SCL News – May 1, 2017

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The news is back!


Thrillipede has indeed made it to the US.

However, quantities are extremely limited and there are two caveats:

Like I said before, I can't explain it, but this certainly intrigues me. So if you find a Thrillipede at your Best Buy (even if you don't buy it) please:

I am very curious to see how much we get from this release.

Wave 5 Figures

Two weeks ago we got box shots of the two new Single Packs we're expecting in Wave 5.

This includes:

This week these two figures were released in the UK and Spain. Those are the only two countries I have positive reports from.

However, we do have some good news for those of you in the US.

Skylanders Imaginators Wave 5 - Target Early Release

The Target ad for next week (the week of May 7th) has both Blaster-Tron and Tidepool pictured. They're not only pictured, but it states:

Get early access to new Skylanders Sensei this week only at [Target].

So keep your eyes open at Target!

This doesn't sound like the figures will be exclusive to Target, it just sounds like they are getting an early release (like we usually see at TRU).

Lost Imaginite Mines and Creation Crystals

I do not have any additional information about the Lost Imaginite Mines Level Pack (featuring Ro-Bow) or the remaining Creation Crystals at this time.

They are obviously shipping separately and as soon as I have more information I will be sure to let you know what I know.

  • JimyMahr

    Yay! Tidepool 😍. Let them take their time and release RoBow during the summer lull and give people time to complete assembling all the new pieces from the latest patch. Couple it with a few new crystals and I’ll be … content. I’ll be satisfied if they then release Chompy Mage as a new level pack in September and I’ll be satisfied.

    As for Thrillipede, no sign in central Florida, but honestly, I only looked the first time Mr. SCL_Matt mentioned it since I already have him and was just hoping to pick him up for my friend’s kid. Still, last I looked in Amazon UK (a couple of weeks ago as well) they still had him in stock quite cheap even with shipping.

    • Stayforeverskylanders

      Secret Target passcode: Open Sesame

      • Imani Richards

        Is that for real or just joking?

        • Stayforeverskylanders

          It is a phrase from the story “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” to open a cave. Sorry, Imani, I should have put an lol or a just kidding after it.

          • Imani Richards

            Oh ok. Lol!!!

  • Froyop 12

    I think this has been a really good game with lots of fun content and I just want to thank Matt for all the hard work he puts in to doing this for us. I have a TWELVE year old son who likes this game and he goes on your website all the time. Seeing as I am a fan of the game myself I just want to say thank you for all you’ve done.

  • Jason

    Just found 4 Blaster-trons and 4 Tidepools in Winchester, VA on the evening of 05/01/17. NOT REGISTERED LOCKED! Happy Hunting everyone – the game is afoot! * Note there are actually only 3 of each left on the shelves ;). ** I did not see any new molds of creation crystals either. Photographic evidence attached.

    • SWEET! Thanks for sharing!

      • Froyop 12


    • What’s the DPCI number for these two on your receipt?

      • Jason

        I assume it is the number just to left of the item on the receipt? If so then they both rang up as 207030233. Been a long time viewer of your site by the way. Never posted before but I have appreciated all the insights. Let me know if I can help further.

        • Yes. That’s what I was looking for and that’s what I was afraid of…

          Unfortunately, this means that Target now lists all their Single Pack Sensei figures under one item number which means that we can’t search for them individually.

          Thank you for sharing once again. I’m glad to hear you like the site.

    • Doug

      Jason, thanks so much for posting. I couldn’t believe there was another person from Winchester here. I got mine today thanks to your comment.

      • Jason

        You’re welcome! What a small world huh? I also noticed a person in Martinsburg, WV snatched up the Best Buy Thrillipede there as well. Apparently there are several of us around here – like some sort of an Underground Skylanders Resistance Movement. Glad you were able to pick up your set of figures!

  • Ivano Venturi

    Hello ! Blaster-Tron and Tidepool are scheduled in Italy at GameStop for the nineteen of may; Lost Imaginite Mines Level Pack for the first of june.
    Again and again, I am really worried about the remaining Creation Crystals: no more figures, no more releases ?!? At this point, we will never see them !?!

    • JimyMahr

      Remember, with no new game coming out, there is still hope for an extended release schedule. If Skylanders is just on hiatus and not fully dead, they will want people to keep playing Imaginators and the best way of doing that would be adding more content patches and releasing more creation crystals.

  • AkkoChan

    In my country (sweden ) the website ginza have tidepool and blastertron on release for tomorow may 3rd so I jumped on and orderd them now I only missing the adevnture pack with ro bow then im set

  • Charles Fasano
  • Tyler Vanek

    So I looked online on the Target website and it didn’t show Blaster-tron or Tidepool. Does that mean employees are just putting them out in random stores? Or have they not updated the website in a while?

