If you follow a lot of the Skylanders news and rumors, then there's a good chance that you've seen this picture by now.

Crystal Whirlwind on eBay

If you check the Variants page here on SCL, you will see that there is no Crystal Clear Whirlwind listed. This obviously is not a new SWAP Force figure, so where did it come from?

There are a number of theories that have been brought up this week:

Theory #1

This is just a prototype figure.

While a number of prototypes (including variant prototypes) have been discovered over the years, they do not receive packaging until they are ready to ship.

Theory #2

This is a super-rare SSA variant that has not been found until now.

This is not the case. There was a time when not a single SSA figure could be found in stores. There is no way that every single copy of this variant has stayed hidden until this point.

Theory #3

This is a very well made custom figure.

While it has been proven that with enough time, patience, and expensive materials you can create high-quality custom, this is not the case. We have already seen more than one of these figures on eBay and Chris (our trusty source at Toys For Bob) has given us initial confirmation that this is a real figure.

Theory #4

This is a new variant (albeit an SSA variant) being released alongside SWAP Force.

This theory is most likely the truth.

Why Do I Believe Theory #4?

1) We already know that they decided to re-release Dino-Rang. This is not another SWAP Force figure, they are re-releasing Series 1 Dino-Rang. So we know that they are willing to reproduce old figures.

2) If you've played through SWAP Force, you know that Whirlwind is actually featured in one of the wintery levels. While we already have Polar Whirlwind, this Crystal (or Ice) variant fits in very nicely as well.

3) Chris from TFB has been researching variants all throughout the Giants release. To date, he has never been wrong. While we don't yet have specifics of this release, we do know that it is an official variant.

With that being said, what are your thoughts? Do you like this move? Would you like to see more variants of older figures?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.