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The news this week is short and simple, but still exciting.

Release Day

Today (Monday, February 27th) was the official (early) release date for the new Wave 4 figures and Easter variants at Toys R Us. This includes:

All of these figures are currently available in store and online.

If you're having trouble locating these figure on the TRU website, feel free to click on the links above (that's why they're there).

What Missing?

Yes, there will be more figures shipped out alongside Wave 4, but these are the new figures that TRU is getting a few weeks before everyone else.

We have not yet seen any Wave 4 Creation Crystals. I expect they will start to show up when the full wave is released to all retailers in a couple of weeks.

Looking Ahead

In addition to the new figures and Crystals we are also expecting a new Adventure Pack in this wave. This is the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack.

This pack has been announced to be released on March 12th here in the US.

Since that date is only two weeks away at this point, I would imagine that this is when we'll start to see the Wave 4 Crystals and figures show up at all retailers (including TRU).

Keep an eye out for the Dark Pyramid Creation Crystal in a Single Pack. That will be your sign that we have a new wave out. As soon as I know which Crystals are coming in Wave 4 I'll be sure to let you know.

  • Froyop 12

    So excited I got both Easter variants but no grave clobber. Do you have a release for ro-row adventure pack yet

    • We don’t have an exact date yet. It looks like Late April/Early May is quite likely.

  • Keri Marie Hartmann

    I checked my local TRU today. Said they weren’t even on the list to received any new shipments. Sucks to be in small town area. Can’t take advantage of instore 10% off Thursdays. 🙄 GameStop so far has always had a few new in stock instore on release day especially when advertised in the weekly ad.

    • Zym

      Check TRU tomorrow too, maybe they had no clue what they were looking for. Also, only TRU has these early figures so keep checking here since Matt will definitely post when they are out everywhere. Amazon….not sure how they decide what items get the pre-order discount. I only remember the games and the multi-pack characters having the 20% off before the game was released.

    • Enigma

      As of yesterday, TRU online had free shipping with orders of $29 or more. I’m not sure if this is a usual offer, but I couldn’t get to a TRU store, and can’t for awhile, so I ordered Grave Clobber and Pain-Yatta. It was a nice little surprise to find out that I paid the same amount as if I actually stepped foot in a store. I hope this helps, and I hope you get the figures you want. They look like fun!

    • Erich

      Your store is wrong. Unless it’s a tiny store in a mall.

      I worked at one of the smallest standalone stores in the company and they got at 6-12 of each character.

      Your store isn’t expecting any because they are already there. Likely in the back somewhere. Find a barcode or item number and take it to an employee to look up. Or get on their website and find the webR#. That’s the item number an associate can use to see stock numbers.

    • Keri Marie Hartmann

      The guy did check on their computer for at least grave clobber’s stock number. He was the only one I was really aiming for, but since I went ahead and ordered online, I chose hard boiled flare wolf too to get the free shipping. The guy also checked other stores, and the closest with stock was more than an hour away and had only received six in stock. I plan to check again on Thursday, but regardless, I intend to hang onto my receipt. My kids aren’t expecting new figures just yet, so I can hold off for at least the amount of time given for returns in the event I can get them cheaper.

      • Jacky

        Erich is right, you need to get them the RWeb#
        Egg Bomber Air Strike RWeb# 051328
        Pain Yatta Single Pack RWeb# 730797
        Grave Clobber RWeb# 730789
        Hard Boiled Flare Wolf RWeb# 051297

      • Erich

        To add options, we would often call that store an hour away and have them FedEx us one for you. It’s common practice. They even have fedex IDs so that this is easy to do between stores. If you struggle to find one, ask your local TRU to have one sent over from another store.

  • Zym

    Check – Both Spring Variants and Grave Clobber added to the list. Even got to unbox with the TRU workers and no chase figures. I was really hoping for a Rock Candy Pain-Yatta. The Air Strike Egg Bomber had a lot of bad paint jobs. It looked like black marks on the face first three I looked at and a unfinished glove on the next. Make sure you ask the employees to check the back if you don’t see what you are looking for.

    • Froyop 12

      Thanks zym

    • JimyMahr

      Actually, my TRU’s ASEB’s all looked pretty good, minus one that looked like his helmet was peeling off. HB Flare Wolf on the other hand…. I got the only one that didn’t, literally, look like he had been dragged through the mud. They all had black smudges across the face and even mine, while clean in the face department still had extra gnarled plastic edges on the bazooka. I’m thinking I’m going to keep them in box and even exchange them during a B1G1 50% off deal, because, really, it’s inexcusable for Activision to do so shoddy.

      • Enigma

        Well, you know what they say about white clothing…I think that applies here too. Despite the recent upgrades in figure quality, the handling of the figures in the factory should be addressed as well. Just look at Bad Juju, not every figure is the same. Not just paint job, but position and head angles are off as well…

        • Zym

          I had to go check my Bad and Mystical Juju – both are clean and in the same position. With the flat Spring paints, it’s easy to smudge so look well. This is also why I only handle Cortex by his hair and not his head.

