Skylanders SWAP Force Wave 2 – Confirmed

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It's just three short days after the release of Skylanders SWAP Force and you may be headed back to the store.

According to the latest email from Toys R Us, Wave 2 will be hitting shelves October 16th.

Toys R Us Wave 2

This announcement also states that Wave 2 can be found at Toys R Us before the other stores. All of this information reminds me a lot of the Giants release so I don't doubt it.

With that being said, there have been a few reports of Toys R Us putting this stock out early. So it might be worth it to stop by your local store today and take a peek.

Which characters are in Wave 2? Let's take a look…

SWAP Force

Boom Jet
Fire Kraken
Grilla Drilla
Night Shift

New Characters

Rip Tide
Star Strike

Returning Characters

Anchors Away Gill Grunt
Big Bang Trigger Happy
Heavy Duty Sprocket
Knockout Terrafin
Twin Blade Chop Chop

So far there has been no sightings of more LightCore figures or Legendary figures.

UPDATE: Wave 2 expected at Target (and presumably other retailers as well) starting October 27th.

  • Brancus

    I don’t even have it yet Ö
    it comes out in Belgium the 18th… 🙁

    • Yeah. Keep in mind all dates shared here are for the United States (unless specifically stated otherwise).

      I’m sure you’ll get Wave 2 very soon as well.

      • Brancus

        yes i know, i just didn’t knew the waves were only a few days apart :p
        and any idea when wave 2 will come out here? with the same delay as wave 1 I guess?

        • I don’t have anything definite, but I would expect the same delay.

  • Josh Youngblut

    Man…. I have not had enough time to recover from launch.

  • Christopher Dillard

    Is there any benefit over buying them separate over the Target double packs? Or should one wait?

    • No word on the Double Packs yet. I have only seen Single Packs of the Wave 2 figures.

      Also, Target was charging $29.99 for the Wave 1 Double Packs so there wasn’t even a discount from buying individually. I would buy Wave 2 as soon as you can get your hands on it.

      • Christopher Dillard

        I pulled these off the SKL Facebook page last week. So it seems all 4 swap force wave 2’s will be double packs. They don’t say target only thought like the Nitro Magna Charge packs.

        • Those pictures were only found on (Germany). They have not been sighted in the US.

          I have seen the packs coming out of Toys R Us and they are all Single Packs. The same four guys, but all Single Packs.

          • Josh Youngblut

            I don’t see the advantage of these double packs other than for collectors who want to keep some packaged and are looking to save on space maybe? I guess it is a bit of a price break if you buy them from TRU.

          • I wonder if there will be a price break once we move away from the Exclusives.

            Target actually had the Nitro pack at $27.99 when it was first listed on their site. It changed shortly before release day. A $27.99 price point would fall more in line with the $24.99 we pay for Triple Packs.

            If we don’t get a price break, I agree, these Double Packs are pointless.

          • Josh Youngblut

            I noticed that on Target’s website that they had them at 27.99. My only other thinking would be that Target saw that TRU has the swappers for 16.99 and raised the price. I don’t know.

  • Bidchka
  • torchie4269

    Heh, the best news about this (for my wallet at least) is there aren’t any new limited edition exclusives in this wave. The only one I want ASAP is Star Strike.

    • Mark Gardner

      The only must haves for wave two are trigger happy and sprocket. I hope they hurry up with Rubble Rouser and Stink Bomb.

  • Michael Brady

    Called my local TRU, confirmed that they will be on the shelves first thing in the morning.

    • Bidchka

      My wife just called me from TRU. They have no idea about Wave 2 coming out today.

      • Josh Youngblut

        I was there when my TRU opened. Had plenty of figures on the shelf. I only got the four swappers and the two new care figures that came out. It may have been that your TRU put them out yesterday and they are all gone already. 🙁

        • Bidchka

          She actually spoke to the manager and he said that the only stock they have was the stock that was put out on the shelves Oct 13th. I’m guessing the issue is that you live in the USA and we live in Canada and we must have a different release date.

