Skylanders SWAP Force Wave 1 – Confirmed

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15 (as well as a few other retailers) have posted listings for SWAP Force Single and Triple Packs. We now know what to expect in stores on Day 1. This list does not take into account any store exclusives that will be available. This is a list of what you should be able to find at all stores during Wave 1.

SWAP Force Members
Free RangerRoller Brawl Final Packaging
Hoot Loop
Magna Charge
Rattle Shake

New Characters
Roller Brawl
Slobber Tooth
Zoo Lou

Returning Characters
Blizzard Chill (S2)
Lava Barf Eruptor (S3)
Mega Ram Spyro (S3)
Super Gulp Pop Fizz (S2)

LightCore Characters
Grim Creeper
Star Strike

Triple Packs
Triple Pack #1 – Lava Barf Eruptor, Slobber Tooth, Super Gulp Pop Fizz
Triple Pack #2 – Mega Ram Spyro, Blizzard Chill, Zoo Lou

Adventure Packs
Tower of Time – Pop Thorn, Battle Hammer, Sky Diamond

Battle Packs
Fiery Forge – Bumble Blast, Knockout Terrafin

I know this is list is significantly shorter than some people were predicting/hoping for, but I think it is plenty to keep us busy. Remember you can use all the characters you already own in SWAP Force as well. I would also guess that Wave 2 is not for behind.

These packs are not currently available for pre-order, but I will be sure to let you know if/when they are.

  • torchie4269

    My release day purchases will be:
    Blast Zone, Ninja Stealth Elf, Wash Buckler (Wii Starter Pack)
    Nitro Magna Charge, Rattle Shake (Target Exclusive Double Pack)
    Lightcore Hex (Pre-order Bonus)
    Roller Brawl (Toys R Us Pre-order Bonus)

    After that, I’m going to hold off and see what other double/triple packs come out in Wave 2.

    If you count what’s in the alternate starter packs and the one known exclusive, there will be two dozen different figures available on day one. That’s really pretty good, even though most of the others I want won’t be out yet. Still keeping my fingers crossed for a great Lightcore Triple Pack.

    • Mark Gardner

      Mine will be:
      Dark Force for PS3
      Lightcore Hex (preorder)
      Triple Pack #1
      Nitro Magna Charge & Rattle Shake
      Free Ranger
      Hoot Loop

      I want chill and warnado, but am unsure what I’ll be able to get. I’m limited to about $175.

      • torchie4269

        I’m going to mostly avoid reposes for now, so no triple packs just yet. I’m also probably going to end up getting maybe ten of the swap force characters altogether.

        • Mark Gardner

          I’m only getting 8 Swap Force characters. I should only be two short from having all movements and elements that way. I also want worn ado just because I dont have one.

          • torchie4269

            Yeah, even with my planned set, I still won’t have all the elements. But getting the movement types covered is more important.

  • Christopher Dillard

    Will the adventure and battle packs be available on release day too? I’ve seen them up for preorders.

    • Yes, the Tower of Time Adventure Pack and the Fiery Forge Battle Pack will be available on Day 1.

      I will add them to the list.

    • Josh Youngblut

      You can actually pre-order these at Gamestop. I have them on order incase I can not find everything at my local walmart like I did with Giants. Just a word of advice if you are looking for stuff from Target, make sure you get these on launch day. They usually don’t make a lot of these.

      • You can pre-order these at just about any major retailer (Walmart, Target, etc…) as well as Amazon. Not just GameStop. (Just to clarify.)

        • Josh Youngblut

          Yeah, but this way if you order at Gamestop (stores) you can actually have them on day one. Don’t have to wait for them to be shipped to you! It won’t let you do pick up in store but you can actually go to the store and pre-order them.

  • James Aseltine

    My Day 1 Purchases include the Xbox 360 Starter Pack (with Lightcore Hex)
    Nitro Magna Charge and Rattle Shake 2 Pack from Target, Both the Adventure pack and Battle Pack, and probably Hoot Loop if there will be access to the variant in the US. Otherwise I will hold off and see whats in the Lightcore 3 pack.



  • jony cool

    night shift and stink bomb are they wave 1 or 2

  • jony cool

    om only getting 44 skylanders 16 swappable 16 newcore 5 series 3 a couple lightcore and magic items

  • Beatrice Pscheidl

    My day 1 purchase will include the Dark Edition Starter Pack for XBox 360 (already preordered on, the Starter Pack for 3DS (already preordered at Gamestop), Tower of Time and Fiery Forge Packs and the rest depends on what Gamestop and TRU have in store, but I will go for new Skylanders and SWAP Force members only this time.