I know what most of you are thinking: Easter? But what about Valentine's Day? What about Heartbreaker Buckshot?

Heartbreaker Buckshot

All I can tell you right now is that I'm looking into it.

I was most definitely expecting the next figure announcement/release date information to be about Heartbreaker Buckshot, but for the time being it's not.

If I find anything on Heartbreaker Buckshot soon I'll be sure to post again or update this article.

Easter Variants

In any case, this year we are expecting two Easter-themed variants. This includes:

As of today these figures were introduced into the TRU system. (Thanks to Laura for sending these in.)

Skylanders Imaginators Easter Variants at Toys R Us

As you can see in the picture above they are currently dated for February 27th, but please note that these dates are subject to change and it's something we've seen in the past.

This year Easter falls on April 16th.

Typically we see the holiday variants show up in stores 2-4 weeks prior to the holiday they are celebrating. That's why I was expecting to hear something about Heartbreaker Buckshot by now.

Personally I think this date seems early for an Easter release (not to mention February 27th is a Monday which would be an odd day for a Skylanders release), but it could simply indicate that TRU is getting an early release on these figures.

I will be keeping a close eye on all of these variants over the next few weeks.

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