Skylanders Trap Team Wave 2 Early Release

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If you made it out to Toys R Us today, some of you may have been met with a very pleasant surprise.

If you take a look at the release schedule from last year (during SWAP Force) you'll see that Wave 2 has a release date just two weeks after Wave 1. A similar release schedule was seen during the first two games as well.

What you don't see is that Toys R Us has a very special relationship with Skylanders. In fact, it is very common that they receive and are even allowed to sell new Skylanders before any other store.

Wave 2 (Early Release)

Here's what happened at some stores today:

Toys R Us received one large shipment containing Wave 1 and their special early release of Wave 2.

If employees were paying attention they would know that Wave 2 was not scheduled to go out until October 7th. This is why only some of you saw more than you expected. The rest of you (in the US) should be able to go back later this week and pick up Wave 2.


I fully expect this Wave 2 stock to run out quickly. It's basically just a teaser.

You should begin to see Wave 2 regularly at Toys R Us as well as other retailers in 2-4 weeks. If you miss out on it this week R-E-L-A-X, there will be more.

In case you were wondering, Wave 2 will look something like this:

Trap Master - Bush WhackBushwhack
Head Rush

Fist Bump
Tread Head

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz
Full Blast Jet-Vac
Hog Wild Fryno

Air Hourglass Trap
Air Screamer Trap
Earth Hourglass Trap
Earth Toucan Trap
Fire Screamer Trap
Kaos Trap
Life Toucan Trap
Magic Axe Trap
Magic Hourglass Trap
Tech Angel Trap
Tech Hand Trap
Undead Axe Trap
Undead Hand Trap
Water Angel Trap
Water Axe Trap

We're just getting started. Enjoy what you picked up today and let me know what you think of the new game we've all been waiting for.

  • Suzanne Maxwell

    Got two starter packs at target dark plus special trap and they gave me nitro king krypt free as promo. So cool…. I also got kaos trap at my local TRUs

    • Chris Barnes

      Hey how did you get code for wallop. I preordered from target they had no clue about extras

  • Suzanne Maxwell

    The extra was a trap with variiant brawl and chain in and only given to those who had the 1$ pre order card. Not sure about your wallop question

    • Randy Briggs

      At my local Target, they were putting the Brawl and Chain traps on the rack for sale so people who didn’t pre-order were able to purchase if they were observant enough to notice the “Exclusive at Target” markings.

  • Michael Vuola

    I’m in the US and I saw wave 2 skylanders.

  • Jeff

    I talked to the employee at our TRU, and he said that each TRU was only suppose to receive one Bushwhack and two of every other of wave 2 until the official wave 2 release (with the exception of Kaos traps, which they got a lot of). My nephew was able to get a Lob-Star, but I missed out on the Bushwhack. Did snag 2 Kaos Traps though, so that with Lob-Star, Nitro Krypt King, and Legendary Jawbreaker made the day 1 shopping a success.

  • Thomas Duffy

    I did see a water hammer trap at gamestop today also

    • There is no Water Hammer Trap, perhaps you saw the Water Log Holder?

    • Thomas Duffy

      it is possible I didn’t buy it when i saw it cause the associate was just setting them up on pegs and asked me the difference between the different ones of the same element, while i was leaving

  • Suzanne Maxwell

    My son and I are having a blast with the new game. It’s cool we are probably going to get more traps though as we filled our share already. I have been finding it tricky to remember them all as the trap packaging only states the element and not the model shape and as there are more than I had hoped its going to be another list with pictures I will have to make. Big up to you Matt as always, it’s the go to site for all the skylanders franchise information for me anyway. Great job as always.

  • Suzanne Maxwell

    I was fortunate enough to get the wii starter pack for both dark and reg editions and I noticed the dual traps in each were different. They initially look the same but on closer inspection I have one blue that is gloss and the other is Matt. The green traps have their top half reversed giving two front views that differ. Are they all like this?

  • James Lavinder

    Here is my collection story. I don’t live in a big major city, decent size. Our Toys are us did not have *and wouldn’t readily admit to having* any wave 2 figures. That is okay. What they did not know was the deal with the traps. If you were fortunate like me, you got in right at 8 am *my store didn’t open at midnight*. I was able to grab, to my count, 26 different traps. (not including Kaos, and not including starter pack).

    At Toys R Us, I picked up the following

    *The aforementioned traps which I have yet to sort into which is what. Life traps were differently rare. I was only able to snag one Life Trap that was different from the starter version. I do know there was a third, I just wasn’t fortunate to grab one*.

    All in All, I got (all different mind you) – 3 Tech Traps, 5 Water Traps, 1 Life Trap, 4 Undead Traps, 4 Earth Traps, 3 Air, 3 Fire, and 4 Magic.

    I also nabbed of course Legandary Jawbreaker and the Legendary Nightmare Express Adventure Pack. Got my PS3 Legendary Starter Kit for regular Snap Shot and Food Fight (they had extras, however they did say they would not be getting those back in). And yay, my winning item was a free Adventure Pack up to $24.99. I will be using that in a few weeks for the second adventure pack!

