As it goes every year, it's that time when Skylanders fanatics are clamoring for any little tidbit of information regarding the new Skylanders game.

A barrage of tweets late this evening led me through a messy trail of Facebook, DeviantArt, and darkSpyro posts. I ended up looking at a rather innocuous CAG forum post about a new Skylanders calendar.

UPDATE: Calendar was originally spotted by Instagram user @skylanders_master_eon.

Take a quick look at the front and back cover of this calendar and I think you'll be able to see what everyone is talking about. (Click each image for a larger view.)

2017 Skylanders Calendar Front
2017 Skylanders Calendar Back

Still don't see it? Let me zoom in a little for you.

First Skylanders 6 Character Leak
First Skylanders 6 Character Leak Close Up

What We Know

Unfortunately at this point we don't know much about this character.

  • It's real.
  • These images are posted all over the internet on sites like and This is not coming from some anonymous leaker.

  • It's a new character.
  • It doesn't look familiar to me (or the dozens of other fans who have latched on to this latest image) so I think it's safe to say it's new.

  • It's being featured in a 2017 Calendar.
  • This would lead me to believe that we'll be seeing this character in the upcoming 2016 Skylanders game.

  • It belongs to the Water Element.
  • If you look closely at the symbol on it's chest and the background of it's calendar page, it all points to the Water Element.

What We Don't Know

Naturally at this point there's a lot that we don't know, but there's a few things I'd like to highlight.

  • Is it a Skylander or Villain?
  • It definitely has the general look and feel of a Skylander (and I think that's what most people are assuming), but there are known Villains featured on this calendar as well. Keep in mind that Villains also have Elements assigned to them. The other thing that jumped out at me is that the background of the new character differs from that of the other Skylanders. In fact, it's similar to that of Golden Queen (one of the featured Villains).

  • Is it a Core or Gimmick-lander?
  • Assuming that it is in fact a Skylander, what type of figure will it be? Skylanders SuperCharger did away with the Core figures, but who's to say they couldn't come back? The relatively diminutive stature would typically suggest that it's a Core figure, but these days anything goes really.

  • What is it's name?
  • This is always a fun one. There's already been some debate at to what type of creature this character resembles (penguin, eagle, etc…), but what do you think? What would you name this character?

In any case, we should be hearing more about Skylanders 6 (including the actual name of the game) very soon. And perhaps we'll have some answers to all of these burning questions.