Here's something new.

This year Amazon will be offering a 5-Pack of Skylanders Sensei.

Skylanders Imaginators Villain 5-Pack

Listed at $59.99 this pack is already a great deal as you're getting one figure for free.

Then when you consider that you can use your Prime discount and bring the price down to $47.99 it's a crazy deal for a pre-order. This brings the price of each figure down to $9.60.

This bundle includes:

Chompy Mage Exclusive?

While most of these figures are expected in Wave 1 or Wave 2, Chompy Mage was a bit of a surprise.

Not only is this our first good look at him, but it appears that Amazon may have some exclusivity deal as well.

Chompy Mage

Chompy Mage - Amazon Exclusive

There is one phrase in this description that is particularly interesting:

Exclusive to Amazon, the VILLAIN SENSEI BUNDLE is the only way to get Chompy Mage.

I highly suspect that they mean this is the only way to get Chompy Mage AT LAUNCH, but in any case it's a pretty sweet deal for Amazon (and for Prime members).

We've already seen some good deals form Skylanders this year, most notably the free Kaos figure with pre-order of any Starter Pack, but this may take the cake.

Keep 'em coming!