Skylanders Creator App Updated – Version 1.2

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We've been waiting. The time has come.

The Skylanders Creator App has finally received an update.

Skylanders Creator App Update - Version 1.2

This means that all the new parts, that were added to the console game a few weeks ago, are now available in the app.

This update should be available for both iOS and Android versions.

Now this still won't allow you to use these new parts in the console game, but you can start to decide what new characters you want to create and what parts you need to hunt down.

I plan on unlocking these new parts very soon and hopefully I'll have more to share with you shortly.

  • Keri Marie Hartmann

    The updates they made are awesome. Everything looks better! Shinier. More detailed. Little slow bringing up Imaginators to create and ones already created, but perhaps just my iPad.

  • JimyMahr

    One thing I disliked about the creator app, since there is nothing really to do but create characters with pieces unlocked through timers, was the fact that once you unlocked all the Senseis, they didn’t replace the Sensei imaginite with a regular one.

    Other than that, what a great tool! Time for an update!

  • Zym

    No app for me, not supported on iPhone4. I thought I was doing pretty good, I just upgraded from an iPhone2 about 1.5 years ago.

    • JimyMahr

      I think you’re looking at this wrong: It’s not “no app for me” but “new tablet for me”!

      • Zym

        Hmmm….should I got get a new tablet or the nintendo switch? May have to go pick up the switch today.

        • JimyMahr

          All set to pick up the Switch, then: Since Wednesday: Washed phone -$100, emergency vet bill -$800, siezed alternator -$350.

          Sooooooo no Switch for me this month.

          To be honest, there seems to be quite the kerfuffle over problems with it, but I’m a Ninentendo apologist, so I’d go Switch over a tablet. Polygon reports TRU is supposed to be restocked Sunday.

          • Camille M.

            Yes to the problems. I got mine yesterday and for the most part it works well. I have not had the left joy con issue…yet. But, mine cannot see either my router or extender but yet every other device in the house can see and connect just fine. Did the troubleshooting (reset router, turned off switch, manual connect etc.) and it still cannot see them. Lots of other people are posting about it now but it is not as popular as the joy con thing. Day 1 update did not fix it either. (I finally connected using my Wii LAN adapter with the dock but no internet in portable mode.) Other than that the thing works great and is a lot of fun to play. So, get one when you can but hopefully there will be a solution to these problems. Maybe in an update soon.

  • Zym

    Just in case Activision reads these….for future parts, bottoms with wheels would be much appreciated. Plus not limiting tails and tassets to swashbucklers would be great too.

    • JimyMahr

      This. ☝