Earlier today TheToyInsider posted a “mysterious” silhouette on Instagram. This post also stated that there would be a reveal later today…


Well, that time has come.

Sweet Suite 16

Activision has a long history of quietly making reveals at a number of smaller, non-video-game-related events.

But they have their reasons.

These events tend to be focus around parent and family-oriented bloggers. These are the people who have the most direct contact and influence with the people they expect to be buying their products: the parents of the 6-12 year olds.

Sweet Suite is a segment of Blogger Bash, an event for bloggers that is held in New York City. (If I recall correctly, I believe this is the event where Stormblade was accidentally leaked last year.)

Official Reveal

In any case, the event seems to be gaining rapport with Activision as tonight's event included what I would call an official reveal.

Naturally though, when you just have figures sitting out on a table…someone's going to beat you to it.

Unofficial Preview

Say hello to (possibly my favorite Trap Team Villain) Hood Sickle


From the looks of it, Hood Sickle might not be of the Undead element as he was in Trap Team.

The base of the figure looks different than Wolfgang's. Also, since we were only expecting one Villain from each element this makes a bit more sense.

It looks like Hood Sickle might belong to the Dark Element now. This also confirms that Hood Sickle is a Sentinel.

Unless of course, Activision throws us a curveball and this isn't Hood Sickle at all, but his evil twin brother…

Here's another glimpse of the figure: