So by now you may have heard about a special, “fluffy” variant. I have held off on reporting it because I was hoping to gather more information. While I now have more information, it's still not a lot, but I figured it was about time to share.

Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy

What Is It?

As you can see in the image, it is a variant of Springtime Trigger Happy. They describe it as having a “fluffy texture”.

I assume that this will be some sort of flocking. We've seen this before with Flocked Stump Smash in Spyro's Adventure and the White-Flocked trio (Stump Smash, Eruptor, LC Prism Break) in Giants.

What's unusual here though is that just Trigger Happy seems to be flocked and not the entire figurine. I think it was a wise choice, but it is something new.

How Rare Is It?

Once again looking at the banner ad, you can see that Target claims that there will only be 25 of these figures available in Australia. That is definitely quite rare.

However, investigating further it get slightly better (but only slightly).

If you take a look at the official rules posted with Target Australia's contest we find this gem:

The competition consists of 25 prizes for 25 winners.

Each prize is valued at $14.95 (Inc. GST), with a total prize pool value of $373.75 (inc. GST) Target Australia Pty Ltd, has been allocated 25 out of the 1500 limited edition Skylanders figurines every produced worldwide.

If they have their facts straight, there have actually been 1500 of these figures produced. While this is much better than 25, 1500 is still lower than most variants that we know about.

Additionally, we do not know when, where, or how the remaining 1475 figures will be released.

UPDATE: Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy Update

Why Is This Figure So Special?

Aside from being a rare variant, there is one more nuance worth noting.

Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy is the first ever Variant of a Variant.

Think about it. Springtime Trigger Happy was already an amazing in-game variant. Now they've decided to take it one step further and dress up Springtime Trigger Happy. By adding the flocking they have now created an In-Game, Chase Variant.

How weird is that?

In any case, that's all I know so far. You can enter Target Australia's contest here.

I'll be sure to get you more updates as soon as I have them.