SCL News – March 27, 2017

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We're getting close.

While I know some of you took to importing the Cursed Tiki Temple pack last week, I have some good news for the rest of you.

Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack

This week Skylanders did something I'm not sure they've ever done before.

They provided us with an updated release date.

The Cursed Tiki Temple pack was originally slated to release in North America on March 12. As you all know, that date came and went and we had no Cursed Tiki Temple.

Earlier this week the official Skylanders Twitter account unwittingly taunted us with a trailer of this pack. Thankfully they came back just a day later with updated info for the North American release.

April 7th is that magical day.

This information was later corroborated by my TRU contact who let me know that it was in their system for an April 7th release as well.

Early Release?

Shortly after this news I started getting reports of the Cursed Tiki Temple showing up in GameStop's system.

Some folks reported April 5th while others were reporting dates as early as April 1st (I can confirm this is not an April Fools joke). So it seems that GameStop may be getting a bit of a jump on the other retailers this time.

GameStop should be getting the rest of Wave 4 at this time as well.

I will be tracking this throughout the week.

Be sure to follow @sclmatt on Twitter for all the latest information.


Finally, I know our fans down in Australia have also been awaiting the release of Wave 4.

I have good news for you as well.

Target (Australia) is advertising the new Wave 4 figures including the Cursed Tiki Temple for a March 30th release.

Target-Australia - Skylanders Imaginators Wave 4

A few other retailers are advertising Wave 4 as well. So happy hunting on March 30th.

  • Krister Nielsen

    Here in Sweden we never even got the Heartbreaker Buckshot figure and it doesn’t seem like we’re getting any of the Easter variants either. No Cursed Tiki Temple as of yet.

  • JimyMahr

    A release date that corresponds to my (wife’s) pay day?! Inconceivable!

    • Froyop 12


    • Zym

      He (Vizzini) was at the Utah comic con too, but we did not get his signature. Stan Lee was a no show (I don’t blame him since he is 94). Tara Strong, while signing things, when into character voices…Raven voice, Bubbles voice, Harley voice, but she didn’t say “Blinded by the Light!” when she signed the Flashwing card.

      • JimyMahr

        No Timmy Turner? She’s a Slacker.

        To be honest, Tara Strong is awesome, but if I got any Skylander swag signed, I’d shoot for Kevin Michael Richardson, cause Stump Smash is criminally underrated and Bulkhead in Transformers Prime was awesome. I don’t really do the Con circuits though, so it’s sort of a moot point.

        • Zym

          My only other option was Jess Harnell who did Spyro in 2004 (sorry Jess, but just not Skylanders). My kid is a huge Teen Titans fan so Tara Strong (Raven), Khary Payton (Cyborg), and Marv Wolfman (comic creator) were all there. The Flashwing was just for fun. I’m really surprised Marv doesn’t draw a huge line, he has really done a lot for the comic book world.

  • Froyop 12

    I feel a Skylanders day coming

  • Froyop 12
    • Erich

      That didn’t Link. It’s not on amazon right now…

      • Froyop 12

        Click the second link

        • Erich

          Yeah. That’s the one for scalpers and resellers. There’s still no official amazon page for manufacturer distribution. I wonder if they will use the same one…

          • Froyop 12

            I think they will

  • Jackson Cohn

    GameStop is Closing down 250 stores worldwide!! It’s the end of gamestop

    • Erich

      That’s ok. It happens. Walmart closes stores. Dominos close stores from time to time. GameStop even closed a bunch a few years back. They are trying to get out of malls all together. Lower sales. GameStop also acquired this year so I don’t think they are broke.

      • MrMinderbinder

        You mean, back when they were Software, Etc./Babbage’s, and they were more of a computer store than a console game store? I worked through college in a Software, Etc., and it was weird to watch that store evolve into a place that pretty much exclusively deals video games.

