Green Rip Tide has finally been spotted in the wild. A big thank you goes out to SCL reader Josh Y. for showing me

Green Rip Tide

As you can see in the picture, this particular Green Rip Tide is in European packaging. This makes sense as the auction is coming out of the UK.

Green Rip Tide was first seen in an episode of Skylanders Boomcast about a month ago. I reached out to the Seller of the auction to find out where he found this figure and this is the reply I got:

Ebay Seller Response

So if what he's telling me is true, it seems that Green Rip Tide should be showing up in some of the latest shipments of Wave 2 figures. I would keep your eyes open for this figure next time you're in the store.

If you have any more Green Rip Tide sightings, please contact me or let us all know in the comments below.

UPDATE: The Green variants have now been found in the US as well as Europe. They are not a store exclusive. Happy Hunting!