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Although I first announced the “release” of the Pain-Yatta Combo Pack in the US nearly two weeks ago, it hasn't officially released yet.

However, today many of you (including myself) got an email from Amazon with an update.

Pain-Yatta Combo Pack Coming Soon

The first round of Pain-Yatta Combo Packs will be shipping soon. They are expected to be delivered on January 12th.

Now as I expected, it seems as if Amazon has already sold through the initial shipment of these packs that they're getting and some people got an email update with an early February delivery date.

While it is possible that it may take some time to get a secondary shipment in, I wouldn't be surprised if this estimate gets moved up.

I know a larger number of you have already gotten your orders in, but for the time being you can still place an order for the Pain-Yatta Combo Pack.

Amazon is still the only place we have seen this in the US and I wouldn't be surprised if it stays that way.

Not many stores like to stock the multipacks. I think this is why Amazon is also the only place we've seen Triple Pack #3 and Triple Pack #4.

Pain-Yatta Combo Pack

I should have Pain-Yatta in hand sometime next week. You can be sure there will be another update then.

  • Nathan

    Matt, do you think that we will see Pain-Yatta in just a single pack without the creation crystal?

    • I think they have a Single Pack planned, but that means it’s in a Wave 4 or Wave 5 assortment which are always scarce.

  • Rob

    And yet the Dr. Krankcase combo pack won’t release here, even on Amazon. Their release decisions continue to baffle me.

    • The first two Combo Packs (Mysticat and Dr. Krankcase) were released in the US. They first released on Black Friday and they’re exclusive to Best Buy.

      • Enigma

        It was actually Mysticat and Wolfgang combo packs. Dr. Krankcase was supposed to be releases alongside the Pain-Yatta combo.

        • Thanks for the correction. I knew that didn’t sound right when I was typing it…

  • valqed

    Hi ! Your site seems to be the most up-to-date. Any news on Blastertron? My son is waiting, and waiting … and waiting =)

    • Nothing specific yet. He will be in Wave 4 or Wave 5.

      For the fastest updates be sure to follow SCL on Twitter:

      But you can be sure when we get news on new Waves there will be updates here as well.

  • JimyMahr

    Sooooo….. Place my order, gambling Pain-Yatta single pack gets Thrillipede’d and get a duplicate Meh crystal or ride the ragged edge of disaster and wait on that single pack?

    • When we get to this point in the release cycle I don’t take any chances. You can get this pack at retail price right now (or as soon as they get more stock) so I wouldn’t wait, but the decision is up to you.

    • Erich

      Agreeing with Matt. $5 for a dup Crystal and price of mind? I’m in. I’ll just make another magic skylander.

      • JimyMahr

        Another Magic Skylander?! Bah. Magic is still the only one I haven’t made cause honestly…. Well I hate Magic Element. Except Wrecking Ball. And Blastermind’s skip lock puzzle power. Still, yeah, I’ll probably get him and just to be spiteful, pop the crystal back into a single pack and return it to TRU and even exchange it for that blasted Undead Lantern crystal I can’t find 😜

        • Erich

          JIM! Jimmy! James! I thought we were friends. Might I remind you of an amazing few Skylanders. First, a little dragon named Spyro. Second, lest we forget Double Trouble. Once fully evolved, he becomes the strongest skylander ever. Third, dun bug was the only way to stop the spinning enemies with his ball of…Dirt…, and finally pop fizz. If for nothing other than hearing bobcat goltgwait yelling at us as he transformed. Adding to the few you mentioned, magic has a pretty good lineup. Much better than air or water. I’m also pretty sure that amazing attack of double troubles is an option for custom made imainators. I leave you with this picture to further convince you.

          • JimyMahr

            Lol what a great reply! I suppose I didn’t give Spyro enough credit. Honestly, in the Core days, I only ever played the new characters each game, so I haven’t even played as Spyro since SSA. Ditto Double Trouble, though I still am not as enamored with him as you are. Dune Bug was okay, but the fact you couldn’t just roll a ball of enemies out of the arena ruined it a bit. I’ll give you Pop Fizz. Honestly, Fizzland is my favorite stage in Imaginators, mainly due to Mr. Goldtwait and the fact I never get tired of hearing him say how he’s still alive despite jumping off the island into … space?

