Skylanders Imaginators Patch Update 1.1.0

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Skylanders Imaginators was patched today. On the PS4 the download was labeled Version 1.02, but this could vary on other consoles. Whatever the number it should update the game to version 1.1.0

Expansion Packs

The update notes state: “Expansion pack content added.”

So naturally that was the first thing I went to look for.

To the left of the area where you can access the previous Adventure Pack levels, there is a new bridge.

This bridge takes you to a new island that houses the entrance to the Cursed Tiki Temple. This is the level that they announced to release shortly after the Nintendo Switch in March.

Additionally though there was a second level entrance on this island. This is the entrance to the Lost Imaginite Mines. I think it's safe to assume that this is the level that Ro-Bow will unlock in Wave 5.

So we now have confirmation that two new Adventure Packs are coming.

UPDATE: It appears that we may have some proof of a third unreleased Adventure Pack. Check out the second video for details.

Imaginator Parts

The other big addition to the game that was announced with the Cursed Tiki Temple is that we would be getting additional parts for your Imaginators.

Well it seems that those parts have been added to the game with this update as well.

Bouncing around between the two new level entrances you may notice an Imaginite Chest. In this chest you will find the Shield Maiden Set. This is the same for everyone.

Shield Maiden Set - Skylanders Imaginators

If you visit the Imaginite Set menu, you may notice some new entries. These include:

That makes for a total of 33 new sets to collect.

Some of these parts you can actually unlock right now just by playing the game and collecting more Imaginite Chests. However, the vast majority of them seem to be locked to the upcoming level packs.

So you will have to wait to unlock some of these parts, but it is nice to see that they are all ready to go.

Bug Fixes

Many have been reporting that the Heroic Challenge bug has been fixed.

The Light Fanged Creation Crystal is also registering properly in the Collection menu.

  • Green Armadillo

    Gotta love in-game confirmation on an unannounced level pack. 🙂

    • I do. 🙂

    • Jacob Lawrence

      Like I said a few comments up: I reckon it’s part of the overworld model for the Cursed Tiki Temple

  • Josh

    I’m not convinced that there are three new adventure packs. The Cursed Tiki Temple looks like one large building that covers the island and hangs over it.

    • I can see where you’re coming from. It’s definitely possible. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

      • Josh

        There’s still a large gap between the two levels, maybe they’ll add something else in eventually, 🙂

      • Fred Schultz

        The first goal under the CTT is “ride the airship to the CTT”. Maybe that island is the temple location, you just have to get to it as a first step in the adventure.

    • Froyop 12

      I agree I don’t think there is a third

    • Froyop 12

      Maybe they will add a gate to that island

    • Zym

      I am on Josh’s side on this one, just two levels for now. If you angle it correctly and walk to the right side of your TV to try to add false hope to seeing further, it seems like it’s all connected. The good news is that the evil speed runs are 12 and 11 minutes which means they will be on the bigger side for levels.

      • Enigma

        That doesn’t necessarily mean bigger…it could also mean…puzzle-y and gimmicky.

  • Stayforeverskylanders

    Just played with Pain-Yatta and he may be my new favorite. The best part is his lollipop changes colors and shape.

    • Imaginators geek

      I can see! Profile pic 🙂

  • JimyMahr

    How to Train Your Dragon called: They never gave rights to use Astrid in this game series.

    • Zym

      I think they are safe, her braid is on the other side so this is Mirror Astrid.

    • Mafia_del_Poder

      this is manly astrid!!
      so no problem.

    • Imaginators geek

      I have to admit How To Train Your Dragon was the only thing I thought of when I saw the “Sheld Maiden Set”, so I’m not surprised, but I don’t want to see it go it’s a really cool set.

      • JimyMahr

        Yeah, it does look good and I doubt it is going anywhere. I haven’t played 1.1 yet, but by the names alone, I’m assuming the rest of the sets look just as fantastic.

  • Zym

    So much game play to still do, we only have about 50% of the current parts and we have only used about 5 of the released senseis (I have been given Crash, Cortex, and the three darks). Plus, I still want to print my Skylander and now there are all these new parts….. Easter break is on it’s way so hopefully we will get some game time. Finally, I’m still hoping for the Magic Claw Creation Crystal single pack since I don’t want to buy the 8 pack.

