This time of year I run into a lot of people with misinformation and unrealistic expectations. This does nothing but lead to a lot of upset parents and disappointed fans.

So I would like to take a few moments of your time to try to explain what you can expect and temper some expectations.

Toys R Us (TRU) Early Release

In the video above, I get a little dramatic, but hopefully I get the point across.

Here's the short version:

1) While possible, it is unlikely that TRU or any other store will receive Wave 1, 2, and 3 on Launch Day.

In the past we have seen some TRU locations put out Waves 1 and 2 on Day 1, but I believe this was in error.

2) If TRU does have figures in addition to Wave 1, they will be in short supply.

As this is not the official launch of future Waves just an Early Release for TRU, the supply will be limited. It will likely not be replenished until the official launch a few weeks later.

What's in Skylanders Imaginators Wave 2?

NOTE: I discussed the contents of Wave 1 last week. You can find that information here.

Single Pack Figures

Single Pack Creation Crystals

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Upcoming Releases at TRU

In case you were wondering why so many people are hyped up about Early Releases, this list is why…

I take a few minutes to explain everything on the list, explain how the Waves break down, and give you a few theories to think about.