Skylanders 4 Will Be Revealed Soon…

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Ever since being disappointed at Toy Fair 2014, I'm sure you've been wondering when we will learn about the next game (Skylanders 4). Well, that time is coming.

Many of the larger media outlets revealed that they have received an invitation to a Skylanders announcement event in New York City. This event will take place on Wednesday, April 23rd.

You can view the Teaser Trailer from Kaos that was included with the invitation below:

The timing of this announcement does not really come as a surprise. Just last week we learned that Disney is hosting a similar announcement party (with the CCO of Marvel) on April 30th to unveil Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition.

We don't have any more details at this time, but you can be sure to hear more on April 23rd.

Stay tuned…

  • BigOcean


  • Michael Vuola

    Kaos said FINAL! does this mean this will be the last game!?

    • torchie4269

      He’s used the final threat before lol.

      • Michael Vuola

        I guess we will find out

  • Izzy dedyet

    I bought one not knowing what it was i just thought it looked odd and this was the first store toys r us i went to that day. I didn’t realize it was so rare because I found it at the back of the shelves. I found it in south Florida. When picked up my flocked/fuzzy springtime trigger I also bought a legendary free ranger and when I took out the code and sticker next tot he code instead of showing the air type symbol it showed a leaf type symbol. Bizzare right? any thoughts?