Thanks to a video posted recently by PortalPowerTV and some stellar detective work from darkSpyro user Luminous35 we have some new information about Skylanders Imaginators.

We have been told that there are going to be many different ways to unlock additional parts for your Imaginator creations.

As PortalPowerTV starts scrolling through the Locked items, we begin to find out what some of these “different ways” are going to be.

For instance, at:

2:33 – Awarded by Tech Imaginite
2:34 – Awarded by Air Imaginite
2:35 – Found in Imaginite Chests

For those of you not quite familiar with the terminology yet, the Imaginite Chests will be found throughout the game after defeating an enemy or group of enemies.

The Air and Tech Imaginite is a reference to the Creation Crystals. The glowing stone inside each Creation Crystal is a piece of Imaginite.

So it appears that placing a Creation Crystal of a new element on the Portal will also unlock additional parts for you to work with.

While that information is interesting in and of itself, there's more.

As we continue through the video, we start to run across specific names.

4:05 – Awarded by Mysticat
6:10 – Awarded by Golden Queen
6:37 – Awarded by Wild Storm

The first name didn't mean a lot until we got to the second name. Then it all started to make sense.

If Golden Queen, a Sensei, is going to unlock some parts for us, it stands to reason that the other names mentioned to unlock parts are also Sensei.

To the best of my knowledge these are brand new names to the Skylands so I don't think they're Villains. It definitely sounds like we now know the names of two more Skylanders Sensei.

Click on the images below for a larger view.


Skylanders Imaginators Mysticat

Golden Queen

Skylanders Imaginators Golden Queen

Wild Storm

Skylanders Imaginators Wild Storm