        • JimyMahr

          Electronics Boutique was by far the best of Gamestop’s conquests, but FuncoLand used to let you try games before buying (great as a kid, but now being older and knowing about resealing and pawning off as new, not as good), but Babbages supplied me with not only my SNES but also every Gold Box SSI D&D game ever made. 😍

          Those were the days.

        • Erich

          No. The mall exodus began about 5 years ago. As a company they have tried to remove as many of them as they can. I bet these next 250 are all malls and just slow sales stores.

      • JimyMahr

        There is a closed TRU a few crow flights from my house. Saddest thing ever. 😭. The great thing about that store was they had the old electronics security booth and paper tickets to pull for such. I mean, the TRU I had worked at ditch that almost 20 years ago. It was like a time machine.

        • Zym

          Did it have a big light up Geoffrey after the light up Toys R Us sign?

          • JimyMahr

            Actually it did. The hideous 1980’s Geoffrey. Which is another odd thing, since from everything I gather, since I didn’t live around here at the time, it was on an out parcel of a mall built in the late 90’s so one would assume it was built close to the same time. Like it was the last TRU built in that time frame and they just shipped all the leftover 80’s building materials for it. My TRU in the late 90’s still had the electronics booth, but at least we had purged the hideous long necked freak that was 80’s Geoffrey.

    • Zym

      News is only reporting 150 stores. I like GameStop, but they do still have too many stores. Just on my drive home from work, I pass 3 stores and that’s a 5 mile drive.

  • Zym

    Hey Matt, congrats on the Rock Candy find, still my favorite chase for this game.

    • Stayforeverskylanders

      Matt, you definitely deserve chase variants for all you do.

  • Cool i like the Rock Candy 🙂

    I live in the Netherlands (Europe) and ordered “Tike Temple” @ Amazon (Germany) on 19 March, and he is on his way …

  • Jackson Cohn

    Kay thanks kaos zim sir

  • Jackson Cohn

    I mean zym

  • MrMinderbinder

    Reading a lot about places receiving the “complete Wave 4”. Do we know yet what the crystal situation will be? Are stores going to get re-stocked on existing crystals? Are any other currently unreleased crystals coming out? Or does Wave 4 pretty much only include an influx of two Dark crystals?

    I mean, I do appreciate the fact that I nabbed the two Dark crystals, and the collection is now that much closer to finished. However, I’m still six crystals short of done, and I’d like to see at least a couple more in this wave. Just thinking back to the Yawn Trap nonsense, and I’m getting a little nervous.

    • Tiger XTRA

      Yeah, it appears that it’s just the Dark Creation Crystals as far as I’m aware

  • Zym

    So Matt, are you making imaginators with all the new parts now? In our house, we seem to be using the imaginators so much more than the sensei skylanders. The only time a sensei seems to make an appearance is to open a shrine.

  • mindee

    Called my TRU here in San Antonio, TX. They said that South Austin and Corpus Christi have it, but couldn’t tell me anything about a release/sale/street date.

    He said the Rweb number is 279141, at least.

    Also called my local Gamestop and was told the release date was yesterday, 3/30/17, but nobody in the district (up to an hour away) had it in stock.

    Also also called my local Target with no luck. Working on getting the DPCI from the system. Will update if I’m lucky enough to find it.

    • Jacky

      Thanks for the Rweb number for TRU

  • Tiger XTRA

    The Cursed Tiki Temple has just arrived in Australia! I checked in at Big W. (Also available at target & EB GAMES). It appears that April 1st is the release for Australia.

    Summary of items we finally got:
    – The Cursed Tiki Temple
    – Grave Clobber
    – Painyatta
    – Mystical Tae Kwon Crow
    – Dr Krankcase (Combo)
    – And a lot of Flare Wolf(s) (Litterally, an entire row with around 20 of them….)

    Sadly no Dark Creation Crystal
    No, it’s not an April Fools joke, You can even see it on their websites so, Yeah! Pretty Cool Stuff.