You might not hear me say this often, but thank you Walmart. The web team over at Walmart seems to be planning ahead today. They decided to put up placeholder pages for all the new Skylanders SWAP Force characters.

Now while this does not give us any more pictures, it does provide us with a lot of fun information.

So if Walmart's website is to be believed (and I don't have a problem doing that). We now have a complete set of names for the new characters in SWAP Force. It goes something like this:

SWAP Force Members
Blast Zone
Boom Jet
Doom Stone
Fire Kraken
Free Ranger
Freeze Blade
Grilla Drilla
Hoot Loop
Magna Charge
Night Shift
Rattle Shake
Rubble Rouser
Spy Rise
Stink Bomb
Trap Shadow
Wash Buckler

New Core Skylanders
Bumble Blast
Dune Bug
Grim Creeper
Pop Thorn
Punk Shock
Rip Tide
Roller Brawl
Slobber Tooth
Star Strike
Wind Up
Zoo Lou

Returning Skylanders
Anchors Away Gill Grunt
Bang Bang Trigger Happy
Blizzard Chill
Fire Bone Hot Dog
Heavy Duty Sprocket
Horn Blast Whirlwind
Hyper Beam Prism Break
Knockout Terrafin
Lava Barf Eruptor
Mega Ram Spyro
Ninja Stealth Elf
Phantom Cynder
Thorn Horn Camo
Super Gulp Pop Fizz
Turbo Jet-Vac
Twin Blade Chop Chop

LightCore Skylanders
Bumble Blast
Grim Creeper
Star Strike

On top of that we also have the names of all the Adventure/Battle Packs.

Tower of Time Adventure Pack
Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack

Fiery Forge Battle Pack
Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack

Say what you will, but personally I believe all this information to be accurate. I will be sure to add pictures as soon as possible.

Have you pre-ordered SWAP Force yet?

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