    Next I hit Target. Grabbed Nitro Krypt King. My Target was a total cluster. No actual Trap Team stuff had been put out (marketing, figures…anything) and this was at 9 am (they open at 8). It’s funny, my brother works there. It was a big non-communication issue as most of the employee’s didn’t know it was coming out. However, by that time, they had found thier Nitro Krypt King, which I nabbed. I also had to help explain thier preorder bonus. Even the guys who had went in before me apparently wasn’t able to explain it well. Once I explained it was just a small trap and would have a Target Exclusive Mark and also a picture of Outlaw, and I explained it wasn’t actual a character (they were looking for like a regular figure) they found the box. Lucky for me (I didn’t preorder there) they had plenty extra and nabbed that trap there.

    Hit Wal-Mart, grabbed the exclusive Buddy Pack.

    Now had to wait till 11 am for GameStop to open (former employee, was able to reserve and use credit, better deal for me there for all the major stuff.) At Gamestop I got:

    My PS4 Edition Dark Starter Pack
    3DS Starter Pack (for Gusto and Barkley)
    Krypt King
    Krypt King

    All four Mini Packs (Spry, Bob, Hijinx, Drobit, Trigger Snappy, Mini-Jini, Eye-Small, Terrabite)

    Both 3 Packs – Funny Bone/Torch/Blades/Chopper/Tidal Wave Gill Grunt/Sure Shot Shroomboom

    Regular Nightmare Express Adventure Pack
    CE Strategy Guide

    And woo, that was done. I just now got finished adding my entire collection to my PS4 version.

    It only has the new characters really listed at first. Once you start adding older figures, they add pictures of them. It says I have a total of 224 Skylanders and 28 Magic Items. Still doesn’t count my damn Platinum Chest item as that, still shows up as regular. I am only missing the items from the unreleased Adventure Pack and the UFO Hat.

    I need to count, because the way they add characters is a little wierd. For example, Hot Dog has Five Pictures. One for Series One, the same pick only it says Special Series 1 (my E3 figure, Molten Hot Dog, which does show him as Molten in that picture, Firebone Hot Dog and Special Fire Bone Hot Doge. But I actually have 6 different Hot Dogs. I think it only registers 1 of my crystal clear hot dog (they are different color but same base).

    Also, it unlocked all 8 of the original minis as “Series 1 Minis”, and they all playable. So my picture of Thumpback is unlocked, but I do not have two pictures of say, Gil Runt.

    So for characters that have multiple variants, it only shows one special for that particular series. (example, Chop Chop, I have like, 6 different versions of him. Including the solid blue Toy Fair. But he only has four pictures. (Series 1, 2, Special Series 2, and Twin Blade Chop Chop.)

    Also, there is obviously going to have to be a patch for all versions of the game. There is no menu options for the new Light/Dark Element. Except maybe the 3DS, as that was what keyed us in as maybe they cannot patch that version. The strategy guide makes no mention of the new elements, and even on the walkthrough uses the ? mark circle for items/gates you can’t get to yet.

    Anyway, long post. Hope someone enjoys the read.

  • BillSchoonmaker

    Our stuff is coming in today from Amazon so I don’t expect to get any bonuses even though we preordered. I just wanted to make sure I got the stuff without having to go all around town. Our order includes the following

    Dark Edition – xbox one
    Air, undead, Fire – Triple Pack Trap Pack
    Funny Bone, Chopper and Shroomboom – Triple Character pack
    Nightmare Express Level Pack

    Sounds like there is a ton more avaialble out there in the wild so maybe we will go hunt around later tonight. Looking forward to playing the game with my son.

  • BillandTracy Simmons

    I got everything listed above except for like 4 of the traps.

  • Magna charge does Mc

    Apparently Lob-Star is one of the rarer ones because I’ve only seen 1 of him in package plus it wasn’t mine D: But I did see Head Rush

  • Suzanne Maxwell

    Went to toys r us today and encountered a group waiting outside for wave 2 everyone was dissappointed they had none. They probably like many stores put them out on the 5th. So I was happy as I had not picked up the single traps and I got them all from wave 1.

  • Suzanne Maxwell

    I wonder what target will do with all the leftover variant trap extras they are giving away with the 1$ pre order card? The card states that it is void after the first week of release.

    • All the Traps were shipped in full cases. Any extras it appears they will just be putting out on the shelf.

      The pegs are there waiting and I know some folks have been able to get them without a pre-order.

  • Shawn Earl White Sr.

    So is anyone done with the story line yet?

    • Not yet actually. I keep getting sidetracked exploring the Academy, fighting in the Arena, and working on the Kaos Doom Challenge.

      • Shawn Earl White Sr.

        I just finished it, never mentioned the new elements. Just was wandering if anyone knew when the “latter time” is.

  • Magna charge does Mc

    Matt Can you make a wave two check list please? So many traps. It too many 🙁

  • tg

    I’ve just received my Skylanders (shipped from US to UK) and am pleased. However, there is a slight down-side – the packaging; particularly the Trap Masters. Not exactly child friendly!

    • The Trap Master packaging is definitely unique, but I like it. You don’t have to worry about the glue drying up and opening the package during shipping.

      Easiest way to open the Trap Master:

      ~ Rip the top off as close as you can get to the bubble.
      ~ Grab the bubble from the front and back and squeeze. The seam should pop open and the package will open easily from there.

      I love the security and the 360 view that these packages offer, so I won’t complain too much.

  • Karie Tabata

    went to toys r us on the release date and also on the wave 2 release date and they did not have the Kaos trap.. also went to target and nada.. I live in the US, did any of you find it? I just checked the walmart website and they are now taking pre orders for it. looks like it will be available 10.10. I wonder if this is the case for toys r us too