SWAP Force Wave 2 Update and Wave 3 Preview

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As we announced earlier this week Wave 2 was released at Toys R Us (in the US) on October 16th. We are currently anticipating Wave 2 to be released at other retailers on October 27th.

The Toys R Us release only included Wave 2 Single Packs. When Wave 2 hits all retailers I believe we will also see two new Triple Packs

Triple Pack #3 – Heavy Duty Sprocket, Twin Blade Chop Chop, Scorp
Triple Pack #4 – Big Bang Trigger Happy, Star Strike, Anchors Away Gill Grunt

and if we're lucky we might get a shot at the two Double Packs we've seen picture of

Double Pack #3 – Night Shift, Boom Jet
Double Pack #4 – Grilla Drilla, Fire Kraken

Only time will tell for sure, but I would start checking your local stores next weekend.

UPDATE: I have had about half a dozen reports of Wave 2 figures being found at Best Buy and GameStop already (October 18th).

It sounds like most stores have them on hand and some have put them out a little early. It might be worth checking your stores once or twice this week.

Stink BombAs for Wave 3, it looks like we now have a pretty solid idea of what we can expect. This latest leak comes from (France). From past experience I have found the international Amazon sites to be quite accurate with early information so I'm willing to put this out there.

Currently Wave 3 looks like this:

SWAP Force

Spy Rise
Stink Bomb
Rubble Rouser

New Characters

Dune Bug

Returning Characters

Phantom Cynder
Hyper Beam Prism Break
Horn Blast Whirlwind



Triple Packs

Triple Pack #5 – Rip Tide, Whirlwind, Prism Break
Triple Pack #6 – Dune Bug, Cynder, Terrafin

Adventure/Battle Packs

Sheepwreck Island – Wind Up
Arkeyan Crossbow – Grim Creeper, Camo

If this list holds up, I think Wave 3 is going to be pretty exciting. Perhaps the biggest news is that we will have our first Earth SWAP Force member (Rubble Rouser) as well as our first Sneak SWAP Force member (Stink Bomb).

Amazon France has these figures listed with a potential release date of November 13th. This is the part I doubt. Personally, I do not think we will see Wave 3 until mid-December, but we'll keep an eye on it and be sure to let you know when we know more.

  • Josh Youngblut

    I agree with you on the date being a little suspect at this time. This next part is a long shot but maybe EU is getting a different wave 2 then we are?

    • Guest

      Yeah, my understanding is that most of the wave 3 info is from

      • Josh Youngblut

        Yeah, with VV taking more of a role in this game not sure how the releasing of figures will be different/same as last time.

  • torchie4269

    Wave 2 has few good ones, mainly Star Strike. Wave 3 also isn’t too exciting for me. The only “must-have” from that is probably Rubble Rouser.

    Spy Rise looked cool at first but I watched a gameplay video and was less excited. Plus, I’m trying to cover all movement types first, and Wash Buckler is climb. Same deal with Boom Jet. I like him a lot, but Blast Zone covers rocket. Maybe next year when bigger sales start happening in anticipation of Skylanders 4, they’ll finally make the cut. With Night Shift and Fire Kraken, I’ll wait for their variants.

  • Bidchka
  • Angel Delgado

    I was wondering if is there any updates on the wave 3? because I have a friend on TRU and he said some are coming out Nov. 3 and some are coming out Nov. 5.

    • We do not have an official date yet, but I can assure you Wave 3 is not coming out Nov. 3rd or 5th.

      We do know that TRU is releasing Legendary Zoo Lou on Nov. 3rd, Legendary Night Shift on Nov. 10th, and Series 1 Dino-Rang on Nov. 17th. This staggered release would lead me to believe that they are filling the gap and leading up to the Wave 3 release.

      Personally, I was expecting Wave 3 around Nov. 24th. However, many others are expecting a release on Nov. 15th. I would not be surprised with this because it would coincide with the release of PS4.

      As soon as I have more concrete information, you will too.

  • althebudderman

    stink bomb will be awesome!

  • Zach Scruggs

    I want Stink Bomb

  • Paul has a release of 31 January for the next wave

    • Josh Youngblut

      They had it originally the 3rd of November I think, then to December now back to January just seems these are place holder dates.

  • Shana Meche

    Any news on Wave 3 release date? Or am I just a lost momma desperately trying to find stink bomb and missed it and he’s just sold out?

    • You haven’t missed anything yet. We’re all still waiting. Stay tuned.

  • Josh Youngblut

    My guess… would be maybe this week or next. They would probably want them out in time for Christmas.

  • Antione Jackson

    Just talk to Toys R us and they said that they’er truck didnt arrive but they are supposed to have them in and on the floor. Other location may have them.

    • Shana Meche

      Thanks Antione. I looked at Toys r us, Target, Walmart, and Gamestop today but no one had it nor did they have any information on it. I will check back with Toys r us sometime later in the week. 🙂

      • Antione Jackson

        Anytime Shana. Yeah I got the same on my end. Toys R us told me to check back tomorrow because if the get the trucks in the will be on floor. Ill be sure to post if I find them. =)



  • Marbles

    Ok, Apparently on the 22nd ToysRUs got the 5 Corelanders and Target got the 3 Swappers
    Every Target in my area sold out of the 3 Swappers within a couple of hours, and I didn’t even know they were put on the shelf till this after noon.

    Now on the 29th, Target claims they have received and ares being stocked on the shelves. Does that mean ToysRUs is putting out the Swappers, or will they not have received them yet?

    • proctous

      Same here, target employees said they may have had them yesturday, but this morning had nothing. Sad face.

    • The 3 new Swappers will be exclusive to Target for a little while. Not sure exactly how long though.

  • We don’t have a definite date for Scratch yet so I can’t promise it will be out in the next month.