  • MrMinderbinder

    My local Targets have acknowledged that they have them in-store, but say they cannot put them out or sell them until official release. Curses!

  • Tony Driskill

    I also purchased blastertron and tidepool today at target.

  • Imani Richards

    Check it out y’all! I’m in Target right now and found these two babies on the shelf in California.

  • ToyZebra

    I just found and bought both of them at a Target. It really was a surprise to see them and my biggest fear was they would be salelocked, but they scanned with no problems at all.

  • Stayforeverskylanders

    I went to Target and they did not have Robo-Tron. This might be a long hunt. Since I was not sure when Robo would come out and if it would I got a figure of each element and each battle class. This way Robo would be like a bonus and I will not be upset whether I get him or not which finishes my hunting on a good note.

    • Imani Richards

      I think you mean Blaster-Tron. Ro-bow is a different character.

      • Zym

        Not Ro-Bow either, but Robo-Tron, maybe this is a Swap Force version of Imaginators. Anyways Stayforeverskylanders, if you haven’t found them yet, today is the official release date so start hunting. Don’t forget to take the DPCI Matt mentioned so you can ask the workers just in case.

        • Imani Richards

          Are you saying that you found out about a new character called Robo-Tron and its being released with Blaster-Tron and Tide Pool? I’m confused 😕.

  • MrMinderbinder

    Ahh! Checked all the Target stores in Salt Lake County… nothing (I had some free time). This evening, I just so happened to be visiting my brother down in Utah County – his local Target had Blastertron and Tidepool on the shelf! Seems that various Target stores are choosing to either stick to or ignore the stated street date at their own discretion.

    So, to anybody in northern Utah dying to get them today… they have three more of each at the Orem Target (just west of State Street on Center Street).

  • Cleveland Diaz

    I just picked up these two at my target today 5/4 may the fourth be with you!

    • Chew37

      We picked up both Blaster-torn and Tidepool today at our Target in Georgia. Yeah!

  • Cleveland Diaz
    • Zym

      And peanut M&M’s and Arby’s, two favorites in this household as well.

  • enigma

    Found Blaster-Tron and Tidepool at Target in Wisconsin yesterday

  • 0xFADE

    There was one at my local Best Buy. Normal retail price. Target also had several of those two new ones ahead of release but I’ll wait for them to be on sale.

  • 0xFADE
    • Imani Richards

      What city and state was this Thrillipede?

      • 0xFADE

        Irving Tx

        • Imani Richards

          Ok, Thanks. Did you happen to buy it?

          • 0xFADE

            Oh yeah I bought it

          • Imani Richards


  • JimyMahr

    Found BT/TP in Tampa area Target. Funny that most of us seemed to have gotten early access to “early access to new Skylanders”. Now to wait for Ro Bow and hope on some crazy Chompy Mage release.

  • bailts

    Blaster-Tron and Mastet Tidepool found at Targey in Rapid City, SD.

  • enigma

    Found Blaster-Tron and Tidepool at Target yesterday in Wisconsin

    • Jim

      I live in WI but due to work cannot go to Target until Sunday. Which one did you find them at?

      • Nazo

        new berlin

  • Laura Jean

    Got mine at Target in Merrillville IN, they had one of each left after I picked mine up.

  • LittleAlienmom

    Bought Tidepool & Blaster-tron at Target in Lexington,SC on 5-5-17

  • LittleAlienmom

    Just bought Blaster-Tron & Tidepool at Target in Lexington SC on 5-5-17.

  • Zym

    Bwahahaha! They are MINE! All MINE! The hunt is now down to Ro-Bow and 5 crystals.

    • Froyop 12

      lol I got them yesterday

  • Enigma

    Found both Blaster-Tron and Tidepool yesterday (haven’t had a chance to play them because I’ve been playing too much Zelda – the critics are right, BotW is a great game) but boy, do they both look amazing! Tidepool brings me back to the olden days – she reminds me of the first two games’ figures. Nowadays, most figures are big and bulky, but not Tidepool! As for Blaster-Tron, his shine makes him feel fresh, and just having the ability to look at him is well worth the $15. There are virtually no errors on either of my figures. Aesthetically speaking, they were well worth the wait!

    P.S. Did anyone else notice that Wildstorm’s mane smells…sweet?

    • Froyop 12

      No I don’t smell anything

      • Enigma

        The plot thickens…

  • Froyop 12
  • Zym

    Target is also selling the CTT for 22.50 right now so if you haven’t gotten it yet, now’s a good time.

  • Tony Hendrix

    Spokane northside Target had none; southside Target had none; Spokane Valley Target had 1 Blastertron (I bought it); Coeur d’Alene Target had 2 each Blastertron and Tidepool (I bought 1 Tidepool).