Take 2.

Back in the beginning of March it looked like we had a release date for the upcoming cards-to-life title, Skylanders Battlecast.

Now it has been released in New Zealand and Australia and pre-orders are available in parts of Europe. Here's what we know about the US release.

It has now made a second appearance in the Toys R Us system. As you can see in the screen shot below (a big thank you to my friend at TRU), it is now slated to be released on May 24th.

TRU Release Date Skylanders Battlecast

This is the same date that we announced last week as the release date for Buzz Wing and Thrillipede.

The original listings for these figures have been removed from the TRU website, but the date has been confirmed once again in the image below.

TRU Release Date Buzz Wing

While a late May release is a bit later than expected, it makes sense.

This is just three weeks before E3.

Last year, Skylanders SuperChargers was announced on Jun 3rd, just two weeks prior to E3. So I have to imagine we'll be hearing something more about Sky 6 in those weeks leading up to E3 once again.