          • Enigma

            Yes, ne too. Unfortunately for us, Cortex has a brain that is a little TOO heavy, if you know what I mean. 😉

        • JimyMahr

          I remember Splat being the same way. Her staff was very rarely at the proper angle and her head seemed to be cockeyed often, even, I kid you not, one whose head was almost completely backwards. I almost got that one but the more I looked at it the less it was hilariously bad and it started becoming more hauntingly terrifying.

          I suppose I could have just kept that one NIB, after all murderous toys can’t escape their blister packs, right?

          • Enigma

            😂 Lol, “Skylanders x The Walking Dead” confirmed?

            I know what you mean. The end of the staff on my Splat is literally hanging on for its life. The slightest wrong touch or improper placement could easily separate it. Its one of those figures that I treat like a baby.

  • Tony Hendrix

    There is a very large surge of new listings of ebay right now for non-Jingle Bell Chompy Mage: is this part of wave 4?

    • Not to my knowledge. The rest of Wave 4 hasn’t actually been released yet. TRU just got the new figures early.

  • Commander BB Shockwave

    Easter variants in february? Kinda early for this. sadly, here in Hungary, nothing yet, last thing I saw was the Crash/Neo Cortex pack.

    • Zym

      It’s not early, today is Fat Tuesday and tomorrow is Lent so it’s right on time.

    • We’re only seeing them this early because TRU got an early release. The full release is probably in mid-March which makes more sense.

  • Josh Rosenkranz

    How come there are still no pictures to the Packaging for the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack?

    • It wasn’t something that was planned along with the rest of the packs so it wasn’t released early. It’s very possible that we won’t see anything until it shows up in stores.

  • dgl14

    Thx for the update

  • Zym

    Hey, besides Heartbreaker (which I hopes comes out Feb. 2018), this concludes hunting for the current variants.

    • It’s true. That is the end of the variants we know about.

  • bryan wildman

    Anyone know when we can expect wave 4 in Canada? Still waiting:(

    • Sammysam

      Bryan, usually we’re pretty much following the US with a couple of days behind. I don’t know if you’ve been to any TRU in person, because they might be on the shelves without being on the actual canadian website. TRU here in Canada is pretty bad in keeping their website updated – you never have a “true” picture on the website of what is available in stores.

      • bryan wildman

        Hey thanks. Yes. I have been every day since the 27th and still nothing(looking for my son). I guess I keep checking day to day. The employees there don’t seem to have any idea. Thanks again for your help.

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        “Bryan, usually we’re pretty much following the US with a couple of days behind. I don’t know if you’ve been to any TRU in person, because they might be on the shelves without being on the actual canadian website. TRU here in Canada is pretty bad in keeping their website updated – you never have a “true” picture on the website of what is available in stores.”


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        Bryan, usually we’re pretty much following the US with a couple of days behind. I don’t know if you’ve been to any TRU in person, because they might be on the shelves without being on the actual canadian website. TRU here in Canada is pretty bad in keeping their website updated – you never have a “true” picture on the website of what is available in stores.

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        • Sammysam

          Hey, I don’t know if you have to buy them at TRU… but they are up on website. They only have the easter variants in stock right now though (no Grave Clobber).
          They are also listed on as well, but no stock yet. This is what happened during the last waves as well. Best Buy was the last one to get them (I think 2 weeks, maybe 3 after I had seen the news here).

          • bryan wildman

            Just might have to wait until March 12th 🙁 but I will keep checking TRU everyday as its 2mins from my house. Thanks again

          • bryan wildman

            Just checked walmart site and grave clobber and pain yatta are gone. Both easter variants are still there. Strange? Best buy has them available to order online but when you go to check out it says they are not available. Still nothing a TRU and I’ve been there everyday. Waiting…..

  • Zym

    Comment time: How do people manage their crystals? Does anyone use the stickers? I print out a piece of paper with the character’s name and battle class and just use a small white rubberband to attach it. Seems to work pretty well.

    • JimyMahr

      I have them in the Wham Shell cardboard storage box. Used ones one side, unused the other. I don’t do stickers because a few of them will get wiped when I get sick of them. Characters too awesome to ever bite the bullet go on the shelf with the regular Skylanders, which I only have two of at the moment and one I now have in actual character form, so that’s sort of moot.

      • Zym

        We’ve kind of done the same. Two boxes, on for created characters and one for TBD.

  • bailts

    Not sure where is a good place to post this question. I am looking to find one more dark trap and two more light traps. Anybody know where to find these at a reasonable price? Gonna start over with Spyro Adventures and play through all the games again with my kids. Figured they would enjoy that considering the oldest was two when that game came out. Just was hoping to have a trap for each villain before we got to that game. Thanks for any help.

    • Stayforeverskylanders

      Light crystals are under $10.00 for the moment on Dark crystals are usually abundant at ToysRUs but Walmart, Target, or GameStop may have them as well.

    • Sammysam

      Dark and Light traps (I’m assuming you’re talking Trap Team traps and not imaginators crystals) are very hard to find at a reasonable price.
      I was looking for some recently and ended up buying a lot and reselling what I already had. Buying them indivudually – regardless of where you look – you’ll be paying upward of 30$ for each.
      If I didn’t find the lot on the local adds – the other place with the best price I’ve seen was a “local” video game store that still carried used skylanders… which is pretty rare these days 🙂