So as most of you probably know by now, the E3 Exclusive Skylander this year is Hot Streak. Our first glimpse came directly from the official SkylandersGame Twitter account:

Eventually the E3 attendees started to get their hands on them and posted pictures of the packaged figures.

As you can see on the package, these figures are marked as the “Exclusive Event Edition 2015”. I take this to mean that we'll probably end up seeing them at other events and trade shows throughout the year.

In-Game or Chase?

So now for the big question that everyone wants to know. Is it an in-game variant or is it a chase variant?

A Brief History

From 2011-2013 E3 Exclusive Skylanders were always Chase Variants.

In 2014 we saw an exclusive Trap that gave us Riot Shield Shredder. Although it wasn't the standard Skylanders figure, for all intents and purposes, Riot Shield Shredder was an in-game variant.

Now we hit 2015 and we get Hot Streak. With multiple images of the figure in its package it become pretty simple to determine that this should be a Chase Variant.

As I explain in this article, there are two main things you can look at on the packaging:

  1. Does it have an official name?
  2. Does the box art feature the Skylander with variant colors?

Until now, these guidelines have held true for all variants.

Have Things Changed?

Either late yesterday or early this morning, an Instagram user by the name of howie00g seems to be singing a different tune.

(Thanks to gamerfamily for reposting on Instagram and @skylanderfreaks for sharing it with me.)

UPDATE: Here's the original video from howie00g:

Is It Real?

I will admit that there is a large part of me that wants this to be fake or a mistake, but I'm not completely giving up hope yet.

Why Do I Question It?

While the picture is a little blurry and it was taken in the middle of an animation sequence, it looks to me like the entire body of the car is gold and the wheels are still blue.

This doesn't exactly match up with the exclusive figure.

Also, why isn't it called Golden Hot Streak on the box?

Other Possibilities

Thinking about this, my mind has been racing this morning, trying to come up with reasons for why we're seeing what we're seeing. Here are a few ideas to think about:

  1. Maybe there is a different variant called Golden Hot Streak and this sample version of the game is reading the figure incorrectly.
  2. Maybe this figure could be released in retail stores eventually without the “Exclusive Event Edition” mark on the box.


So while it's entirely possible that Activision changed the way they package and label variants, I truly hope that this is not the case.

I think I will be reserving any further judgement on this figure until I can try it out on the completed game in September.