The Second Annual Toys For Games Awards

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It's that time of year again.

Bring on the Awards

Those of you who were around last year may remember that I was nominated for Community Leader of the Year in the First Annnual Toys For Games Awards.

Thanks to wonderful people (such as yourself) who voted for me, I was able to bring home the award.

Well another year has gone by and it's time for some more awards.

The Nominees Are…

2nd Annual Toys For Games Awards

This year I was once again nominated for Community Leader of the Year and I would love to retain my title.

So if I can have 30 seconds of your time, here's what I'm asking of you:

1) Go here:

2) Scroll about halfway down the page and find the Community Leader of the Year section

3) Vote for Matt Sonnenberg

That's it!

It's a one and done vote. There's no need to come back every day.

But wait, there's more…

However, if you would like to do a little bit more I was actually nominated in two other categories.

If you keep scrolling down the page, you'll find the Spin-Off Podcast of the Year. Here I would appreciate you voting for Tales From Godric's Hollow. (This is a Harry Potter Book Club style podcast I co-host. If you're interested in learning more about this, you can check out the website or the podcast directly from iTunes.)

Then just a little further down the page you'll find Interview/Guest of the Year where you can vote for Matt Sonnenberg again.

All votes are anonymous and you can vote in as many or as few categories as you wish.

You have proven yourself to be a great community over the years so I'm hoping that you can shine through once again.


  • Stayforeverskylanders

    Give me an M. Give me an A. Give me a T. Give me a T. What does that spell? Matt!!!!!! Go Matt! 🙂 You have done a wonderful job. Thanks.

  • Erich

    It is done Matt. It’s the least we can do for the info you provide.

  • Imaginators geek

    You totally got my vote, GO MATT!!!😀
    And so does any other skylanders candidate!
    All I want now is something, for skylanders 7 the last thing I want is for the series to end.

  • Jason Woolley

    I voted for you in all three categories!

  • Dan Davis

    I have not done it yet but I did vote for you last year and I will this year too.I think you do a phenomenal job on keeping us updated on new for the Skylanders and game play. If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t keep coming back to you for all the great information you give. I know you have your hands full keeping information coming to us, I kind of wish you did the same for your other sight on Lego Dimensions Character List. I go there and it never seems to be updated. Good luck on all your Nominations and retaining your title. You for sure have my vote

  • JimyMahr

    Votes are in. Being a democratic nation with anonymous voting, I’ll keep my votes to myself, but seeing as my only comments in the whole wide webs are on a Skylander site and a baseball site, I’m guessing it isn’t hard to figure it out 😜.

    The saddest part of the TTL awards is Infinity being gone and the fact that Nintendo totally destroyed Amiibo with that glut of Animal Crossing figures. Not knocking the game, as I have sunk many hours into both WW and NL, but honestly, stock up on Toon Link Amiibo and Blathers Amiibo and guess which one is going to move. Now we just need actually word on this Skylanders “cancellation” to see whether or not TTL is just plain done. 😭

    Final note: What is up with Starcast qualifying for figure of the year? He looked good, but played a very horrible one note button mash as most Ninja/Quickshot styles do.

  • VideoGamer1212

    My votes are in. I hope you retain your title! You definitely deserve it.

  • Courtney Maria Kauling

    I’ve been relying on this site since I started playing Skylanders and you’ve been so dedicated and helpful! Votes are in!

  • Imani Richards

    You’ve got my vote on all the categories @SCL_Matt!