SCL News – February 20, 2017

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Another solid week for Skylanders news.

Wave 4

Amazon (Italy) provided us with some box shots for Wave 4 this week. These include the Pain-Yatta Single Pack, Grave Clobber Single Pack, and a Dark Creation Crystal Single Pack.

Pain-Yatta - Wave 4 Skylanders Imaginators

Grave Clobber - Wave 4 Skylanders Imaginators

Dark Pyramid Creation Crystal - Wave 4 Skylanders Imaginators

In theory this is good news for those who missed out on (or purposely passed on) the Pain-Yatta Combo Pack in Wave 3. It remains to be seen what kind of quantity will ship.

Grave Clobber certainly looks like he should be a solid figure.

It is a bit disappointing that we're getting a Single Pack of the Dark Pyramid Creation Crystal. This crystal was already available through the 8-Pack and the Triple Pack. However, there is still a small chance that we could get a second Dark Creation Crystal in the Wave 4 assortment. I think it's unlikely, but possible.

Console Game Update

Skylanders Imaginators received an update this week. This update added the upcoming Adventure Pack levels to the game as well as the new Imaginator parts that you will be able to unlock. A number of pesky bugs were squashed in this update too.

If you were following my coverage of the update last week you may recall me hypothesizing about a potential third Adventure Pack being added to the game, but I no longer think that is the case. Check out this week's video for all the details.

Mobile Game

Ever since the conference call two weeks ago we knew that there was a Skylanders mobile game in the works.

It appears that we may have gotten a few more details on that game this week.

Assuming that this is the same game that they mentioned was “in development” it looks like we won't see anything until 2018.

  • BendingUnit99

    Skylanders RPG for mobile? I want this on console. I wonder if the NFC readers in phones will be used for the characters?

    • Geode1010

      Bluetooth NFC? Or the normal NFC. The Bluetooth is much more common anyways…

  • Zym

    So sad, fearing putting my SSA figures that I put on SI will have their Heroic Challenges wiped. This does explain why I noticed that the Change Upgrade Path was available for a larger set of figures. I guess they must use some of the same bytes. Grave Clobber looks like a nice and heavy figure. As far as being released, I’m guessing the Easter figures first and then wave 4 or are you thinking Easter figures will be part of wave 4? Still not really feeling Tae Kwon Crow Easter Variant, Krankcase would have been the best villain to be Easter-ed, but Grave Clobber would be a good second. For Grave Clobber, It’s nice to get the variant before the standard since it usually increases sales for that variant figure. Probably would have fun to make a Lantern with Egg Crystal painted up as an Easter basket as well. Maybe next Easter.

    • JimyMahr

      After Thrillipede, I never want to see the variant released before the regular figure ever again. What has really ruined variants is the thought originally of being “limited-harder-to-acquire” figures (See Granite Crusher, Jade Flashwing, Polar Whirlwind) to “let’s-make-a-ton-of-them-for-no-other-reason-than-we-can” and now they just rot on the shelves (Any Legendary Figure after Giants, Easter Thrillipede, Power Blues) and then turn it into “Well, they do have A Thrillipede/Chompy Mage figure, they don’t need to the regular one too.”

      Yes we do, Activision. Yes we do.

      • Stayforeverskylanders

        The variant Thrillpede and the regular Thrillpede were practically opposite in coloring and almost looked like two seperate figures. It is understandable why you would want both.

        • Zym

          We definitely want as many base and variants for SI since it adds one more level for the creations

      • Zym

        Unfortunately in our house, the variants get unboxed, loaded, and put in a variant container almost never to be seen again. We have a legendary box, dark box, holiday box, and other box now. We like to level up the main characters before any variants. Of course, Granite Crusher and Jade Flashwing go in the daily player boxes. While we like Polar Whirlwind, we just have too many Whirlwinds now. The character I never really cared for is Gill Grunt and they just kept making them.

        • JimyMahr

          Exactly. If I had room for a display, the variants would stay on their very own shelf simply to show how awesome they are. However, when I play Skylanders I want to see the correct colors on said characters. The closer to normal they looked the easier it was to want to use them, but, case in point, Power Blue Splat was a beautiful figure, but the Blue and white scheme just went against the entire artist theme they had going for her powers. It was just – off. Granite Crusher however could have easily passed as plain Crusher but much more awesome. Probably the variant I most wanted to use was Pumpkin Eye Brawl, but then they didn’t even make it an in game variant. 😡

          As for Gill Grunt, I don’t disagree but isn’t it odd for as long as they made him, he never got the legendary treatment but yet Jet Vac got like, what, 150 different legendary molds? 🤔🤔🤔😳🙄

          • the dark one

            I just put all of my figures on a shelf with five different levels, my special variants don’t have much rhyme or reason as long as it is parallel or with it’s other variants. For example on the shelf with the life element in the back is Bushwhack, Gnarly Tree-Rex, Tuff Luck, Tree-Rex and Legendary Bushwhack so it’s parallel. Then in magic I have a line of pop fizz figures which includes S1, punch, S2, S3, love potion, big bubble, and birthday bash big bubble.

          • Zym

            You missed Lightcore Pop Fizz.

          • the dark one

            One of the very few I don’t own, sadly.
            In Giants I am missing but Lightcore Pop Fizz and Lightcore Chill.

  • 0xFADE

    That could be good. I’ve played several com2us games and they generally don’t half ass things. They do micro transactions but usually not in an abusive way.

  • Zym

    Am I wrong? I thought the name was always displayed with the creation crystal. We have two user accounts and I created my Skylander on one account and now when I put it on the other user account the name is no longer displayed, just Fire Knight. Is this a feature of the new update?

    • Enigma

      No, this was always a feature.

    • Wishblade

      Did you exit all the way out of the creation screens before taking it off the portal? That’s how it saves.

  • ToyZebra

    Dark creation crystals finally! I was about ready to strangle Activision.

    • Zym

      Make sure you cross your fingers. All because we see it in one country doesn’t mean it will be the same in the states.