Skylanders box. Doesn’t really do anything, just like the Target reserve card for Swap Force. How the heck can they re-release the Target card? I actually had to go back to Target and ask for my reserve card back since I found out after the fact. The item I would like to see fixed would be the Platinum Treasure chest since they forget to set the “special” flag making it only platinum on the outside.

  • Shockwave

    Isn’t this the same news you already posted last week?

    • Sammysam

      You might not have notice how the site works… but Matt always post a weekly update (that’s this one), but will also post new as they come up. So yeah, it might seems like the same news (it is), but this is the “weekly recap”.

  • Dan Davis

    I was thinking that since it was mentioned that new characters will be released for Imaginators, Wave 4 & 5 fit that category just as Matt said but also maybe they didn’t release heartbreak Buckshot this Valentine’s Day so they can release it next year. Just a thought.

  • Jacky

    Today Skylanders Imaginators send an update…from 99% completion, we went down to 88%. It includes 2 new areas (Tiki Temple and Lost Imaginite Mines) that I think will be available with the release of Wild Storm and Ro Bow. We got 33 new Imaginite Sets and we are seeing new parts now whenever we get a new chest. It is fun to have an update that makes you want to play and play…although we need to study 🙂 My son is in 3rd grade–lol

    I posted this just minutes before Matt posting the updated news. Sorry