            So, that’s Wrecking Ball, Spyro, Pop Fizz and borderline Dune Bug, but in comparison for Air I’ll give you Sonic Boom, Pop Thorn, Gusto and Bad JuJu and with Water: ZAP!!!!, Wham-Shell, Punk Shock, Lob-Star and (based entirely on sculpt) Tidepool.

            As for Imaginators…. Putting a frying pan on any charcater makes them infinitely more awesome, so, that’s just sort of cheating.

            So I stand corrected, Water is better than Air and Magic, which are actually tied for the worst.

    • Enigma

      Unfortunately I need all 25 single releases (that is every figure besides starter figs, adventure packs and the Crash duo) in order to make a full 5×5 display of the boxes. I’m really hoping for a single release…

  • Imani Richards

    I’m finally playing Trap Team everyone. I just now completed level 4, Pheonix Psancuary. Does anybody know how high you can level up a Trap Team Skylander? The strategy guide doesn’t mention it.

    • Erich

      I THINK it’s 20. Either 15 or 20 but I’m betting on 20.

      • Imani Richards

        Thanks @Erich

    • Enigma

      The level cap in Trap Team is 20. That was the first year Activision didn’t raise the level cap because of balance issues.

      • Imani Richards

        Thank you @Enigma!

    • Sammysam

      Don’t trust that Strategy Guide too much – I keep finding “errors” in there. I think my memory of my first playthrough is better than the actual guide. It seems the guys at Prima got lazy on this one, there’s a lot of copy-paste type mistake, the most glaring ones are concerning the villains quest locations.
      I’ve found about 3 or 4 “mission prep” to be wrong as well… I’m talking about the first page of each mission in the guide where it tells you, which villains you need for quests, what kind of trap you’ll need for the villains you’ll find in that mission, etc. Some were actually saying, take this villains and his quest was not even in the mission.
      Anyhow, a great reference book still… but you’ll have to rely on Google for some things 🙂

      • Imani Richards

        Yeah, I think you’re right. I noticed in chapter 7 Monster Marsh, that the look-a-like Persephone fairy named Marsha that you have to free from the cage didn’t give me the “No Coins Left Behind” achievement after collecting 20 coins while staying inside her protective bubble.

    • mobile mayhem

      Imani I finally ran down a fanged water trap

      • Imani Richards

        Good for you!

  • Jacky

    I just received an email from stating that expected delivery date for the PainYatta Combo is January 30, I ordered on Dec. 21. So, I am happy…will be excited when I finally get it.

  • Kevin Holladay

    I just got a confirmation saying mine will arrive on Monday. Also yesterday I was at the Gamestop I normally go to and they had Mystical Tae Kwon Crow on the shelves. I was going to get it but it was date locked for next Saturday.

  • Jacky

    I have a question…my son wants to complete all his goals…the grind challenge appears 6/8 so my question…he needs to do it all over again? Or maybe someone knows where the grind challenges are located? Therefore he can go and redo that, he has 3 stars in all chapters but he is missing that one.

    • Erich

      I think I had the same problem. I assume the last two are in the treehouse expansion.

      • Jacky

        Thanks!!! As soon as he finishes, I will let you know if the challenge appears 100%

      • Jacky

        Complete the Elven Forest and you will get the 8/8 grind challenge

      • JadeWind

        There are a bunch of Grindrail challenges in Enchanted Elven Forest. (3 I think) But for that item, the grind challenges do not have to be unique. Every time you finish one with all the gems that counter goes up, even if you had done successfully before.

        • Erich

          I don’t think that’s true. I played every level many times and haven’t gotten the medal. I have not played the Forrest yet. I’ll get to it some day.

          • JadeWind

            I’m pretty certain that’s true. I got the achievement before the forest even came out while replayimg levels. You have to get all the gems for it to count.