Just yesterday I was telling you that Wave 4 may be coming sooner than we think.

Well, here's an image to further that curiosity. (It also confirms an Astroblast Single Pack.)

Wave 4 - TRU

This picture, along with the following note were posted by user prim4444 in the CAG Forums.

Wave 4 Contents

So all we know right now is that Wave 4 figures have one Toys R Us location.

We don't know if they are register locked. We don't know where this store is located.

UPDATE: According to a further conversation with prim4444 they are not register locked (although he didn't actually buy them yet because they're not on sale). I also found out this was in California (which is a very typical place for a Skylanders release to start).

I wouldn't expect your local TRU store to have them yet.

I wouldn't rush out to the store just yet. I'm trying to get some more answers and I'll report back if I get some.

UPDATE #2: It seems I was wrong and these are starting to hit shelves faster than anticipated. I have now gotten reports from the West Coast, East Coast, and a few places in between. Still only at Toys R Us.

Good luck and happy hunting!