SWAP Force Wave 3 Release Update

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I think it's about time for an update on the news everybody has been asking about. We all know that the Wave 3 SWAP Force Skylanders need to be coming out soon, but nobody can really tell you when. Well, that's about to change.

Now we have the answers to a few questions even though they may not be the answers you were hoping for.

As we suspected earlier, Wave 3 is coming as a split release. Not only are there multiple release dates, but some stores are getting different figures earlier than others.

The first date you'll want to keep in mind is December 22nd.

Wave 3 Core Skylanders

Toys R Us will be handling the earliest release of Wave 3, but they will only have the Core Skylanders. As you can see in the picture below, each case will contain:

Wave 3 Core Skylanders Open Box
Thanks to darkSpyro member Trexroarr for the pictures.


The second date we're looking at is December 29th.

Target will be playing host to the second part of the Wave 3 release. Here you will be able to get ahold of the Swappable Skylanders. This will include:

So save your Christmas money. Here's your shopping list.


That's all that we know so far. It's not everything, but it's a lot more than we knew a few weeks ago.

We do not have any word on when or where the Wave 3 LightCore figures, Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack, or Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack will be released.

  • Bidchka

    Wave 3 Swappers is already out in Canada @ Walmart and Wave 3 Corelanders are already out at Toys R Us in Canada as of today. See latest flyer @

    • Thanks for the news. I can’t always keep up with the foreign releases.

      There you have it folks. If you’re a Skylanders fan in Canada I guess today is your lucky day.

      • Bidchka

        I can’t believe on launch day by the time we got to the Walmart near us all the Stink Bombs were gone. But we did get these.




  • Bruce Ferguson

    In the UK I bought the Arkeyan Battle Pack 2nd hand (sealed) so it looks like it’s already available in the UK (not sure when it was released though.

  • MadRabbi666

    Got the new core and series 3 figures today at a TRU in Fullerton, CA. But nothing else. Waiting to get all the new figures before starting the game. Need the last six swap force to finish them

    • You could be waiting quite a while yet. You certainly have a lot of self-control.

  • CHRiS

    I purchased my Wave 3 Swappers from Target today in Detroit Metro Area.. Happy Hunting..

  • CHRiS

    Purchased Wave 3 Swappers – Spy Rise, Rumble Rouser, & Stink Bomb @ Target in Metro Detroit,MI area.. Happy hunting !!

  • Michael Brady

    Got the three Swappers in Lawrence KS about an hour ago.

  • Marbles

    So, Apparently on the 22nd ToysRUs got the 5 Corelanders and Target got the 3 Swappers

    Every Target in my area sold out of the 3 Swappers within a couple of hours, and I didn’t even know they were put on the shelf till this after noon.

    on the 29th, Target claims they have received and ares being stocked on
    the shelves. Does that mean ToysRUs is putting out the Swappers, or
    will they not have received them yet?

  • shdwghst457

    I got all three swappers 4 days ago when my local Target broke street date =] There was only one Stink Bomb left amongst a few Rubble Rousers and Spy Rise aplenty.

  • shdwghst457

    not pictured (because it’s not open): Quick Draw Rattle Shake!

  • False. Most Targets got the Wave 3 Swappers the week before the 29th. They were supposed to be saved for December 29th as they appeared in the Weekly Ad.

    However, many stores put them out last week before the sale and are now sold out.

  • It is actually the 29th. Target received shipments last week.

    The new Swappers appeared in the December 29th ad, but since most stores put the new figures out early, they will be hard to find this week unless they get a second shipment in.

  • Crklynking

    Just bought spy rise, rubble rouser, and stink bomb at my local target in nyc. Buy 2 get the 3rd 50% off

    • proctous

      Wtf, hawaii didnt get ours on the 29. A few parents were upset on that morning, though the add paper said so

  • RumbleRoaster

    12/29/13 – Interesting that at first a Target associate said they weren’t in and then upon asking another person at Guest Relations, they found them in the back store room rather than the electronics store room. 4 boxes. This was in Wake Forest NC. Good luck and happy holidays!!!

  • You can still play through the game, you just won’t be able to get 100% completion for a little while. Personally, I think that’s a good thing. It will keep you coming back to the game.

  • In Canada, Walmart had the early release of Swappers (which would include Stink Bomb) not Toys R Us.

    However, the complete Wave 3 was released yesterday at Toys R Us in the USA, so you may want to check there again.