We already had a handful of pre-order options for Trap Team, but this week Amazon has given us even more.

Amazon.com is now listing almost all of what we expect to be Wave 1 as available for pre-order. So if you're the type that likes to get your shopping done quickly and avoid the lines, this may be for you.

The new listings I've seen so far include:

Trap Masters

Core Skylanders (Single Packs)
Funny Bone

Trap Team Triple PackCore Skylanders (Triple Packs)
Chopper, Funny Bone, Sure Shot Shroomboom
Blades, Torch, Tidal Wave Gill Grunt

Mini 2-Packs
Bop & Terrabite
Drobit & Trigger Snappy
Hijinx & Eye Small
Spry & Mini Jini

Trap (Triple Packs)
Undead, Fire, & Air
Tech Magic, & Earth

NOTE: What you might notice here is that these two Triple Packs along with the contents of the Starter Pack will give you one Trap from each Element. I am very glad they packaged them this way.

Adventure Packs
Nightmare Express

They currently have the release date set for October 5th just like the Starter Packs so I imagine this is all Wave 1.

Do you like to pre-order or do you do all your shopping in stores?