    • JimyMahr

      Sounds like you are pacing yourself about right for no new game next year. I’ve finally taken a small break from Imaginators, cause I maxed out about 10 characters in 10 days and have made about 15 characters (not played, just made for fun). This update is just amazing on keeping interest in the game and if they do this even twice a year until the next game, I’ll be happy when they release Imaginators 2 in 2018 😛

  • Commander BB Shockwave

    Wow, so many new part sets! And I guess this explains how they will add the new adventure packs to the game, only unlockeable by certain characters. Given that Tidepool and Grave Clobber are not out yet either, maybe they are tied to packs too.

    • VideoGamer1212

      I’m almost certain that Tidepool is not. We already saw a listing of her single pack on the same foreign website that showed the Ro-Bow adventure pack (Lost Imaginite Mines).

      • Commander BB Shockwave

        Odd then… whom could the third pack come with? Regular release Chompy Mage maybe? So far his single pack is impossible to find for some reason unless you want to pay ridiculous prices for it.

    • Enigma

      Grave Clobber was announced as a single pack by Activision last month. He is set to release along with the Wild Storm adventure pack in 3 weeks.

  • alterku

    I was surprised. Booted up the game last night to grind out a few more of the few parts I was missing, to find an update, and suddenly new parts! Very happy about this.

  • Jacob Lawrence

    The third thing at the back is just part of the Cursed Tiki Temple I reckon

  • Zym

    Quick question for anyone out there. So besides my one creation crystal, I use Cortex and Crash, who crossed over with Spyro back in the Gameboy days. My issue with Crash is I have no clue how to get him additional lives. I’ve seen it go up, but no clue what triggers it.

    • Princess Nightmoon

      It’s one of his powers. Specifically, Crate Going and Body Slam. Normally, you get explosive crates, but sometimes you get “Crash crates”, which give you an extra life when you break them. It’s mentioned in the power description.

      • Zym

        Huh, I’m supposed to read those? I just buy the move and move on. Thanks for the input. I’ve decided Crash is definitely Whirlwind disadvantaged. Trigger Happy was two full lives, but Crash seems to be one life in multiple parts. Still liking Crash and Cortex.

  • JadeWind

    Did the creator app get updated with new parts?

    • Not yet, but I expect it will eventually.

  • Jdenton

    I don’t have my console connected to a network. So will that mean no updates for my console and that I can’t play the new adventure packs?

    • Enigma

      Unfortunately, yes. You need to have your console connected to the internet in order to update the game.

  • Imaginators geek

    Ok I gotta ask, it Heartbreaker Buckshot happing or not. It’s after Valentines Day and I doubt that they will release a Valentines Day varient in the middle of the year. Unless they release it in 2018 because there is no new game for 2017. But it’s too bad to see them Cancel a character especially since I liked him. But since it’s still not out yet I don’t think he’s happening.

    • Stayforeverskylanders

      He does look cool. The photo is funny because it implies we cannot hunt him but he will hunt us.

    • We don’t have any info on this figure at this point.

    • Imani Richards

      That’s why they call him Heartbreaker Buckshot, because it broke everyone’s heart that he might not be released. Lol!!!

  • Imani Richards

    @SCL_Matt Did you collect all your imaginite sets so far from regular game play only, or did some sets get transferred from the app too?

    • I collected them all from gameplay.

      You can’t transfer parts FROM the app TO the game. You can only transfer FROM the game TO the app.

      • Imani Richards

        Ok, Thank you @SCL_Matt.

  • Imaginators geek

    I just love the idea of new parts! I think it’s the best idea Activision has had since they released Imaginatiors. I was in awe when I was scrolling through the parts list the new parts are just so awesome! #Way better than original! A little disappointing that they aren’t in the Creator App yet but they are just so awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Commander BB Shockwave

    Quick question – how do I get the update to download? I am connected to the web on my XBOX 360, and got Wild Storm, but there is no bridge and no new levels. Do I need to pay for XBOX Live to get an update???

  • Kiyochii Hosokoawa

    Just as a quick Reminder, the update where its mentioned that a third Adventure pack might be coming, reguarding info on the extra island in the back, is actually part of the Cursed Tiki Temple level.