Why Auctions?

Sometimes when I purchase large lots of Skylanders I get items that I don't typically carry in the SCL Shop.

These may be boxed items. These may be damaged items. These may be non-Skylanders items.

Since I don't normally carry them or they have a different value than the items that I have listed, I figure that letting you, the customer, set the price is the best way to deal with these items.


Starting July 10th, 2021, SCL Auctions will be live every Saturday.

The length of each auction may vary slightly, but they will be active for 6-12 hours on Saturday.


SCL Auctions are open to anyone with a valid US shipping address.

The auction system is an extension of the SCL Shop and therefore the same shipping rules apply.


The items being auctioned off each week will vary. They will often (but not always) have some sort of theme to tie them together.

For example:

Week 1: Eon's Elite figures
Week 2: Damaged Box figures
Week 3: Starter Sets
Week 4: Damaged figures

Most weeks you will be able to get a preview of the items to be auctioned off on Friday evening. Keep an eye on the main auction page under the Upcoming Auctions heading.


To participate in the SCL Auctions you must have an account on SkylandersCharacterList.com.

If you do not currently have an account set up, you can register on the My Account page.


All auctions will take place right here on SCL.

You can find all active, upcoming, and completed auctions on the main auction page.

Other Questions

How do I pay for my auction items?

If you are the high bidder after an auction ends, you should see a Pay Now button on the auction item page. The item will also be added to your cart automatically.

Additionally, you will be sent an email confirming your win. This email will contain a link to pay for your item as well.

How long do I have to pay for an item?

You will have 3 days to pay for your item after the auction ends.

If you have not paid by the end of the three day period, your bid will be deleted and it will be offered to the second highest bidder.

If there are no other bidders, the item may be re-listed in a future auction.

Do I have to pay shipping fees on auction items?

Yes. Once you win an item in an SCL Auction it is treated like any other purchase in the SCL Shop and is subject to shipping fees.

The shipping fee is $5.95 per order. If you win multiple auctions in the same day, you will only need to pay one shipping fee.

Can I add other items from the shop to my order after winning an auction?

Yes. When you win an auction, the auction item will be added to your cart. Then before you pay for your order you'll have a chance to add more items to your cart from the shop.

This is a great way to save on shipping costs.

Can I apply my SCL VIP discount to auction items?

No. Allowing VIPs to apply their discount to auction items would give them an unfair advantage in the bidding process. The VIP discount only applies to items purchased directly from the SCL Shop.

What happens if I place a bid that's higher than the minimum bid?

When you place a bid, that is your maximum bid. The system will automatically bid for you (as needed) up to your maximum bid.

For example:

If the minimum bid is $1 and you (Bidder #1) place a maximum bid of $10, you will initially be winning the auction with a bid of $1.

Later if another bidder (Bidder #2) places a maximum bid of $5, the system will start bidding for you.

Bidder #2 will automatically be outbid and you (Bidder #1) will now be winning the item with a bid of $5.50.

This should be similar to what you see with other auction systems like eBay.

Why was time added to the auction?

SCL Auctions utilizes an anti-sniper technology known as a “soft close auction”.

Specifically this means, if anyone places a bid within the final minute of an auction, another minute will be added to the timer.

When this happens you will see a message that says “This auction is in overtime” on the item's auction page.