The brand new Autumn/Winter 2016 Argos Catalogue was released today. While that might not normally mean much for folks here in the states, there is a reason to get excited if you're a Skylanders fan.

As this catalogue is advertising for the third and/or fourth quarter of the year, they naturally have a large toy section. This section includes a great ad for the upcoming Skylanders Imaginators.

In this ad you can clearly see six Sensei.

We already knew about:

However, we can now confirm two more Villain Sensei:

  • Dr. Krankcase
  • Tae Kwon Crow

And we get to meet two brand new characters:

  • Barbella
  • Chopscotch

Dr. Krankcase

Dr. Krankcase - Sensei - Skylanders Imaginators

Dr. Krankcase is a Quickshot of the Tech element.

Tae Kwon Crow

Tae Kwon Crow - Sensei - Skylanders Imaginators

Tae Kwon Crow is a Ninja of the Fire element.


Barbella - Sensei - Skylanders Imaginators

Barbella is a Sentinel of the Earth element.


Chopscotch - Sensei - Skylanders Imaginators

Chopscotch is a Smasher of the Undead element.

Wave 1?


Here's a look at the full page ad that was in the Argos Catalogue.

New Skylanders Imaginators Sensei - Argos Catalogue 2016

If you take a look at the very bottom, you can see that they have item numbers for all of the products shown on the page.

This would seem to indicate that they will all be available in Wave 1, but this has yet to be fully confirmed.

If so, Wave 1 would include:


  • Barbella (Earth, Sentinel)
  • Golden Queen (Earth, Sorcerer)
  • Tae Kwon Crow (Fire, Ninja)
  • Ambush (Life, Knight)
  • Dr. Krankcase (Tech, Quickshot)
  • Wolfgang (Undead, Bowslinger)
  • Chopscotch (Undead, Smasher)
  • King Pen (Water, Brawler)

Creation Crystals

  • Air Creation Crystal (Single Pack)
  • Dark Creation Crystal (Dark Starter Pack)
  • Fire Creation Crystal (Starter Pack)
  • Life Creation Crystal (Dark Starter Pack, Single Pack)
  • Light Creation Crystal (Single Pack)
  • Magic Creation Crystal (Single Pack)
  • Undead Creation Crystal (Single Pack)
  • Water Creation Crystal (Single Pack)

To me that seems like a solid Wave 1 lineup.

Big thank you to @_ShannonLouiise for helping me get the images.