This is awesome. We haven't even made it to E3 and Activision has released the name of another Trap Master.

This guy we've gotten glimpses of over the past few weeks. You may have spotted him in the Trap Team announcement trailer or you may have spotted him on the cover of the Trap Team Strategy Guide.

Skylanders Trap Team Strategy Guide

Here he is…Meet Krypt King!

Krypt KingKrypt King

It is strongly believed that Krypt King was originally designed to be a Giant. He actually made it to the prototype phase, but apparently did not make the final cut.

You can see some of the prototype pictures in the video below (just past the 6:00 mark).

What else do we know about Krypt King?

We know that he is an Undead Trap Master (although you probably could have guess that).

We also know that his catchphrase is “I've got the edge!”.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that we will be able to pre-order this figure. That honor was reserved for Gearshift.

So what do you think of the newest Trap Master? Would you like to add him to your collection?