          • Josh Youngblut

            You are probably correct.

          • Bidchka

            I went to an EB Games yesterday near my work and asked about Wave 2. Nice to know they are as knowledgeable as a 3-legged pirate. They told me Wave 2 would be out November 26th.

          • Josh Youngblut

            Lol. That maybe right for Canada. I don’t know if you were around for the other games or not but, Activision is pretty secretive when it comes to releasing figures.

          • Bidchka

            My son has been playing Skylanders since January. My wife was basically the one that was handling the purchasing until I started to get into it more and realized how intense it is with all the exclusives/variants.

          • Josh Youngblut

            Activision does not give out a lot of info on when characters are going to be out. The way that people find out is they usually start popping up on Ebay with the toys being located in the state of California and they will work their way west. Sometimes we can get an idea of what will be in the waves from sites like Gamestop or Amazon. Gamestop will usually update the pictures to show figures in the actual packaging and Amazon will sometimes include a release date but it is not always accruate.

  • vikinggirl26

    I got star strike on the first wave, did anyone else

    • Bidchka

      It was in the Walmart flyer advertising it, but nothing once I got to the store. I believe Star Strike will be individually packaged in wave 2 anyhow.

  • Josh Youngblut

    I don’t think that three pack is out yet, according to the site not until November 1st.

    • vikinggirl26

      well mine is not a lightcore and I bought it at the midnight launch at tru. they must have put out on accident.

  • Josh Youngblut

    It is nuts, how much it will be this week, I usually buy everything when it comes out but this time I did not buy the reposed figures or the non lightcore star strike. I will eventually but will wait until I get more cash.

  • James Aseltine

    If you are a collector and don’t want to open them, you can play them without opening, however you will be unable to swap guys tops and bottoms.

  • Nate Uson

    Does anyone know when wave 2 will hit Best Buy??

    • Right now all signs are pointing to an October 27th release.

  • Beatrice Pscheidl

    Funny thing is, here in Austria (Europe) I already got Wave 2 characters in GameStop 🙂

  • Bidchka

    I went Skylanders hunting with my son yesterday. The Toys R Us stores in Canada got Wave 2 in Saturday October 26th. For some reason they didn’t have any of the swapables. We had to get those 4 at EB Games.

  • Bidchka
  • magbymagpie

    Pick him up? I thought Star Strike was a girl.

  • rainbowtink

    legendary are out at TRU, only 2. another one will be out Nov8. TRU has the contract, they get the waves earlier than other retailers. and lightcores are out. i have a bunch of them. i bout 9 character thru TRU website, I have over 30 so far, including 2 limitied editions, 1 from target and one from walmart. only one i can’t find is trigger happy bang bang, yet.

  • Misty Barnaby

    So is the skylanders swap force better to buy than the skylanders giants? I am a new parent attempting to buy let alone understand these various games that look all the same to me. Do all skylanders work together i.e./ S.L’s Giants will work with SL’s swap force characters? can ps3 starter packs and their characters work with xbox starter packs and their characters? please help!!

    • Misty,

      I would highly recommend reading through this article, it should help make some sense out of all this:

      But to answer your questions quickly…

      I would start with SWAP Force. All characters/figures created up to this point can be used in SWAP Force. All Spyro’s Adventure figures can be used in all 3 games. All Giants figures can be used in Giants and SWAP Force (a limited number can be used in Spyro’s Adventure).

      Also, figures are not console-specific. So you can take your figures and play on PS3 one day and Xbox the next day.

      If you’re ever worried about a character’s compatibility just check out their individual character page, like this one:

      From the handy little chart on this page you can see that Hot Dog will work in Giants and SWAP Force, but not in Spyro’s Adventure.

      Hope this helps. If you have any further questions you can use the contact form found here: