Third Two-Color Swapper Variant Discovered!

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Just as we predicted a third Swapper variant has been discovered and it does indeed have a Gold top with a Bronze bottom. Who is it?


Gold & Bronze Doom Stone

After the Bronze & Silver Trap Shadow and the Silver & Gold Stink Bomb that were discovered last month, we figured it was only a matter of time before a third variant was found.

The first auction seen here comes out of California.

I have contacted the seller about where it was found and (perhaps more importantly) if there were regular Doom Stones available as well. I haven't heard anything yet, but I will update this article as soon as I do.

Check back soon!

  • LOZ


  • torchie4269

    Yep two-tone Doom Stone was my prediction as well. Very cool. It would be nice to find even one of these three guys.

    • LOZ

      But what about ALL three! That would be so cool, to have say a Bronze Trap Stone. Or a Silver Stink Shadow. Or a Gold Doom Bomb! Last night I had a dream on how cool it would be to have ALL 3 of the two-tone guys. #Obssession? Maybe?

      • torchie4269

        Haha well of course that would be the best. Even getting two and having a matching figure would be awesome. But finding just one on a hook would make my month.

        • LOZ

          Same. Although I probably won’t because I can’t drive yet and no one will take me to town to look for skylanders but whatevs.