Skylanders SWAP Force Wave 3 – Confirmed

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For some this may not be enough confirmation, but in the world of Skylanders, this is a pretty sure thing.

The box art for the Wave 3 SWAP Force figures have been discovered. I first saw them on this German Skylanders fan site.

Shortly after the release of SWAP Force, we already had a good idea of what to expect for Wave 3 when information was leaked on Now we have the Wave 3 Box Art which is usually a little more accurate. Surprisingly, there are a few small differences between these lists.

Stink Bomb Box ArtAccording to the box art we've seen, this is what Wave 3 should contain:

SWAP Force

Spy Rise
Stink Bomb
Rubble Rouser

New Characters

Dune Bug

Returning Characters

Phantom Cynder
Hyper Beam Prism Break
Horn Blast Whirlwind



Triple Packs

Triple Pack #5 – Rip Tide, Whirlwind, Prism Break
Triple Pack #6 – Dune Bug, Cynder, Terrafin

Adventure/Battle Packs

Arkeyan Crossbow – Grim Creeper, Camo
Sheep Wreck Island – Wind Up

We still do not have an official release date, but I am still expecting Wave 3 to show up in mid-late December.

Click here to see all box art.

  • torchie4269

    I liked Rubble Rouser and Spy Rise when I first saw them, but after I checked them out on the official site I was less impressed. Definitely want the new Prism Break though. I finally played him (the LC version) a few weeks ago and he’s one of my favorite characters now.

  • Josh Youngblut

    Finally a Sneak Guy!

  • Michael Brady

    Excited for Dune Bug and Prism Break!

  • Aqua King

    Have triple packs #3 or #4 even been released yet? I have not found a store that carries them.

  • LOZ

    I just got Spy Rise and Stink Bomb yesterday, would’ve preferred Rubble Rouser over Spy Rise but still cool.