I'm not usually one who pays much attention to character art, much less start analyzing it. Really I just like the figures.

It might have something to do with the fact that we don't know anything about the new Skylanders game, but after looking at these new characters for just a short while, there are a few things that jumped out at me.

If you haven't seen them yet, here are the three new characters that I'm talking about…

(Click on each picture for a larger image…)
New Skylander 1New Skylander 2New Skylander 3

These three characters are part of the latest Frito-Lay promotion in which the fans are given a chance to Name the Skylanders. You can read the Official Rules here.

Taking a closer look at the first new character…

New Skylander 1

I was a little confused as to what element this figure was. There is obviously a Water symbol on its head, between the eyes, but the belt buckle looks eerily like the Air symbol.

Now as I stated in the title of this post, I'm probably over-analyzing this, but could there be dual-elemental Skylanders?

After thinking about it some more, I figured the belt buckle is probably just supposed to look like a seashell. After all the character looks like a dolphin. The Water element makes perfect sense while the Air element doesn't.

Additionally, the dual element idea was a big part of SWAP Force. I don't think they would try to use it on new characters.

Speaking of the SWAP Force though, let's look at the second new character…

Free Ranger Character ArtNew Skylander 2Doom Stone Character Art

Now I know it's not exactly the same, but it's the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. The swirling bottom half in the character art was used to depict the Spin Movement Type for SWAP Force characters.

Could there be additional SWAP Force characters? Probably not, but that's what I see.

Finally, let's take a closer look at the third new character…

New Skylander 3

There didn't seem to be a lot going on with this character until I noticed the large number “5” on his head. Upon closer inspection it actually looks like he's wearing some sort of racing goggles and helmet.

There have been rumors of a Skylanders racing game, but I haven't put much stock in them. You would think if the game were all about racing we would see a racing theme throughout all three of these characters.


In any case, I honestly believe that I'm over-analyzing these characters. Before I drive myself crazy, I better go back to just the facts.

While the waiting game may be boring, it will keep me sane.

What are your thoughts?