After many months of waiting, Launch Day is almost upon us.

Below you will find some information (some old, some new) that you might find useful going into Day 1.

Day 1 Checklist

To start off I would like to mention the Skylanders Trap Team Day 1 Shopping List. I first created this list for SWAP Force last year and it was a huge hit. So I've created a similar list for Trap Team. I hope it helps you out.

Trap Team Checklist

What's in the Box? – Wave 1 Box Contents

If you've been in Skylanders for a while, you probably know that not all figures ship in equal numbers. So it is prudent to know which figures ship less because they will be harder to find for a while.

Trap Master Boxes

Single Pack Boxes

Triple Pack Boxes

  • Funny Bone/Shroom Boom/Chopper (3)
  • Blades/Torch/Gill Grunt (3)

Adventure Pack Boxes

Mini 2-Packs

Trap Triple Packs

  • Undead Skull/Fire Torch/Air Jughead (4)
  • Tech Scepter/Magic Hammer/Earth Orb (4)

Trap Singles

So things are spread out pretty evenly in this Wave. However, I would keep an eye out for Krypt King and Wallop. They're the only one I think you might have some trouble finding. It really depends how many your store gets in.

Day 1 Trap Team Sales

Toys R Us is the only store that has really advertised Skylanders sales on October 5th.

They have a few special deals for the stores that are open at midnight:

And a few special deals for Rewards R Us members:

Then for the rest of the day (and for non-members) you will be able to take advantage of these deals:

Single Traps: Buy 1, Get 1 for $1
Figures: Buy 1, Get 1 40% off

So there are some decent deals if you have a Toys R Us store in your area.


Tomorrow is the big day. Are you ready?