Below is a list of damaged figures I have for sale.

You will find the name of the figure, the damage that has been done, and my asking price. (Unless otherwise noted, all figures should still function in the game.)

If you would like to purchase one or more of these figures, you can send me a DM on Twitter or email matt [at] skylanderscharacterlist [dot] com.

If ordering separately, there will still be a shipping charge. If added to another order you are placing, I will simply add the costs listed below.

Figure Damage Cost
Prism Break (LightCore) DOES NOT FUNCTION $0.99
Ignitor (S2) Top and Bottom Split $0.99
Golden Queen Left Arm Removed, Arm Included $0.99
Whirlwind (S1) Head Removed, Head Included $0.99
Dr. Neo Cortex Missing Center Hair Piece $4.99
Gusto Weapon Removed, Weapon Included $1.99
Barrel Blaster Brake Handle Missing $1.99
Fiesta Head Missing $0.99
Smolderdash (S1) Left Arm Missing $0.99
Sunburn (S1) Right Wing Missing $0.99
Gill Grunt (Deep Dive) Right Arm Missing $0.99
Stealth Elf (S3) Right Arm Missing $0.49
Sonic Boom (S2) Baby Missing $0.99
Hex (S1) Both Arms Missing $0.99
Countdown Both Arms Missing $0.99
Trigger Happy (S2) Coins Missing $0.99
Magna Charge (Nitro) Bottom Half Chipped (Near Magnet) $4.99
Hot Dog (S2) Tail Missing $14.99
Barkley (Sidekick) Left Horn Missing $3.99
Wildfire Shield Dented $3.99
Pop Fizz (S1) Paint on Base $0.99
Shroomboom (S2) Slingshot Cables Snapped $0.99
Prism Break (S1) Left Arm Removed, Arm Included $0.99
Wind Up Right Arm Missing $0.99
Cynder (S3) Head and Right Wing Missing $0.99
Double Trouble (S2) Weapon Missing $0.99
Zook (S1) Left Hand Damaged $0.99
Jawbreaker Both Arms Missing $1.99
Ignitor (S1) Weapon Missing $0.99
Bash (S1) Tail Missing $0.99
Snap Shot Weapon Broken $0.49
Snap Shot Weapon Broken $0.49
Snap Shot Weapon Broken $0.49
Snap Shot Weapon Missing $0.49
Snap Shot Left Hand and Weapon Missing $0.49
Head Rush (Nitro) Separated From Base, Base Included $0.99
Whirlwind (S1) Head Missing $0.99
Gill Grunt (S1) Weapon Broken $0.49
Wing Boots Wings Colored $0.49
Head Rush Right Horn Removed, Horn Included $0.99
Pop Fizz (Big Bubble) Figure Separating From Base $0.99
Bouncer Figure Separated From Base, Base Included $0.99
Hex (LightCore) Head and Right Arm Missing $0.99
Thunderbolt Weapon Missing $1.99
Hex (LightCore) Right Arm Missing $0.99
Slam Bam (S2) Top and Bottom Split $0.99
Hoot Loop (Enchanted) Weapon Broken $1.99
Whirlwind (S1) Right Wing Missing $0.99
Healing Elixir Cork Missing $0.49